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November 25, 2009
Greeks struggle to reclaim traditional Mediterranean diet

Most nutritionists agree that typical Greek fare  — high in whole grains, vegetables, and olive oil– comprise one of the healthiest diets available. Yet contemporary Greek obesity rates now rank among the highest in Europe.

Correspondent Lynn Sherr and producer Megan Thompson examine how the modern lifestyle of long work hours and abundant fast food have eroded traditional Greek eating habits — and how some Greeks now are fighting back to reclaim their “slow food” heritage.

Get recipes and see Nikos and Lola Frantzeskakis cook up some healthy — and delicious — dishes in Vamos, Crete.




When I was in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece, this past summer, I heard about another threat to the traditional Mediterranean diet there – they can no longer get fruits and vegetables that are locally grown! Instead, vegetables are being imported from places as far afield as New Zealand, and there’s no choice anymore. The vegetables are no longer those juicy, tasty, locally grown ones that I remember from earlier visits to Greece. Now they are the same pasty, tasteless ones we get here in North America.


McDonald’s and KFC are the surest recipe for obesity, debilitating disease and an unhappy death.


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Since our body is made mainly of the food we eat, it is unnatural to eat the popular modern diet. We must eat close to diet our bodies are genetically programed to digest. Food dyes, MSG,excessive sugar, etc., are harmful. Most importantly, for the progress of humans, we must ask the uncomfortable question, “do we kill animals for food?”. This is no longer an ecological or moral alternative.


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You can find the recipes here:

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Very interesting story. Well researched. And where are the recipes that were indicated??


Yes, where are the recipes?


So where can one get these receipes featured on the program.


Good story, well presented and technically good (I’m an retired cameraman/editor)..
Also, the streaming quality is smooth, even on my low band DSL – so must be well compressed, and the picture quality stays high.. Good Job Techs also..

Nick. . .

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