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November 23, 2009
Targeting the global growth of AIDS among women

Martin Savidge interviews Nazneen Damji, the program manager of gender equality at the United Nations Development Fund for Women, about the troubling issue of women and AIDS.

Damji discusses the growth of AIDS among women and looks at the countries where women are most vulnerable to the virus.

She also discusses possible solutions to bringing down the rate of infection for women with AIDS.

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Many Pregnant Women Avoid HIV Screening In Africa……See
Could it be that African women are waking up to the observation that many of those who refuse treatment for the supposed viral killer of all time, the phantom HIV, manage to live near normal lives as opposed to those cajoled into treatment who most despite being perfectly healthy end up living an existence of abject misery ?
All this would be tragic indeed if there was even a modicum of truth to the HIV equals AIDS hypothesis. But is there? See House of Numbers …

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