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November 27, 2009
Investors worry Dubai financial woes may spread

Stocks sank in Asia, Europe and the U.S. this week after reports that the government-owned investment arm of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates cannot pay back its loans to banks in Europe and Asia.

Marcus Mabry, international business editor of The New York Times, joins Martin Savidge to discuss the ripple effects on the global economy, which had been showing signs of revitalization.

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Building on sand quickly required “something” that was in good supply locally. No one should shed a tear for these insane folks. Shed a tear though for those whose human rights were (and are) violated without even a whimper from most state governments.


Dubai World is a delusion, because it is only a small world connected to the big world. The imballance of resources will have a global effect, just as it has a local individual on the laborers that are exploited to build Dubai World.

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