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November 27, 2009
UN agency issues rare rebuke to Iran over nuclear facility

The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency rebuked Iran today and demanded it freeze operations at its recently-revealed nuclear facility. It was the first such action in four years. Russia and China joined the U.S., France, Germany, and the U.K. in the vote.

Ervand Abrahamian, a distinguished professor of history at the City University of New York, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the significance of the action. He argues that the censure reflects an unusual degree of international unity and strengthens the threat of further sanctions against Iran.

We want to know what you think: Would a new round of sanctions work? Would they force Iran to be more responsive to international demands that it come clean about its nuclear program?

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Doesn’t it make your blood boil? It sure does mine. It is absoultely infuriating the way the Press, in the name of “journalistic objectivity”, gives plausibility to those fantastic liars in the Iranian government.

Yes, they are lying to us. The way they lie is an insult to our intelligence. Yet the Press practically sanctions it.

What can we do to make it clear we are fed up with this, that we are not going to put up with it anymore? Blog?

I was hoping to refrain from using such four-letter words, but we are being driven to desperation here.

Iran is turning its own country name into a swear word, too. Perhaps a few years from now, when people want to really insult a liar, they will say, “you lie like Iran”.

Yes, they really are lying to us when thye claim they watn “acceptance and respect”. We can know this by comparing their words and their actions. Their actions reveal how disgustingly shameful their lies are.

We know they want a nuclear bomb to use against Israel — and against Sunni Moslems. We know this becaue Netyanyahu was right: the country is run by a dangerously insane apocaplyptic cult.

For those of you who remember Waco Texas, just think of a whole Supreme Council of David Koresh types. Except that this time, those Koresh types have absolute control over the whole country.


Is this information not clear?

Iran’s leadership arms and re-arms Hizbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza. sending arms and suicide bombers to Iraq, providing arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan that are killing our troops and defenseless civilians. And their constant militaristic rhetoric and actions against Muslims that oppose them?

Is this Iran leadership that is asking for acceptance and respect?

Sounds like Chamberlain coming back to England and being happy that he convinced you know who lo live in peace, when they were armed to the teeth and indoctrinating their people with hatred and glory to bring superiority to the fatherland. And then WWII came promptly.


The word the blog denied to publish is as follows, and I apologize:


To #1 Ms. Connie: It sounds like a contradiction of terms, if you permit:

“The main goal of Iran is acceptance and respect by the world
community ….”

Is this “acceptance” by Iran actively involved in terror, aggression, oppression
and constant statements to destroy Israel? With their constant denials of the Holocaust?

And then “Israel “”retaliate””? Is that retaliation coming after Iran attacks Israel with nuclear weapons?

Dictionary definition :

A contradiction of terms from the dictionary:

“a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true).”

What is the practical approach here?

Destroy the leadership of Iran, before they destroy us. Don’t you think?


To #38, I would add Israel defensive wars against Arab aggression in 2006 and 2008.


To Harrison #3: In October 1973 Egypt and Syria with Soviet support lunch surprise attack against Israel and move deep inside tiny Israel, but Israel did Not used nukes to defeat aggressors.
On Resolution 242 read #6 by Jgarbuz.


To earle, florida #19: “Israel that has been at the epicenter of every known war”- Lie and False statement!! There is no connection with Israel to: Korean war, Vietnam war, Iraq-Iran war, India-Pakistan war, Argentina-England war,Iraq-Kuweit war, Kosovo war, Russia-Chechnya war, Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Darfur, Somali… Israel fought only defensive wars against Arab aggressions in 1948, 1967, 1973 and 1982.


Just the facts please,
Sanctions – Resolutions or other threats are meaningless to this world sponsor of terrorism. This country which at war with US from Iraq , Afghanistan, and elsewhere . Who’s IED’s in Iraq has killed hundreds of US Troops and maimed many more.
The real structural failure in how even supposed experts nowadays thinks about international affair. Voting for a resolution is and has become the substitute for taking concrete actions, a fact that might prove to be the bane of the Obama Administration.

In addition, while this resolution is being touted as tough, it is based on an incontrovertible set of simple facts. Iran was criticized for two things: continuing to defy the previous UN resolutions by enriching uranium and building a secret nuclear facility. Iran has responded to this resolution by announcing it will be 10 more nuclear enrich plants, in reality Iran could care less.

