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November 23, 2009
Germany to require immigrants to sign integration contracts

Germany has plan for an “integration contract” that new immigrants must sign. The contract lays out services and assistance available to immigrant communities and also explains what “we expect from them,” as Germany’s integration commissioner. Included among these expectations are knowledge of the German language and acceptance of gender equality and freedom of speech.

Worldfocus special correspondent Martin Seemungal reported late last year on the rising Christian-Muslim tensions in Cologne, Germany — home to 120,000 Muslims — where the city’s first official mosque is in construction.

We’d like to know what you think.

Should the U.S. consider its own version of an “integration contract” for new arrivals?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.




Stereotyping cant ever do any good.This is understandable but NOT RIGHT!
Every country and everybody making mistakes.And there is many Muslim countries with laws what I will never understand and never approve.But this is NOT ISLAM!
In our history we know Crusades,Inquisition and many others who called them selves Christians.Aren’t they?
I think there wasn’t anything else to do with Christianity than only symbols what they carried.
And about English like I already mentioned that this isn’t originally native language if we looking about this land here.But it is if we count this society.
This society got started from English speaking people.Not only English speaking but mostly.So that means that if you want to do here anything you need to speak English.
English because that to live here you need to work and pay taxes.Official language here in all government agencies is English.And that means you just need to speak English.
Yes they making it easier for Spanish speaking population but I don’t think it is necessary.You live here YOU NEED TO SPEAK LOCAL LANGUAGE!Witch here is English.
If you home or you making business in you community witch is maybe Spanish,Chinese,Russian or so,it’s you business what kind a language you speaking there.
And if you making you own business it is you decision what language you using there but this is obvious that you learn very quickly that you cant run it without English.You loosing many customers if you don’t speak English.And again taxes,licenses,insurances.To deal with all that you need to speak local language!


I’m an emigrant myself and I believe that asking and accepting the USA citizenship should include accepting the basic values of this country and knowledge of English no matter what is your native language: Chinese, Spanish, Urdu or Russian.There is no unity without uniting language. This country in my opinion goes too far accommodating multilingual needs of every foreign speaker making it unnecessary for them(us) to learn English.Thus incentive and need to learn English if not eliminated is greatly diminished.
Many responders here touched upon Muslims. As many other peoples coming to America they also bring their beliefs and traditions. By the way, religious Jews also live very differently from other parts of population.There is nothing new in that.But there is no data available about rabbis preaching against America, against Christians and Muslims.There is data about Muslim religious leaders and textbooks used in religious schools full of hatred toward this country and other religions. Such “soul food” is poisonous.I’m sure it not the face of all Islam but as long as it is tolerated or defended by American Muslims, others cannot be relaxed and friendly.


All Americans except for the Native Americans immigrated to America to live freely. It was much easier for the early European settlers to come in and claim large tracts of land (that the Native Americans would never consider parceling and owning) and then pushing the Native Americans into ever smaller reservations while almost virtually exterminating the Native Americans. The later arrivals had to face increasing odds and regulations that were stacked against diverse groups and races of people. America has now entered an era where a person, who happens to be partly African American, is President. The Native Americans, the original inhabitants, deserve much more and should be compensated with land (maybe unused or underused military bases or park land with construction restrictions). This is the appropriate restitution better than assigning casino licenses which are taken over by gaming corporations with a token Native American front. Brazil is handing back land to the Amazon tribal people – land which was deforested and polluted by oil conglomerates. The Amazon tribal people and Native Americans in the USA will serve as guardians and guarantors of the land and ecosystems. This would constitute political reparation and environmental repair at the same time. ( – for additional articles)


Lazy people don’t want to go anywhere and start everything again from zero.Only hard working people are ready for that kind step.And like I already said that most immigrants aren’t here to replace hamburgers or hot dogs with dacos.
They are too busy with they’re work and they even don’t have time to change here anything.And I don’t think they want to.Maybe few but mostly not.
Do remember something from home country and celebrate something by way how it was in home country is not overthrow new country culture.
It’s just a fear again.Many people afraid that strangers are coming and taking everything away from them and changing the culture and who knows what else.
They feel that safest is keep everything like it was.That’s why we call them conservatives.
But everybody have this side.More or less
Anyway point is that cooking some mexican food on the street corner DOES NOT OVERTHROW CURRENT CULTURE HERE !!!


To Ravi and Ermo The Indian culture was disrepected and overthrown. Is that what you intend for the current culture ?


We have made major concessions to acommendate the new comers. We can no longer openly worship our god for fear of offending them. They should commit to respecting our values and learn our language upon entry.


