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November 20, 2009
Soccer game fractures relations between Algeria, Egypt

Angry football fans converge on the Algerian embassy in Cairo. Photo: madmonk

Hoda Osman, a special correspondent for Worldfocus and an Egyptian-American, writes about the diplomatic crisis that followed a World Cup match between Egypt and Algeria on Saturday. She explains the intense emotions surrounding the sport and how the rivalry reflects the strains in pan-Arab relations.

It’s hard to believe, but yes a soccer match is straining relationships between Egypt and Algeria. Unfortunately, I believe this time around the animosity and hostility between the countries’ 115 million people are here to stay.

A bitter history

Egypt and Algeria have a history of soccer-related violence. In 1989, Egypt qualified for the World Cup after winning over Algeria. Riots erupted. The Egyptian team’s doctor lost an eye after being attacked with a bottle by an Algerian player.

Fast forward to 2009. Keywords: the Internet and satellite television channels.

The two countries were preparing for a crucial match in Cairo. Egypt had to win by a three-goal difference to qualify for the 2010 World Cup next summer in South Africa — and by a two-goal difference to secure a rematch.

Emotions were running high ahead of the match. Special songs and commercials were produced specifically for the game. The media in both counties was obsessed. There were some who even blamed the media for inciting hatred.

The Internet also played a big role. It was used intensively by fans of the two teams to attack each other. Edited videos and altered pictures were posted on several websites with the intention of humiliating the other team.

Upon the arrival of the Algerian team to Cairo, Egyptian fans allegedly threw stones at their bus and injured a number of players. FIFA opened an investigation into the incident.

The U.S. warned its citizens in Cairo against being on the streets on the evening of the match.

To calm things down, an Egyptian and an Algerian pop star organized a joint concert.

Egypt won the Nov. 14 match 2-0, thereby securing a rematch with Algeria in Sudan a few days later.

Millions of Egyptian celebrated on the streets across Egypt till the early hours of the following morning. If you saw the pictures you would think the whole country won some global lottery that would solve all their problems.

Violence in Khartoum

Violence was expected in Sudan. Security was intensive. Egyptian interests had already come under attack in Algiers after the first match and the Egyptian government summoned the Algerian ambassador in Cairo over it.

Algeria won 1-0 and secured its place in the coming World Cup. Life goes on, right? It’s just a game.

Unfortunately not. Algerian fans attacked their Egyptian counterparts in Sudan following the game. Some of the Egyptian fans and celebrities who were attending the match called into television programs and said they were trapped and hiding in Sudanese houses. I also got first-hand reports of the violence from people who were in Khartoum.

The Egyptian government reported 21 were injured and recalled its ambassador to Algeria for “consultations.” The Egyptian media also pointed the finger at Sudan, claiming it was unable to protect the Egyptians after the match. Sudan summoned the Egyptian ambassador in Khartoum to object.

In Cairo, security forces clashed with Egyptians who rioted and burned Algerian flags in front the Algerian embassy there.

Arab unity – an unrealistic dream

The events are unfortunate but also interesting on several levels. They elucidated the fragile relations between the two countries on the popular and the state level.

The head of the Egyptian Artists Union announced on television that he would call for canceling Algeria’s membership in the union because its artists were silent about the offenses. Numerous Egyptian celebrities called into a television show Wednesday evening calling for cutting cultural relations with Algeria, announcing they were giving back prizes they won in Algerian festivals and asking that their work not be aired in Algeria. Some media personalities were even suggesting stopping Egyptian investments in the country.

The animosity runs so deep now, that I can’t see how this can be repaired.

Arabs have always dreamed of Arab unity. Although the match was between only two of the 22 Arab countries (Sudan also got caught in the middle), to me, it’s still proof of how difficult accomplishing that goal is. Egypt and Algeria may have been frail to begin with, but relations between most other countries are not that much better.

The power of soccer

If you saw the pictures of the celebrations by the fans of the two countries you’d be amazed. Soccer is big in the Arab world.

I’ve read a lot about the game and found that nobody explained the role soccer plays in the Arab world better than the manager of a Cairo restaurant interviewed by Time Magazine. “Soccer provides an outlet for emotion, both positive and negative, that so many Egyptians so desperately crave, says Maher Gamel, manager of one of Cairo’s most popular restaurants, al-Omda.”

I remember a sociology class I took at the American University in Cairo years back. We were discussing patriotism and agreed it becomes most vivid during soccer matches.