Russia and China is only giving lip service , as far as Sanctions – Resolutions go, let’s look at some of the facts,
Iran-Russian Joint Economic Commission.
Russia Iran agree on new gas, oil projects
Tehran Times Economic Desk 30 Nov 09
TEHRAN – The Russian energy minister and officials from the Iranian Oil Ministry have agreed on a gas swap, the implementation of 15 new oil and gas projects, the construction of a oil refinery near the Caspian Sea, and the establishment a joint oil company.

China 6 billion for refineries UPDATE:Iran Says China’s Sinopec Signs Preliminary Deal-Report NOVEMBER 25, 2009,
LONDON (Dow Jones)–China’s Sinopec (SNP) signed a preliminary agreement to provide financing of $6.5 billion for the construction and development of oil refineries in Iran, an Iranian news agency said Wednesday, as the Islamic republic seeks non-Western …
How Iran Skirts Sanctions 2nov 09 Asian Clearing Union
Could a U.N. agency be helping Tehran to launder money?

These are just a couple of examples of the billions Russia & China are investing in Iran , along with reaping billions in profits. Little noted is how Russia ships move Iranian oil to world markets through the Caspian Sea.

With a financial mechanism reminiscent of the Oil For Food scam, it seems Iran is using a United Nations office headquartered in Tehran to skirt U.S. sanctions. Once again, a rogue regime appears to be abusing a U.N. body in obtaining access to hard currency. The White House and the Financial Action Task Force – set up by the G-7 to combat money laundering and terrorist financing – have so far failed to identify this threat.

The Asian Clearing Union was established in Iran in 1974 as a U.N. initiative to expand trade and forge closer banking relations among ACU members. The organization’s primary goal is to “facilitate payments among member countries,” which include the central banks of Iran, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Burma. Iran has used the organization to route over $13 billion overseas in 2008 and over $5.6 billion so far in 2009 to pay for many of its goods and services, according to the ACU’s financial documentation.

Other countries from India, South Korea, Italy , and more are investing in Iran’s oil wealth. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has promised gasoline for Iran. Much of this has to do with our International economic recession .

We have only seen a white wash of Iran’s nuclear toxic issues.


Hey hasanhh #30 thats 2 1\2 million potential islamic radicals we dont have to worry about. when you build bombs instead of schools, you reap what you sow.


Israel’s Arab and Muslim neighbors should stop waging war and terror against Israel, and accept the Jewish state’s RIGHT to exist in peace once and for all.


There is NO DOUBLE STANDARD! Those who DID NOT SIGN the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (India, Pakistan and Israel) have chosen to keep the option to develop a nuclear deterrent. Those who signed have promised not to make nuclear weapons.
Why many countries chose to sign the treaty, whereas only a handful chose not to is a whole topic of discussion unto itself. But there is no double standard. There is only one treaty with one standard.


Consider it a done deal. George W. Bush is a war monger and he has already displayed his total disregard for the laws and constituion of the United States. Once he realized that we will never win the war in Iraq through military efforts, he began planning his next war.

Force Factor


What is this double standard? Why can Israel, Pakistan, India, etc. have nuclear weapons and Iran cannot? This war-baiting has got to stop or “world leaders” are going to wreck the world with their foolish eschatological fantasies. Grow up, educate yourselves about Science and stop believing in invisible deities that give you the right to arm yourselves but somehow prevent others from doing the same. This whole arms race is simply a way to make money and it is dangerous and shameful.


Item#19,Earle from Florida
I feel your pain, I couldn’t have said it any better. Kudos to you, Sir.


Sanctions anywhere have never “worked” and have only a marginal impact on gov’ts…although sometimes sanctions are murderous for the innocent (as the decade + sanctions on Iraq led to the deaths of about 2 1/2 million children from lack of medical care, while the UN played “blame Saddam” with a corrupt oil-for-food sham when the children needed medicine and medical equipment.) So the question is: ‘who will be hurt by sanctions on Iran?’ One example is the German gov’t: the restrictions on banking with Iran a couple of years ago cost the German gov’t a reported 1 1/2 Billion euros in taxes and revenue –money they surely need now.
What I can’t understand though, is “why” censure/”severely reprimand” Iran for empty, buried enclosures?


militry action is needed to stop Iran from development nuclear bomb


Iran has oil but imports gasoline. Nuclear energy is clean energy, superior to dirty coal and even natural gas. Even Sweden is going to develop a new nuclear plant. Electrical generation from nuclear power is highly desirable in relation to other energy sources. Wind power and solar power could be an additon to a nuclear energy backbone in Iran. Israel should learn to be a good neighbor instead of engaging in imperial designs and using cluster bombs.