Germany is being fair to foreign immigrants and they expect a little back for what they are giving which is alot!
A Single person can receive $750.00 Euros per month on welfare($1200.00 US dollars)Free Healthcare, Dental and also free College Tuition and also Technical Training.
Germany has one of the most generous Social Benefit packages in the world and their prison system has 10 times less prisoners per Capita compared to the USA and No Death Penalty. Also Germany’s Violent Crime is about 4 times less per Capita(Rapes, Murders,etc)compared to the USA so getting on Germany’s because they want to protect themselves from some people who have been using and abusing their system is a little much.
I’ve lived there and know first hand what Germany provides and the opportunities that are present-and folks coming from Third World Dictatorships should not be calling Germany-The country that is giving them a chance at a Good life and much more Freedom then they experienced before Fascist. Yes there are always some people everywhere that have certain views that are fascist but Germany is far from being a bad place to live. It has one of the highest standards of living, Quality of living in the world which most countries except a handful can match and America is not one of them!
When it comes to Freedom, Benefits, Wages, Environmental Standards,etc Germany is on most accounts far ahead of the USA. Western Europe has the Highest Quality of life in the World-this is why so many people want to live their and many people must learn the you do not go to other people’s country and Dictate what you wish. You can try to change things which are truely wrong but you do not have the right to force your belief system on them for starters. Germany and Europe has worked very hard for over 50 years to build up what they have and for outsiders to tell them they are this and that, blah,blah,blah is…it!
Germany is very lenient usually when it comes to people-they have a Social/Democratic/Economy/Society and this has been done with huge efforts from the Europeans starting after world war 2.
If you want to bitch about a country how about we start with perhaps America and then we can start bitching about other countries like Saudi Arabia, China and the like which are true Dictatorships and have very regressive polices.
The Euro dollar is now $1.51 compared to the US dollar.
THe USA has 60 plus Trillion dollars in Debts and rising rapidly(4 trillion yearly)Trade, Government, Corporate, Consumer,etc while Medicare and other Trust funds have another 60 trillion dollars in funding gaps over the nect 30 years or so.
We have not signed Kyoto.
We have 8 million people in our correctional system.
Our pay and benefits are not even in the top 20 countries right now-mercer survey.
US life expectency is now ranked about 50th and falling!
US Infrastructure needs 3 trillion dollars to repair over the next 10 years(bridges, Roads, airports, electrical grid,dams,et,etc)
US K-12 students consistently rank at the bottom compared to other modern countries.
The US has the most expensive Higher Education system in the world-by far.
The US has the most expensive Healthcare system in the world-by far which is also only ranked 37th in Quality.
The USA has almost 50% of the World’s total debt.
The USA is the World’s largest debtor nation.
We have millions of Homeless
Millions more that are treated like servants/slaves with very low wages and no benefits.
I think the USA should start worrying about it’s failing society before bitching about Germany’s Immigration Contract.
Germany is the World’s largest Creditor Nation and so Germany has proven itself.
Why Would Germany listen to a Failed Government from the USA?


And Islamic countries didn’t do so?Remember Turkeys or Arabs on the way to Europe.
This is our history and all the powerful countries did so.
Here is nothing to do with Islam or Christianity or any other religion or ideology.Always behind ideas are people and this is human who sometimes translating good ideas badly and sometimes even oppositely.
There are many good books and ideas.But also many people who always like to get drunk from anything.And like drunks are so is they understanding.
Thanks for this drunks we had,still have and probable always will have wars,murders,rapes and many other bad.
One murder is not better than other.Does not matter what he or she calls him self.Christian,Muslim,jaffaist,lamaist,communist,shamanist or even gynaecologist or tourist.It doesn’t make it better it all.So is inquisition.It doesn’t matter how they called them self and name of what or who they did it.
Again this isn’t alcohol or religion or cell phone or…..This are people !!!
And if you religion doesn’t let you drink,watch porn or something else,what you believe to be bad so,don’t do it! And if you find bunch a followers who believe same way,again go ahead.Not my problem.
Not my problem far as you don’t arm,hurt,abuse or don’t do anything against anybodies will.
Just don’t expect me do believe you or your believes!I have my own thoughts and understanding.And if I can handle alcohol and like porn so I’ll do it.This is my life and my decisions! IT ISN’T ANYBODY ELSE’S PROBLEM OR DECISION,what and how I need to believe or what to do!!!
I think so because I was born in western world and I’m not planing to move somewhere else where is different culture.Culture witch isn’t exactly like I see everything.I don’t judge it but in my mind yes here we have Islamic mosques but in many Islamic countries you cant even bring the Bible with you.I don’t even mention about bikini or topless beaches.
About sexual politics and to be an object.Maybe I like to be object.This is my life and my body.So is my decision.
And if somebody like to cut his testicles off or do some kind a surgery,what I care???Far as he or she doesn’t arm anybody else it isn’t my business.
Why some people coming to west,if everything is so wrong and bad here?This is obvious that all of them don’t think so.
Obviously this immigrants in Germany aren’t there because western countries,WITH eastern and Islamic countries support and help are in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Iraq leaders wasn’t angels and that’s for sure.But I believe it wasn’t right to go there.Afghanistan and this region is the hot spot because terrorism.Terrorism against western world but killing anybody who is on the way.
Extremely radical,NOT NORMAL, understanding about Islam and everything.Again not religion but group of people who’s killing,killing and killing.Name of God and Holy War and so like they say.Well we’ll see.
Most immigrants are looking for better life.Not always wealthier but better.It means politically,economically and many other ways.
Anyway I don’t believe that immigrants in this German town who just want to have own mosque are there because war in Afghanistan or western businesses all over the world.Only people who’s making about it big deal are this ultra right wing radicals and red neck minded …..Same way like Al-Qaeda or other idiots who always believe and feel like somebody planing something bad against them and trying to take something from them.
Same is here.Many people are scared and they believe like hard working immigrants want to take away they jobs,culture and all country.HOW ???
I just don’t understand who’s job I took away.I live here almost 20 years and started my own business from the beginning.
Problem is over populating this country but not the stealing the hamburgers and replace them with tacos.
And this racism crap.Originally I’m from country where we did not have any other races.I really don’t have any reason to think one is better than other.Or one is planning something bad against other.
Here I see some whites and some blacks and some others for who race is problem.I’m sorry but mainly are African Americans who always bringing this problem up.I just don’t understand.Is it because history or they really believe that whites still want them to be a slave.
My homeland was 700 years under the Germans.And this was the slavery.Mean we was slaves.Late 150 more under the Russians and soviets.But this is history.Here is no future without past but still.How long we going to gry now???
Again people with fear and they strange believes.
This is crazy world! And it is because too many people are crazy.