When seeing the pictures of the Egyptian celebrations following the first match and the Algerian celebrations following the second, you might wonder why the people of those countries don’t do the same to remove their dictators or gain more rights. Is it fear? Is it lack of hope? I don’t really have an answer.

But as I was watching the story develop, I wondered about something else. How can this enormous energy be used positively. The people of the two countries are at this moment united around one issue. What if this energy was used to produce something, to build, to educate or to clean the cities? How can they be mobilized that same way, with the same enthusiasm? If we find the answer, we may find the solution to problems many countries around the world.

– Hoda Osman

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As a reminder to those ignorants: ancient Algerians who lived 10.000 years BC, built the pyramids. Their off-spring later in history defeated Pharao. In modern history Algerians built Al-Azhar then fought for Sinay and died for it. After all, the country was upgraded to be called today “Misrael” well done guys… its a step in the right direction ha ha ha……


One more thing:
Algerians say 1.5 million of them were killed in their independence war against France!
But their kids and grand kids are struggling to go to France legally and illegally to work for street cleaning and trash collecting for minimum wage. And a lot of time to work in criminal activities as stated by France authorities.
So what kind of independence is that? What a shame!!!


Something regarding the jealousy for that desert Bedouin:
The world population is estimated at 6,500,000,000 people.
At least half of them or 3,250,000,000 people know Egypt and its civilization.
How many one of them know about something called Algeria?


Sorry rectification: What do you make of a team who lost against their juniors but dig teir heads in the sand ha ha ha…..isn’t that embarrasing?


Egyptians are not gifted as far as football is conserned, trying their next tournament with a “Galabia” & “foul medamis” as their athlete meal will be the best option to win the African cup of nations ha ha ha……..
The Egyptian team is mostly in its late 30’s, the Algerian team is mostly in its early 20’s. So what do you make of a team who lost against their seniors but to dig their heads in the sand ha ha ha….


In their attempt to accuse Algeria, Egyptians kept on running up and down to FIFA then back to Egypt like a headless chicken without a single result because the world didn’t find their story in Sudan credible….and now everybody knows what jalousy can do when it turns into an uncurable desease.
By the way one of the 9/11 suspects was an Egyptian wasn’t he? so who is a terrorist?
As an eternal reminder to Egypt and the Egyptians “Aljazair Wa Ma Adraka Ma Aljazair”.


The whole world says: “Arab are terrorists” & “Violence is the only language Arabs understand” & “It is impossible to trust Arabs”. That was proven clearly by Algeria.
So why should we insist to classify ourselves as Arab Egyptians, we are just Egyptians.


The answer to the “Al Jahil Firawni” below is as follow:
After basmalah “Wa Ibadu Arrahmani Allathina Yamshuna Aala Al-ardhi Hawnan Wa Itha Khatabahum Al-jahiluna Qualu Salama”. Irest my case.


Filtering through these comments only one conclusion can be reached, Egypt lost Algeria is going to South Africa and nothing is going to change this!! However the Egyptians believe they deserved it better hence looking for any excuse even if it meant by gathering any kind of or information, never mind the source, to make their theory stand in order to be the victim, but to do it in an uncivilised manner is unquestionably poor and can only confirm how spiteful this whole saga is!!!


[…] crisis (or even war). This time around, it’s a North African clash causing all the excitement. It all started when Egypt beat Algeria 2-0 in a home game in the World Cup qualifiers. Egypt then had to face […]


I came across this article and I was really shocked by the comments of the Egyptian and Algerian fans. It’s really a petty to see that we are not even able to express ourselves on a mature and respectful manner. Instead of insulting each others it’s better to try to solve our problems and look for a better way to become civilized nations , by the end of the day this is just a game, noting more, so please stop this exchange of insults.

We all know the history of the two great nations (Algeria and Egypt) and it`s a shame from both side to react like this. Both parties were wrong in a manner or another and it`s useless now to look for vengeance either from the Algerian fans or the Egyptian ones. No need to create a political crises from this.

I am a little bit surprised why a simple game had become the subject of political crises and even included the intervention of the Egyptian president` sons, government, politicians, mass media (who is still talking again and again about the incidents even after 2 weeks) and even actors. Egyptian media had diffused talk shows, interviews, videos…etc all days long just to make things worst and keep people talking and thinking about these incidents. PLEASE let what happened go and stop inciting hatred. We are all Muslims and we shouldn’t react like this.