Iran does NOT have the right to violate nuclear treaties or threaten to wipe UN member states off the “pages of history.” Why doesn’t Iran do more to wipe out diseases like Israel does at its institutes? Iran is ome of the largest repositories of oil and natural gas in the world, so why is it so keen on nuclear power? Israel has no oil or coal at all. There are many areas in scientific research that Iran could contribute to, so why the importance placed on nuclear research?
Now Persia was once one of the greatest powers on earth. The Romans couldn’t defeat the Parthians.
But Greece did once defeat Persia, and yet it isn’t seeking nuclear weapons. Egypt was a great empire, but it isn’t seeking nuclear weapons – yet. There are a number of ancient great powers that are not seeking nuclear weapons.
And nobody is threatening to wipe out Iran the way Ahmadinejad threatened Israel. So, the West must stop Iran NOW and not wait, as it did with Nazi Germany amd Japan before WWII, until it becomes so powerful that a war will REALLY be horrible.


Iran has the right as a NATION to pursue it’s own destiny. If these so called Powers do not want Iran to develop its nuclear technology, then everyone should destroy the ones they already have. But no one is doing so, instead they are perfecting and miniaturizing, while insisting that Iran do not. That is total nonsense.
All these countries trying to stop Iran has attacked and fought other nations in the last 50 years. Iran has not attacked any country in the last 250years. Who should be afraid of whom? United States has invaded over 20 countries since World War 2. Russia has invaded over 20 countries too. And they are afraid of Iran? Iran should get a nuclear weapon to protect itself from the warmongers and invaders.


‘NO’ Sanctions will not work. Iran’s intent is to stall and gain as much time as possible until they reach their goal. A nuclear weapon.


I do not believe a new round of “sanctions” would work in this case because when you impose sanctions on everyone in an entire country, you are penalizing everyone for the actions of a relative few (the government) whom the majority of Iranians don’t really approve of anyway. That would be intrinsically unfair, and people would know it. Also, in most countries with tyrannical governments the weaker you make the people, the stronger you make the government. And the stronger you make the people, the weaker you make the government. Nazi Germany during WWII was an exception, but a rare one. I remember my Geography professor in college saying that revolutions occur when peoples’ stomachs are full. If you want to keep tyranny in place, just keep the people oppressed. I believe that the more innocent people our actions hurt, the more our actions will probably backfire, and the more nationalism it might create.


Any nation which has wealth and a critical mass of educated people can produce nuclear weapons if they so desire. The Iranians appear to be going down that road. If they use nuclear weapons, they will be committing suicide. Seems totally irrational to me. They would gain nothing. Iran is surrounded by Western allies now as it is. Are Iranian military units off the shores of the US? They have no ICBM’s. Let them play their hand. They may implode by themselves and achieve their version of democracy.


Iran desires to be the power broker in the Arab World. Their nuclear programme not only constitutes a threat to Israel but to Saudi- Arabia, The UAE, Kuwait and other regional OPEC States. The goal is nuclear weapons provide a means to an end where Iranian hegmony over the whole of the Middle East. This is an wholly un-attanable goal which Iran’s leaders should recognize.


Persia was once a great country. Too bad it fell into the hands of Islamofascist clerics who have big ambitions. What do the Shia radical clerics in Iran really want? They really want Mecca, not Jerusalem. They want to create a new Muslim empire and convert the Muslim world to Shiism. Intimidating and hopefully destroying Israel is their key to the creation of this new Shia Caliphate with the nuclear power to stand up to the West and eventually overcome it. Nazi Germany wanted to dominate the world, as did Stalinist Russia, and now we have the Islamofascist clerics of Iran who want to have thousands of missiles and nuclear weapons to force the world to submit to their dark Islamist vision over time. IT may sound farfetched but so did the ambitions of other megalomaniacs who preceded them a mere 70 years ago.


I have read comments from dipolmats that, in general, sanctions don’t work. They sertainly didn’t work with Samdam’s Iraq. They did create opportunities for blatant corruption in Iraq, France, Germany, and Russia, as well as the UN.