Karl Sepher, hey! Einstein! They are “HERE” because you were “THERE” and “Still Bloody Well Are”. Whether its Afghanistan or Iraq – why is Germany there? Western democracies have been illegally invading their countries for centuries, robbing their resources, killing and torturing their people, destroying their infrastructure and then you have the bollocks to state that they should have stayed in their countries? You mean the very same countries you destroyed? and as far as the veils and burqas go, your depraved belief in treating your women as mere sexual objects, using their sexual exposure to sell everything from shoelace to cars, may be quite normal to you but other cultures don’t particularly care to have their women paraded naked for all to ogle at. Most importantly, the point that gets conveniently missed, women who wear the veil do so out of their own convictions – they are NOT forced. So now you are going to forcibly make Muslim women change their attire to what “Pleases” you? You vile racist creeps really have not come very far from the days of Hitler have you?


The way I see it we wouldnt even be having this conversation had the immigrants stayed in their countries and quit coming uninvited into mine and then demand rights from behind a a cloth cage aka veils burqas whatever the woman was wearing in the video, a shield perhaps?


Did the “CONTRACT” protect Marwa el-Sherbini from being butchered? Obviously as this happened inside the court in plain view of German police and court officers, German law was not on her side protecting her – no they were busy shooting the lady’s husband. Each hour hundreds of American women are abused, beaten, raped and murdered in the US. With each year past year’s records are broken in this vile brutality by Evangelical Christians. A shocking 20% of American high-school aged women report being beaten or sexually abused by a date. 8% report being forced to have sex by a boyfriend. 40% of girls aged 14-17 years know someone who has been hit by a boyfriend. Every year, 4.8 million American women, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, suffer rape and/or physical abuse from an intimate partner.
The news only gets worse. The Justice Departments’ Bureau of Justice records 1,181 American women killed by a boyfriend or husband in 2005. That is three American women a day.


So Carol Derry, is that why you cheered the slaughter of Marwa el-Sherbini, a pregnant Muslim pharmacist who was stabbed 18 times in a Dresden Court while Germans looked on and Court officers shot her husband instead of the Racist right wing lunatic? So you feel the lunatic was justified in butchering her for wearing the head scarf? Ever visited Greece or Italy, many orthodox Christian women wear the scarf as do Christian nuns, I suppose you suggest that they be slaughtered too? You are sick – sickeningly hypocritical.


“Tell us what you think” and we will selectively publish only that which furthers our racist agenda” that is the hidden meaning World Focus. Bloody sickening.