I didn’t know much about Egyptians until now? It’s unbelievable how they are reacting to this unexpected defeat of their football team! They are being senseless to the point where almost every Egyptian out there is forcing his conscience to accept those lies (by the way I stopped reading this article the minute she Egyptian above the Egyptian fans “allegedly” threw stones! Is like these people live on a different planet? When I first heard that they said that the Algerian players broke the bus windows and flagellated themselves? I thought it was a joke! But it turnout they were very serious about it. Apparently even their president Moubarak said that he is mad because the Algerian players smashed the bus’s windows with hammers and beat the bus driver. They have to realize that such absurd things will just make them look ridiculous … Think about it…It’s embarrassing!
When they talk about their aristocratic class that went to Sudan, they tell you “we send”! You sent nobody brother! Whoever went to Sudan are only those who can afford to travel (the whole world knows how the Egyptian society is structured … 5% of rich people and the remaining 95% are way below the poverty line). We all know that there are cultural differences between the two people, unlike Algerian an ordinary Egyptian regardless of his patriotism, would never ever spend money to travel and “waste” it on a soccer game! Instead he would rather buy a bunch of chicken to feed his family.
On the other hand the Algerian government and private sector as well did subsided the airfare for young fans ( not actors but people that go to stadiums every weekend), they stand up during the entire game and know exactly how to cheer for their team. Apparently they hurt the feeling of his majesty the prince of Moubarak’s son! When I read that he wants to hit Algeria on a head, I said to myself thank god, Egypt is not a military power; otherwise I would be scared to death…Nevertheless I am sure that next June they’ll be sitting in front of their TV screens and cheering for the Algerian team, because they are “Oum edounia”!!!


Helly I appreciate your resoning and eventually your agreement with me, on the basics on how the matter should have been delt with in the fist place.

Now I must step-in in the interest of the two people to forgive the ordinary Egyptian in the street for any disproportionate behaviour . But I cannot forgive the icons in the legal Egyptian profession for burning the Algerian flag, nor can I forgive the journalists and the actors for their messy role in the unrest. In fact I compare them to the Ex-Queen of France “Mary Antoinette” for losing touch with the ordinary man in the street, their favorite and only hobby is collecting Dollars instead of fighting for the noble causes.

Those parasites endeavour to pass on their cinema aquired tittles to their offspring, who have no artistic talents whatsoever, like what Farouk Alfishawi did with his son , Salah Assaadani, Adel Imam, Samir Ghanim….etc. In a country of equal opportunities The door must be kept wide open to all Egyptians to discover real new talents mustn’t it…..? Sorry definitely not a private club.

My advice to the UMMA is to beware of those “Fitna” mongers, whom Algeria managed reveal their true faces. when you feed them they at least bite your hand or stab you in the back.

I am disgusted and shocked with what they did. I am afraid their work can’t represent the UMMA any more, they simply can’t be trusted.


Thanx Nabil God bless you too :)
i totally agree that they dealt with everything in a wrong way and i dont agree with how anyone acted but i can understand their anger, i just wish for love and peace for all of us….!!!!


Helly may God save your parents and bless them for you.

I have to make clear that the prophet of God “peace and bless of God be with him” told us how we should manage our emotions at the time of anger.

To cut a long story short let’s call a spade a spade, if you really had a case it should have been delt with professionaly, it should whether be forwarded to FIFA in Zurich, the European court in Brussels or the International court of justice in la Haie. But infortunately despite the fact that Egyptians regard themselves as a civilised nation, I couldn’s see the civility in the way they managed their crisis. Alaa & jamel Mubarak were acting no better than hungry beasts in the savana, your media and “Holywood Al-mashrik” icons turned into a bunch of intellectual prostitutes…!!??? God knows what happened to their artistic neutrality ?

I am sure you have the right to rubish every word I said, but I managed to draw one simple conclusion: You don’t have the courage to look yourself in the miror and accept critics, you still can’t make head or tale of it after 60 years of independance.


mr nabil
my parents always used to tell me not to worry about those who talk behind my back cause it only means im two steps ahead, so go ahead and do all the talking you want it wont make me or break me but watch out cause its still an obsession ;)
you have every right to your own opinion and i have every right to think its stupid.
a piece of advise though before u go on pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean….!!!!!


Helly all the dates and events in my last comment are historical facts, they are a clear evidence that Egyptians have a deficit in fighting spirit.

It’s quiet ungrateful to compare the 3000 Algerian Martyres who paid the ultimate price, to liberate Sinay, with a few miserable pounds that you collected for us. Our sources confirm that Algeria was paying for every bullet we took from you. never mind all that.

I would like to congratulate “Holywood the East” for the ingenious technic on which they are fabricating its evidence on video, you honestly deserve an Oscar, Especially Hussain Fahmi and Omar Sherif. Well done guys…..improve your skills.