Doesn’t any one dare ask the question of how miraculously Iran had gotten on the macro-burner of front-page American “commercilaized journalism”? Most if not all of the news regarding the Middle-East is in a mesmerized paralysis mode…edited,and produced by United States’s,Britain,and Israel(the financial arm of the “Free Press & Media Worldwide?),period! Why,…I ask is Iraq,North Korea,Sudan,and even Afghanistan to a lesser degree (false-rigged elections/untold corruptness/collaborate’s with Taliban,etc.,etc.) thrown off the front page when the more pressing issue is when the USofA withdraws their last troops from Iraq (where will the bouncing ball go next in this endless war on terrorism,…perhaps our back-side?) country will turn inward/downward into the abyss of “Civil War”! Yet ,these livicious warmongers that profit from death,and carnage think of nothing more than Iran,and it’s minute supply of enriched uranium. These diabolical central bankers,robber-barrens,bloodthirsty carnivore’s that control all media,commerce,industry,but crave for more oil,every last drop. Lastly,…just think why Iran is such a threat now,… Why,…other than the fact they refuse to be the free world’s lap-dog? So,…go ahead America,Britain,and Israel… raise them to the ground in the name of peace! PS Remember this England,which has always hated us,and has never stopped trying to destroy us by bringing the United States into WWl/WWll,and now it seems WWlll in the name of Israel that has been at the epicenter of every known war,…for shame, for the wrath of God will surely bring those of us,… all involved to our knee’s….with “Shock and Awe”!


Again, Israel has the same right to have nuclear weapons as does the US, UK, France, China, Russia, INdia or Pakistan. The Israeli nuclear program is as old as France’s. If the problem with Iran is that other countries have nukes, then let Russia, the US, UK, France, China, et al give up their nuclear weapons first. The major nuclear scientists who developed the atomic bomb were Jews, and Israel has as much right to them as the US, if not more so. Nobody is threatening to wipe the US off the map as Iran has threatened Israel. Let the big powerful countries give up their nukes if they want to appease Teheran. Iran signed the NPT and has no right to nuclear weapons. Period.


I stand corrected. N. Korea did sign the NPT but defy all other rules.

Carol Timm


Iran has the legal right to enrich uranium. And Iran, if they are following the rules that all other nations do NOT follow, have the right to ignore the UN’s AEIA rebuke just like Pakistan, N.Korea, India and Israel who have never allowed an AEIA inspector on their soil, which Iran has done on several occasions, let alone sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty like Iran did in the 1960’s. Sanctions – just another US screw up in Middle East foreign policy, we have sanctioned Iran since about 1979. What will happen when China does not get their oil supply and Iran can’t import gasoline? Presently Iran is no threat to the US or its neighbors. Iran is a proud nation. The US would do ourselves and Iran JUSTICE by forming a diplomatic relationship with Iran instead of bullying them into a position of resistance by continually humiliating them. Iran will not stand down. Iran could be a benefit to US foreign policy in the Middle East. Iran is the only nation in the Middle East that will, over time become a true democracy again,considering the US stole their democracy from them in 1953. The US needs to respect Iran’s situation, keep our nose out of their business, get over the hostage grudge and bury the hatchet.

Thank you,
Carol Timm


The UN can sanction all they want. Iran should continue with their nuclear program until the U.S. and Israel come clean on Israel’s nuclear weapons. Not until all the hypocrisy and pontificating by the so called International community see through the U.S./Israel agreement to shield Israel’s nuclear arms from International scrutiny should the U.N. act.


The European countries had eight years to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran and accomplished nothing. The IAEA had eight years to inspect and/or reach an inspection arrangement with Iran who used the time talking with the Europeans and the IAEA to build a secret nuclear facility and never stopped any other nucler operation.
Threats of sanctions will not deter Iran and it is highly unlikely that there will be tough sanctions, despite Ervand Abrahamian quasi assurance that Russia and China will support such, as Russia has economic trade and nuclear ties and China needs the oil.


Treaties are international contractst that are the basis of world order. Now Pakistan, India and Israel chose not to sign the treaty and are therefore not obligated under it. But Iran and North Korea did. It would be illegal for Russia to build a reactor in IRan had it not signed the treaty. Israel, Pakistan and India cannot buy foreign reactors because they didn’t sign. Should the US give up its nuclear weapons or else Cuba will decide to get them too?