I wonder how the German contract protected Marwa el-Sherbini the four month pregnant, Muslim immigrant pharmacist who was butchered in amazingly the Dresden Court of Justice? Stabbed 18 times with a butcher knife, while German Court officers and policemen looked on and indeed – shot the husband instead. Did the “CONTRACT” protect her and her unborn child? Or perhaps the “CONTRACT” stipulated – ‘You shall not wear a head scarf or else bear the consequences’ – and so she did – stabbed 18 times in full view of German public, court officers and police. What happened to all those in the West screaming for women’s rights? Why are they suddenly silent now? Not a peep out of them now? Europeans and Americans drip with hypocrisy and they know it. So do Europeans now condone her slaughter for wearing the Islamic head scarf? Are there any provisions in the “CONTRACT” that would protect Muslim women from murder and abuse by Christian Germans? Obviously neither the “CONTRACT”, nor the German Court nor German policemen and officers were able to help this pregnant women from being slaughtered. Or perhaps the Germans all looked on gleefully as an Aryan chopped away at a Muslim? Not even a word of condolence from the racist Merkel or anyone from her cabinet. I wonder why World Focus never “FOCUSED” on doing a segment on this poor woman’s fate? Any wonder why Muslims are up in arms from East to West demanding justice. From the Holocaust in Bosnia and Albania to the tortures, rapes and slaughter of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan to the usual slap on the wrist for the US and NATO soldiers who murdered and raped only because – they were stressed out? No, don’t raise your finger at Muslims or Islam for the violence in their Western puppet controlled regions, or accuse them of responding harshly. Muslims now know they can NEVER depend upon Western “Democracies” for justice and fair treatment. Whether its the mass graves in Bosnia & Albania, the Guantanamo torture chambers or the graves of civilians torched alive by US and NATO bombing -conveniently labelled “Taliban Graves”, there is no justice for Muslims. When justice is denied and withheld don’t blame them for establishing justice for themselves by force and violence.


The programme showed German right wing anti-Muslim bigots rallying others to join the hissing and screeching cat calls against Islam and Muslims on the basis of pure 200% ignorance. The raising and banging of the fist by the right wing leader brought to memory the same scenario played not too long ago by one of their own brethren – Hitler. These clowns have not learnt a thing from all their gory and miserable past. Those who seem to take a cue from the rantings of this base evil and utterly ignorant right wing group only lend credence to the fact that in spite of all of one’s education and knowledge buffeted by a shameful past, many choose to blissfully ignore it all and once again stoke the flames of hatred, bigotry, racism and white elitism. Vile racist miscreants like Ruport Murdoch and his team of venomous elves, Bill O’Rielly, Sean Hannity and indeed the entire crew of Fox News including all the blonde bimbos would fit perfectly in this group, but for World Focus to suggest that a contract similar to that proposed by a pathetic racist group in Germany, be imposed in the US as well, is pretty shocking. Some of the issues raised on this panel by some yet again reflect their complete and utter ignorance of Islam, such as the issue of female genital mutilation – which is a practice completely foreign to Islam, never supported or taught or even addressed. A ritual practiced by African tribes since before Islam, what in the world does it have to do with Islamic teachings? Then they say the contract is to prevent the physical and sexual abuse of women – good God, Americans truly have not a leg to stand on in pointing a finger against Muslims when The National Organization for Women reports the following:

In 2005, 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner.1 That’s an average of three women every day. Of all the women murdered in the U.S., about one-third were killed by an intimate partner.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Intimate Partner Violence or Battering)
According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, American women experience about 4.8 million intimate partner-related physical assaults and rapes every year. Less than 20 percent of battered women sought medical treatment following an injury.

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes crimes that were not reported to the police, 232,960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. That’s more than 600 women every day.6 Other estimates, such as those generated by the FBI, are much lower because they rely on data from law enforcement agencies. A significant number of crimes are never even reported for reasons that include the victim’s feeling that nothing can/will be done and the personal nature of the incident.

So much for US’s Judeo-Christian values and holier than thou attitude.

I suggest Americans some time off from surfing the net for pornography and invest a little time to look up and understand Islam from unbiased sources and not take the racist rot as verbatim that whihc is funneled each day into their brains through their television or as explained by firebrand lunatic preachers in insane hate filled Evangelical sessions every Sunday or the rubbish spewed by Fox news or the many Zionist and pro-Israel propaganda groups posing as educators. For Americans their worst enemy is ignorance and intolerance, which is exactly what Hitler preached and which was the model on which Milosevic and his band of rabid racists built and executed their Holocaust plans against Muslim Bosnians and Albanians. Amazingly, World Focus only prints statements that support this bigotry. What is World Focus’s real agenda one wonders.


My point was about the original American mold and how America may have evolved if the European settlers had respected and lived by the enlightened value systems of the Native Americans. As you may observe, I am now communicating in English, which is the lingua franca today, and if you will permit me to say so, in a more coherent manner than some of those persons who have advocated the usage of English only. Yes, English is essential and we do have to pay taxes and abide by the rules in effect today. However, it is absolutely okay to suggest how the deficiencies in the current system can be corrected by adopting many of the values of an enlightened society like the Native Americans.


I agree about that this land belongs to Indians. But society? People who build up this society here was mostly English speaking people.Not only English speaking but mostly.
Also now majority is here English speaking population.And English has been here already so long official language that leaves out any question about it!!!
Only Indians have right to protest here about that question! NOT ANYBODY ELSE !!!


