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December 1, 2009
Zuma gov’t promises to make dent in S. African AIDS rate

On this World AIDS Day, the South African government announced a major shift in how it deals with the disease. President Jacob Zuma even compared the lengthy battle against AIDS with the long struggle against apartheid.

Zuma’s government will broaden treatment for babies and pregnant women, hoping to lower the rate of AIDS infection in a society where at least one in ten citizens is living with HIV.

Also, the United States will provide South Africa with $120 million for AIDS drugs over the next two years.

For more on the global AIDS outlook, David Brancaccio speaks with Bertil Lindblad, the director of the UNAIDS New York office.

And Haru Mutasa of Al Jazeera English reports from the town of Khayelitsha, South Africa.

Is the U.S. doing enough to support the fight against AIDS in the developing world?

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Individual countries should be more responsible to their individual country.(i.e. the US should worry about funding its own healthcare issues and the needs of its own people before sending millions of dollars to other countries while telling the people of the US they can’t afford to provide healthcare for them (HELLO has anyone thought of people who have had to file bankruptcy in the US for their medical needs!!!!) We pay more for medicine here then when it is made here and shipped elsewhere…GET REAL PEOPLE!!! THE US CANNOT BE EVERYONES SUGAR DADDY, YOUR POLICE,YOUR MEDICAL, AND STAND FOR OTHER COUNTRIES RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACIES WITH OUR SONS!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO LIBERATE OUR COUNTRY FROM THE POLITICAL IDIOTS THAT DO NOT LISTEN TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THEM…..


It’s imperative that the USA and other developed nations heavily support the fight against AIDs, particularly in sub saharan Africa. There is a great wealth of resources in that part of the world, and the potential for employment of large numbers of healthy people in the future. WE are all guilty of raping the land of these wonderful people and owe them an enormous debt.


I firmly believe hat all the G8 or 9 or 10, should get together and TOGETHER provide funds to combat this terrible disease. Too often I think that all of these rich nations just sit back on their rear ends and just wait to “Let Joe do it” By Joe, I mean the good old U S of A.
Something definately has to be done, and I firmly believe that this is a Global Problem that should be handled on a Global Basis.


The current crisis in Africa is a real tragedy. The world is so quick to condemn America, yet they love American financial aid. Indeed the african continent continues to suffer with a variety of problems. Instead of mindlessly trash talking the US…perhaps they can solve their own problems for once. Leave us out of your own problems if all you can do is critticise our great country. Learn to be more grateful and less bitter at the USA . I do feel we should combat hunger with actual US troops and doctors delivering food and medical attention more robustly. God save the children.


the people of the country should be educated about risky life styles,and the U.S. is going broke trying to fix the world and it isnt working.time for people to reasume resposibilty for their own welfare.


Well, $120 million is a considerable amount of money. Other industrialized nations should help out in their contributions. Together, if everyone gave, aids and hunger could be reduced substantially.


The continent of Africa,… the “Mother Load” of natural resources in the world today.It’s earthly bounty,and wealth ravaged,and raped by the west(sure to draw the ire of a few?)imposing lap-dog/ puppet… unscrupulous gov’t leadership at their wanting call. Imagine the money from mining alone that could have been put to preventing this genocide. This US Aid is so minute compared to America’s foreign aid to Egypt,and Israel [approx.$5.78bn($2.6Bn &$3.18bn respectfully) annually]it’s laughable if not for the horrid reality. The Chinese see this all to well,and are coming to the African communities with a fair ,and equitable trade-off for any country willing to listen. The real indigenous leaders of Africa’s nations are listening along with the people, knowing survival depends upon compromise.

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