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November 23, 2009
India’s leader makes first visit of Obama presidency in DC

For a closer look at the issues surrounding the state visit by the Indian Prime Minister, Martin Savidge talks with Amit Pandya, a senior associate at the Stimson Center, an organization dedicated to promoting international peace and security.

Pandya analyzes Manmohan Singh’s visit, in light of the fact that this is the first state visit by a foreign leader during Obama’s presidency. Pandya also addresses why many Indians view the U.S. president with suspicion and why India is skeptical about the growing U.S.-China relationship.

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Muslims must be ruled with an iron fist. No wonder the Muslims in India accept this role given the chaos on both sides of the country’s borders.


Welcome back Martin. Please stay a long while.

Now I know its a wishful thinking, but can you imagine if all the petty rivalries are put aside, and thinking people bring about the re-union of break away parts of old India, i.e. Pakistan, Bangla Desh,and India,into one United States of iPBD, what a powerful country that would be in economics, nuclear power, and it will also have the unbeatable best cricket team in the world!!


Indians should not view president Obama with suspicion as he is doing what is in best interest of US. After all, he is US president elected by US people. He is not president of India. Sooner US realizes that it needs to stop meddling in the affairs of south Asia, things will get better. All the problems of Pakistan and Afganistan are creations of US policies in the past. There are many big countries with big armies to solve the problem of Asia. US should hand over the responsibility of Afganistan to UN and let the whole world handle. If US will mess up, it will hurt the US the most, in blood, sweat and tears. US represents 5% of world population and should accept that it can not control the whole world.

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