I don’t even understand what’s a point here.If you going somewhere where is different culture and language you need to make you self understandable for them.Understandable if you want to survive.
To make exception for some group of people,foreigners,over others brings up the question why they are better than others.
So if you hungry and want to buy something to eat you just need to make you self understandable !!!
And salesperson in Mongolia,Botswana,Myanmar or somewhere else DOES NOT need to speak your language! Even if you starving.
So why here they need speak some other country languages???
Same if you have right to work here.You using the streets,highways and everything else what’s already build or made from this country people tax money.Now if you working here you need pay taxes.But tax agency and any other governmental official language is ENGLISH.So you need to speak English!NOT SPANISH,NOT GERMAN,NOT MONGOLIAN,NOT BURMAN BUT ENGLISH !!!
Would be same if I expect everybody here understand me if speak Finnish.Why not?If they need to understand Spanish speaking population why not Finnish or Mongolian or any other language.
But if some group of people keep together and want to have own churches,mosques,theaters or anything else what’s coming from that culture is completely different story.
Answer no is here only because FEAR! But most people has always been scared about something new or changes or what’s they not usu to.From that is coming all this defending the territory concept.Sometimes necessary and sometimes not.
Anyway far as not any danger for others or them selves,I don’t see here any problems with going to pray or do something else.
Foreigners always stuck together and they always remember some or big part of they own culture!


For those who think that all US citizens should bow to the Indians that were here, I think they should consider what life would be like if Europeans hadn’t come to the Americas. Would you like living in a teepee. Would Indians bow to the caveman?


If there was an original American mold, then all of the immigrants would have to learn to speak at least one Native American language and respect the land, the environment the animals, the plants and the people. There would be no pollution, no fighting over land titles, no fencing of common property, no mortgages, no taxes, no fees, no insurance, no legal suits, no greedy Wall Street brokers, no financial crisis, no recession, no terrorism, no standing armed forces, no aggressive domestic or foreign policy, no jails, no urban crime, no breakdown of societal and family structures, no epidemics or pandemics, no cancers. A land populated by those who obeyed and respected not the law of stricture but the way of nature.


When does the German or the American government, who are all controlled by a few billionaires and their thousands of lobbyist and politicians, have the right to repopulate Europe and the United States because they want complete control over these countries. Economic subservience or slavery is not dead. Although I have always supported unbiased equality, however I do recognize an invasion, a genocide and self annihilation when I see it, even after decades of propaganda which has been repackaged by television, radio and newspapers. I tried to avoid taking the universal vow of stupidity or guilt, as offered by our “politically correct” universities and commercial media. Please look at the vital statistical or the survival data for every group in every major country.

It’s obvious that the people of Europe and America will be largely extinguished during this century. I also realize that Americans are not welcomed to participate in the life of Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey or India, except when spending money as a visitor. And naturally we have the burden of paying for the wars and economic disasters, also created by our inept billionaires, along with being forced to pay the $2 trillion per year required to support 100 million illegal aliens who entered the United States since the early 1960’s, when 2000 miles of borders were maintained wide open about the time of the JFK assassination, which has continued until today under Obama, who wants to fully legalize and expand the invasion of the USA. I am sorry that mass invasions by desperate people and genocide cannot be turned into a “feel good” story; since it has only led to greater desperation, over three times the murder rate, tremendous tax burdens, large scale environmental damages and the devastation of human diversity on a global basis, which is now dwarfing the losses of life caused during World War 2, however without the visual impact of a global war.

If destructive overpopulation pressures, which are typically instigated by religions, were simply allowed to build up in the Mideast or Mexico, there would have already been a series of internal revolutions by the 1980’s or 1990’s, which could have peacefully removed most of their oligarchs, without any of the hypocritical wars over oil or global control that were perpetrated by the US, and without any massive illegal alien invasions. Reciprocity can be harmless and appropriate. Perhaps the appropriate solution may well be Christ’s comment, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So, if I am caught invading your country, then please send me home, I won’t demonize you or accuse you of anything.


We already have requirements for citizenship. I think we tend to forget the ‘melting pot’ of America. My great grandmother died in 1934 and spoke only German. She also homesteaded in Nebraska, and later in South Dakota, lived through the great depression, locus, blizzards, and the founding of Norfolk, Nebraska. She paid taxes and has many descendant who have lived, worked and loved in this country. That is the American way. Should we marr that record by casting all new immigrants in one mold, when America never has had a mold? Let Germany handle thier immigration their own way. Personally, I think it is tragic that so many are upset by the addition of a mosque. Our local mosque is a beautiful building.


Congratulations Germany! And we in the USA should follow suit. I adore multi-culture environment – but it does none of us any good if those other “cultures” do not want to learn English, assimilate, integrate, join the whole, etc., etc. There is plenty of room in America for individualism!!! (sometimes I think a bit too much) But we must all agree on essential American ideals. At the very least it is good to give a realistic idea of what we expect and goals to move towards.
By the way, I loath seeing burka-type clothes & covered heads walking around my city as much as I loath half-naked public bodies. Some things are not very conducive to public displays. In many countries it is not polite to bring up religion and I think that is a considerate way to live with multi-culturalism.
If I went to the Middle East I would have to adapt and adapt the attitude of “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. I would not find a huge Christian church awaiting me. I would not get away with leaving my head uncovered (I’m female). They would not speak to me if I wore Christian symbols dripping from my body! We are far more tolerant than we need to be. For those who want to be here, let them earn the right! They must do something in exchange for the opportunity, the jobs, lifestyle, freedoms, etc. We must all pay the price of our democracy – or risk losing it. Immigrants included.