Iran & North Korea are just distractions; sanctions or no sanctions not much is going to change. Real problem is Pakistan (‘neuclear wal-mart’, ‘terrorist camps’ etc) and its financiers (Saudis). If we take care of this root cause rest of the symptoms will fade away.


So nice to have you back, Martin, and am very pleased to listen to you without the unnecessary fake British affliction in your voice.
My question is, are we being fair to Iran, when we are not demanding the same from India, Pakistan and Israel? Until we do, this problem is not going away.
About the Iranian winner of the Nobel Prize being asked to pay the income tax, I wonder if that is a hint to alert the US Tax department for the up coming trophy winner Obama!


I don’t know if sanctions would work, but we should definitely try them before resorting to military action. The timing is good for sanctions. Iran has internal conflict to deal with and the last thing they need now is economic hardship or international ostracism. Plus, Russia and China have finally signed on in condemning Iran’s nuclear ambitions; that’s a first. We should bear in mind that Iran’s nuclear program was inactive and its politics were shifting toward liberalism until George Bush invaded Iraq and started threatening military action against the “Axis of Evil.” Suddenly, Iran cracked down on civil liberty and started up its nuclear program, as did North Korea. The military approach isn’t always the right one. We should try something new.


Iran forfeits nuclear power based on hegemonic
intentions and refusal to comply with international treaties and standards.


What a joke!! Now Iran will agree to talks again and stall, stall, stall. Then they will go back on their word again and say “no”. Their foreign minister hit the nail on the head today when he said that all of these threats haven’t slowed them down a bit and Iran will continue to press on with their enrichment.


At any rate, Jordan was the occupier of the WEst Bank and East Jerusalem for 19 years, and it was defeated after it attacked Israel in 1967. It long ago gave up all claims to the West Bank, and since no other state has any claims on East Jerusalem and the West Bank, they rightfully belogn to Israel as abandoned areas. IF the Palestinians, who never had a state, want one now, they have to accept ISrael’s peace terms.


Israel has fulfilled UNSCR 242 which never called for a total withdrawal on all captured territories.
Nor do states normally end occupations until they achieve full recognition and final peace treaties at the earliest.


Sanctions by the League of Nations didn’t work on Italy, Japan or Germany before WWII, but none of them had nuclear weapons. Alas, if a totalitarian regime with its own energy and food resources, is able to squeeze its own people (as does Cuba and North Korea) to an unimaginable extent then it can resist sanctions long enough to tire out those who are sanctioning it. Especially when the hard luck stories come out to the liberal press and the and the drip drip of heartbleeding starts to wear down the world, as it did with Iraq before the last war. If the purpose of the sanctions is to stop Iran from getting nuclear warheads, I doubt they will work. I think the country is in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards, and Ahmadinejad is now the defacto dictator. I think the only option will be the military option, and the question is soon, or after Iran already gets and maybe has used their nukes (on ISrael, maybe?).


I couldn’t agree more with Michael and Connie. I feel that the old adage holds true – Live by the sword and die by the sword. That’s the “government” mentality of Iran. I’m glad they’re not my neighbor.


The sanctions are one sided. Israel has not implemented UN Security Council Resolution 242, nor have they ended human rights violations, they have invaded their neighbors, and threatened to use their nuclear weapons on anyone who might stand up for the Palestinians. No one, not the USA, not England, not Israel is promising Iran that the USA and Israel will obey international law or the rules of basic human rights, and no is promising not to use nuclear weapons if they find it economical to use them on a non-nuclear nation. If Iran is not getting nukes, they are short sided. If England, the USA, or Israel was in their position, they (we) would be getting nukes as fast as possible.


Would a new round of sanctions work? Would Iran be more responsive to international demands to come clean about its nuclear program?

The answer to both questions is an unequivocal “NO”. This is a rogue nation we are talking about here who has given no reason to believe that they would bow to any international pressures. They become even more belligerent and defiant when threatened by the UN or any other international watchdog.
This is a nation who routinely violates the norms of international law and has no respect whatsoever for freedoms of the press, religion, speech and, in addition, systematically violates the human rights of its own people. The Newsweek reporter and the demonstrators in the wake of the “so-called” elections are two prime examples.


The main goal of Iran is aceptance and respect by the world community. They feel that they are seen is an enemy of the rest of the world. I don’t know how we can given them reassurance. I don’t rule out their making and using an atom bomb, however. I have no doubt that Israel would retaliate and we would be in WWIII.

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