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November 24, 2009
Today: Violence in the Philippines, Ahmadinejad in Brazil

Stories compiled by Gizem Yarbil, Connie Kargbo, Channtal Fleischfresser, Christine Kiernan, Ivette Feliciano, and Mohammad al-Kassim, and edited by Rebecca Haggerty and Ben Piven.

PHILIPPINES: At least 46 people were killed in one of the deadliest acts of political violence ever in the Philippines. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo placed two southern provinces under emergency rule so police can freely search for the killers.

CHINA: China executed a dairy farmer and a milk salesman Tuesday for their involvement in a tainted milk powder scandal that left at least six children dead and sickened more than 300,000.

INDIA: The Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which masterminded the deadly Mumbai attacks a year ago, “remain a potent force determined to strike India and the West,” according to a Wall Street Journal article quoting government officials and members of the militant group.

A government investigation report released Tuesday in India reportedly implicated dozens of Hindu nationalist politicians, including a former prime minister, in the demolition of the Babri Masjid mosque by a Hindu mob 17 years ago.

A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal suggests conflicts in Africa could increase by as much as 50% in the next twenty years, as global warming increases. The study calls climate change a major factor in wars across the continent.

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa emerged from its first recession in 17 years, as its economy grew by 0.9% during the third quarter.

SUDAN: Lubna Hussein, the Sudanese woman prosecuted under decency laws for wearing trousers, has defied a travel ban and traveled to France to promote her book.

UK: An inquiry into Britain’s role in the Iraq war began in London on Tuesday. Critics hope the discussions will shed light on alleged deception in the build-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Police in London have reached a settlement with the family of a Brazilian man who was shot and killed by police on suspicion of being a terrorist in 2005. The details of the settlement have not been disclosed.

CUBA: Researchers in Cuba have discovered a sea slug that lights up when it is in danger.

VENEZUELA: After accusing landowners of not holding proper titles and not adequately using land, officials in Venezuela have seized 31 farms.

BRAZIL: During Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Brazil, President Lula asked Western countries to work toward a “just and balanced” rather than punitive solution to Iran’s nuclear energy program.

ISRAEL: While in Israel, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, expressed cautious hope over prisoner swap negotiations underway in Cairo between Israel and Hamas for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

During a visit to Turkey, Israeli Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said that Turkey could act as a mediator and help restart peace talks with Syria.

PALESTINE: Israeli jets bombed smuggling tunnels along Gaza‘s border with Egypt today, injuring four Palestinians.

MOROCCO: An appeal court on Tuesday upheld a three-year jail term against a human rights activist, Chahib Khayari, who had charged that top state employees were involved in a drug network.

JORDAN: King Abdullah has dissolved parliament and ordered a general election to be held two years ahead of schedule.

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Climate Change,…what climate change? How about the real story,…”Green,and Aqua Genocide”…the factors attributing to this horror story/fairy tale aptly titled,…”The Extirpation of the Rain-Forest Tree Ghome’s” thus the gauntly pointless eighty-percent plus irradication of South America’s Rain Forest. Basically,… nothings left,and this my friends is the unmasking of the illusive seer’s uniqueness,…no-more…of all doom regarding the global enviroment’s sealed fate,…not to forget mentioning using our Ocean’s as the “World’s Toilet Bowl” over the past centuries…way to go! We’ve methodically accomplished what a nuclear holocaust would/could have done in only two short decades.

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