There needs to be mandate that requires all immigrants to learn the English language.

When I came to the US I did not have bilingual signage – I had to learn the language. Quite frankly, I am offended that one particular group gets preferential treatment over another.

It doesn’t matter – what ever country you want to immigrate to – you must learn their language! Integration is essential!


Only a racist, arrogant, bewilderingly ignorant, red-neck trailer trash would have thought of this question. One look at statistics on women bashing and sexual abuse of women and children shows that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly men from US’s biblical belt, Evangelists, high school drop outs and woefully ignorant about just anything that matters. Also as far as Asians and Orientals are concerned they are no longer flocking to US’s shores. Their own countries are offering better education and opportunities and their currencies are faring far better than the US. These clowns should stick to their bible thumping hate spewing preachers, Spam, bad beer, chewing tobacco and incest. I suggest a contract with America’s current dysfunctional morons – that they promise never to procreate in exchange for a years supply of free Spam and beer.


Yes, we should. In addition to equal rights for women there needs to be prohibition of female genital mutilation. Let’s include a proclamation of our values against bribery.
As to learning English, we must respect that this can be difficult for older immigrants who may have great heart and be of value and service to our communities and families in other ways.


I believe the laws and social values we have in America are enough of a contract. We are bound by this so why shouldn’t immigrants be bound as well? If an immigrant came here for illegal purposes or to change our perspective on religion, how would a contract change the outcome? Who would enforce the contract?


Perhaps not a contract, but the idea is a gppd one. I am particularly concerned about the number of immigrants who do not learn English (and apparently have no intention of doing so). We must insist that newcomers learn our language and some basics about our history and beliefs. The only unifying factors in America today are our language and our shared values – as expresed by our history and our committment to our Constitition. If people do not know any of this, they cannot understand us or become Americans or really share our life here.


And what about those who wish to be dual citizens? There are several American-whatever dual citizens. Perhaps if some Americans were less xenophobic, we might all get along. Hmmm.


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I think if you make a choice to make a new country your home from now on, you become ‘them’. In other words, Turkish immigrants become Germans. Mexican immigrants become Americans. You speak the language and adopt the traditions. Without intending to be stereotypical or mean spirited, I think you become ‘where you are’ or go back to ‘where you were’


I don’t think a contract is a good idea. I noticed that a country like Germany that struggles with religious equality is also struggling with the issue of integration. It is not surprising that the values that United States espouses like equality, liberty, and justice results in different outcomes as far as immigrants and immigration is concerned.


Before the muslim can ask if they can build mosques we need to ask own many churchs , synagogues , or bouthist temples can we build in the moslem coutry if none , so no mosques can be build , let ask if saoudit arabia will let christians to build a church or synagogue .


I am french and now resident in the U.S , when i decide to stay in america i decide to learn english , the culture and history of this great nation and respect is peoples not impose my culture on them , i like america and want this country to stay what she is , if a americain will go and stay in france i will expext them to learn french and respect the french culture


I support the concept and applaud Germany. While we are at it, we need to make English the official language, deport all illegal aliens, and revise our immigration laws.


When I was growing up we referred to ourselves as German, Irish, Italian, Jew, Protestant. Catholic. It never occurred to us to append “-American.” We all knew we were ALL Americans. I think it is much the same today except that there are “leaders” who stress differences. We used to teach that English common law, English language, manners, dress, etc. were to be celebrated. Now we teach that that there is nothing special about all this. Why then are we surprised that the “melting pot” has grown cold?


In a nut shell… If, and when, someone journeys to another country to settle for the rest of their lives,then yes, they should, and must be prepared to fully except that country’s laws, language,and whatever else is required for them to be integrated into that country’s society.

I can fully understand peoples frustration, as individual’s from other country’s, ‘bleed’ the social system from those individual’s of there new country, who have worked so hard to obtain benefits all there life’s, which as taxpayers is there right, then to sit back and watch as individuals from these other country’s take, without the means, or desire, to return the help given, or to attempt to learn 1)The language,2)or contribute to there new way of life.

I am sorry Hannah, but I take offense to your statement that the USA invented the immigrant contract…Look around, their are quite a few other country’s in the world that take in immigrants, without any conditions.. That’s the trouble, Full praise to Germany, they are trying to do what we should all do. It is long overdue. Whoever they are, if they are not willing to accept the rules, then go back to where you came from. We as a country do not want you.


The Melting Pot principle has been rejected by immigrants to the U.S. today, who instead demand that their cultures be accepted along side our culture. The government and most liberals support this new idea, and in fact call those who demand assimilation to be racists.

Multiculturalism is an attack against European cultures. Diversity is genocide against European people. Immigration to the West must end.


There are few if any examples of Muslim counties practising tolerance & democracy & equal rights for women & minorities. Germany & the USA & all democracies have a right to try & ensure that Muslims will not change the basic culture of these countries once they are in the majority.


That’s just what we need: more paperwork. Even better than a contract for immigrants, how about having everybody sign a paper promising to be nice.


Seems we are discussing two issues here, a formal expectation of what is expected of people immigrating to another country and the blending of a religion that at its heart doesn’t agree with Christian Jewish principals. I think that as soon as the Islamic population of Europe catches up with their host Christian countries it will take more that an immigrant contract to keep things at bay. Think about the people who wrote a book, a movie or a cartoon who are either dead or terrorized (as citizen in their own country) for expressing themselves in what they thought was a free State.


Maybe an “immigrant contract”, but not an “integration contract”. People should be free in America to integrate with whomever or whatever they wish.


The Proposal seems fair, in and of itself…
but the reality of the circumstances may not
meet the Ideal being Proposed.

And much rests with the linguistic capabilities of the people involved as well as the potential need for philologists who will be able to not only share and teach the language of the Nation but ensure a relatively comprehensive cultural understanding of all that is being expected by way of a new language being learned. (E.g. what will be done with those people who may have learning disabilities and cannot learn, easily, a new language but are, otherwise: relatively model citizens?)


I think the contract is smart. If you want to live in a country you should be able to speak the
language and know about the culture. This is an economic necessity. It also shows a genuine
interest to be part of the society and not a burden on the society. How can parents expect their children to survive and compete in a culture the know nothing about. All immigrants should learn the language of the country they are chosing as their new home and declare their loyalty to their new country, its traditions and culture.


The USA has never had a paper contract and most of the people that come into the country (illegal migrant workers) apply for government assistance. They actually have schools in Mexico that teach them how to get more assistance then actual citizens. As such I believe illegals should receive NO benefits at all. Contracts should be in use and violators should be deported. Hold up what you are required to do or get out, much like a renters contract.


If German authority give permission to buid mosques , before read Islam history.There are several portion of Koran speaking about war, struggle,fight,kill.destroy etc.
In Sura 11 256 It is said no compulsion in religion.
Do not give permission to build mosque in America, or Geramany or any other Europian countrys. Please


Islam is absolutely incompatible with the West culture, history, values, religion, traditions and behavior. The real objective of massive Muslims immigration to the West was revealed by Muslims leaders on numerous occasions. There some of them:
Why Muslims Come to the West

Algerian leader Houari Boumédienne said at the United Nations in 1974:
“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

Al-Jazeera’s Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi, who is widely hailed as a moderate reformer in the West. said:
“Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor,” and “the conquest this time will not be by the sword but by preaching and ideology.”

A Saudi Sheikh, Muhammad bin Abd Al-Rahman Al-‘Arifi, imam of the mosque of King Fahd Defense Academy, said:
Muslims “will control the land of the Vatican; we will control Rome and introduce Islam in it”

Mullah Krekar, a jihadist who currently resides in Norway, although officials have been trying for years to get him out of the country, said:
“The number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes”

Omar Ahmad Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations: “Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam … Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

It is clear how dangerous to let them immigrate to the West.


There are immigration laws on the books that are the law of the land and are not being enforced today. However, every legal immigrant should be required to undertake a study program to become proficient in the English language, American history and culture and to be completed within a five year period. They must apply for American citizenship within the minimum time required by law and give up their foreign citizenship and passports at that time. Our immigrant forefathers and mothers came to the USA and were proud to become American citizens and their children too.Many refused to teach their children a foreign language as they wanted them to speak English without an accent.


I can see and understand why countries are concerned about loosing their culture identity as they allow foreign immigrants into their borders.
They is a delicate balance between the country’s values and norms and the behavior and norms of the immigrants.
I believe that the country’s culture should prevail.
Therefore, there should be integration contracts that are required.


I think the contract is smart. If you want to live in a country you should be able to speak the language and know about the culture. This is an economic necesity. It also shows a genuine interest to be part of the society and not a burden on the society.How can parents expect their children to survive and compete in a culture the know nothing about.


Absolutely! Even though there are laws on the books, the incoming immigrant cannot be expected to know them and a contract would give them to understand what is expected of them. They should get a copy before they leave their homelands. Hiring of illegals is another issue, not part of this discussion.


All countries should require a contract between immigrants and the country. All immigrants should learn the language of the country they are chosing as their new home and declare their loyalty to their new country, its traditions and culture.


I agree with the concept of a contract. The contract should include:
1. A time limit to learn the English language.
2. To abide and respect the principles upon which this country was founded, as enshrined in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
3. Respect the principle of equal rights and freedom of speech, regardless of background, gender or creed.
4. promise to integrate into the newly adopted society you choose to be a member of, not expect this society to adapt to your former heritage. One should not come as a guest and start demanding!
5. Most of all owe allegiance to the United States constitution, not to another country, faith or view of what God expects of you. If you don’t like it, no one asked for you to immigrate here.


Why? So these contracts can be ignored by immigration like the laws that are all ready
on the books. Look, just turn returning illegal
over to private contractors and put a bounty on
any illegals and enforce a fantastic fine on any person or company that knowingly hires them, and in a very short time all well be right in America.


there are plenty of immigration laws on the books, all we have to do is to enforcing it.
Finances for place of worships if originate from any country must have reciprocity clause, I have no problem with Saudis or any other country finance Mosques in this country as long as we can build a same size church or synagogues in their cities.


I think that not only is it a good idea for immigrants to formalize what they expect but what can be expected of them ,but that this contract formation should be part of the graduation procedure for High School and College. Part of the contract would be the need to become an informed participating citizen. Some individuals want to sit back and accept without actively keeping informed of the issues. A democracy should require of its members to vigorously keep informed.


If you are not worried about Europe becoming an islamic state then you aren’t paying attention or you don’t understand how dramatically worse your lives will be living under shira law. 100% intolerant of your rights and religious beliefs. Look at who are pushing baby strollers in Mainz, Koln, Paris. Muslims w/ burkas. Scary.


Our Country is a melting Pot , has been for over 200 Years .
I see many New Immigrants not embracing the American melting Pot ideal .
You see many New Imagrants having a isolationist Mentality , sticking to themselves .
When you arrive in America you have made a decesion to leave your Home Country . If you dont want to embrace America stay in your own Country .
The Melting Pot is Part of the American Experince


The principle of the Melting Pot has been discarded by recent immigrants to the U.S., who openly reject the idea, demanding instead that their cultures be accepted. This is multiculturalism. Our government, along with the majority of liberals, have supported this new concept, in fact calling those who insist on assimilation racists. Mass immigration to the West provides the fuel for the distruction of our societies.

Multiculturalism is an attack against European cultures. Diversity is genocide against European people. Immigration to the West must end.


Why do we need a contract? The immigrants who come to the United States already share our values. They want to work hard and build a better future for themselves and their families. Immigrants are often the most patriotic Americans, and their children are part of the backbone of our military. Immigrants are not a problem for the United States — they’re a blessing.


It is PAST time that an immigrant contract should be introduced in the U.S. The biggest problem is, of course, the rampant illegal immigration into the country. How could that be monitored?


A contract sounds good and fair to me. Some points to include:

1. You promise to learn English — Being a Chinese immigrant, I am all for multi-culturalism, but totally against more than 1 official language. No excuse for not learning English if you want to spend the rest of your life in here, or have 500 “official languages” b/c everybody wants his/her own language to be “official.”

2) Retirees, if you haven’t paid up yr share of (SS and other) taxes, don’t expect welfare benefits of any sort. It’s simply wrong and immoral to draw a pension in yr home country, then get a low-income apartment in this country, MediCare/MedicAid, visiting nurse, ….. paid for US tax payers.


I agree with the concept of a contract because it will give the newcomer an idea of the new country’s ideals and therefore giving the newcomer a clearer understanding of what the country is about and what is expected of them and then they can decide if this new country is something they really want to be apart of.


As an immigrant (US citizen living in Canada) I totally support the idea of a reverse contract. Immigrants to the US assume and are granted equal rights; however, there is no effort to get a committment from new citizens to acclimate. Far from it, great steps are often made to get interpreters for those who cannot speak English and never intend to do so. I feel the door swings both ways. Yes freedom of religion, right to speak, etc. but also responsibility to a new home that provides these privileges.Immigrants should not disregard who have fought for these rights nor take for granted the joy and security they bring.


Decent respect for and understanding of the country you want to become a new citizen of would seem to be a very nice thing. American values like civic
virtue, women’s rights and church/state separation should be embraced by all new Americans.


Lets play fair – if they can build mosques outside of muslim-dominated countries, let Christians build churches in their countries without being bombed or the people threatened. Islam is evil at its core – one would have to be blind not to see it. It is not a “scare-tactic” – they want to take-over and instill Islamic law. Look at the areas they are involved in and all the killings. Open your eyes world…


I agree with such a contract. What is very troubling about islam is that it does seek to conquer. Notice that women and men are separated in worship. The wearing of a veil is medieval. Inherent in all religions is the oppression of women. But I believe more so in Islam. Then there is the idea of jihad and death to anyone considered blaspheming. Freedom of speech which is part of western civilization is an important part of our beliefs. I fear the abrogation of my rights if Islam is allowed to flourish unfettered. Contracts and abolishing the veil and the burka in public. makes sense.


The US invented the immigrant contract. It may not exist as a paper contract, but the US has always had a contract with immigrants. As long as you are willing to be in the US, immerse yourself in society, and contribute, you are given rights and opportunities. The Germans are wasting their time or trying to find a way to enforce “false immigrant” suspicions. Sad.

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