Due to the fact that you run out of lies I know that your head of intelligence is trying to bribe the Sudaneese, but don’t worry Omar El-Bachir is an honest man & fears Allah, unlike you people who use religion just for matters of own convenience. Where will you go from Allah….?

God all mighty: don’t twist my words Helly, the poor in Egypt is just an other victim like you, we all know that wealth has always been unfairly distributed. Al-firaoun used to bully the people of ancient Egypt, now it was passed on to Al-Mubarak isn’t that great.!? Keep living in cou-cou land.

Her Majesty the Queen of England managed to rule the world from east to west & from north to south but never claim the Kingdom to be Um-Adunia. Egyptians are fighting over bread and they give themselves that tittle. do you see my point….?

And finally I would like to wish the UMMA a very Happy Eid. May God gives us guidance all.


in angola you will show us what? if your better in football or in voilence?!?
well if your talking about voilence you dont have to show us or the world anything we know your voilence long ago, did you people forget your famous player elakhdar balluomi who poked the eye of an eyptian doctor out in 1989 after you lost againset Egypt??? and lots of other incidents through the years it seems you people have a very short memory span and are only good at blaming others for your violent and barbarian behaviour.


mr ibrahim i have no time to waste replying to you and i dont care what you think you can believe whatever you want to believe, you people are attacking us and saying all those lies about Egypt and Egyptians so im only stating the facts for the people who read this and dont know what really happened the non Egyptians and the non algerians….!!!!
no algerian woman was ever stripped or harrased as you say all that nonsense is nothing but lies to support the plot directed by your president to make his brother president as simple as that.
and i can repeart whatever i want to where i live we have freedom of speech.


fifa is only investigating the bus attack
and sad that here will be a tale on this story
but not even one of your complaints are investigated which show’s you aren’t really beliefed ( sad isn’t it)
i am now leaving
to all algerians don’t let them comment only on this site but reveal your opinion

1,2,3 viva l’algerie


our papers have reported the attack
on our player’s or don’t you wan’t that
to be shown


who have stripped our women in egypt
it’s one of the …… things you can do
ou inchallah the ones who did go to hell

so don’t even mension proudness , because the only
thing you have is those pyramids ;)

i hope we meat again in angola so we show you again who is the best ( inchallah)


if you are so confidence
(i don’t know who made the movie) but he really
but effort to cut so mnay movies into that little
film which only shows the opposite and the people
(who are sudan ) are ( i can’t make anything else from it) actor’s and also the guy who talks

so do you find that insulting or not MR. sherif
and by-the-way you are repeating alot in the same comment :(
it’s just sad that you won’t let it go and i know if you hav won you won’t have done this all and
our people will congratulate you but you are
acting out of the limits and really pathetic
i’m really sorry for you guy’s but you aren’t going to the WC. (which we are going to) :)
you are staying home ( which we aren’t :)
the only thing i wanna say is
1,2,3 viva l’algerie


and Mrs. Ibrahim we are not the cowards here the real coward are the ones who attack defensless armless people including women and children for no reason, these are the real cowards….!!!!
really pathetic.


we dont care algerians believe us or not, you people are either in denial or ver good actors your media didnt insult Egypt wow, now im sure that your arabic is as poor as your english go read your elsherouk newspaper and by the way they are attacking Egypt even before the match, pathetic really Miss Ibrahim ;)


never mind they removed his insulting commment but im very happy he wrote that cause yes it only proves weakness, the need to attack only shows weakness, the strong doesnt need to insult cause they have confidence and are sure they are right plus yes we will never go that low we are much better than that.


and don’t say you won’t drop to a level
to insult me , because you do it on the INDERECT way
which is pathetoiic and only a cowerd will do


we algerianm people insult you
but our press and our authoreties chose to
do not so but looking and your countries media

you should be ashamed
we are mad on the way you have lied and made
us look like fools and we don’t accept that


i saw his face and knew derectly
that he wasn’t an algerian and i can swear that
on holy allah !!!!!!
but you can keep believing , because not even
a ant in our country would chose your side


i can answer you and i can insult you as well but i will not sink down to such a low standred, cause only the weak feels the need to insult and we are much stronger than that.


oh mr ibrahim your algerian seems to be very poor too u said they guy in the video is talking Egyptian then you better listen to it again there are few voices the algerians and the Egyptians brother…!!!!


Mr helly your president insulted us
in an inderect way as did his sons
our president only came out to congratulate our
player’s so you go out and do some research :)


and oh Mr. Nabil if you ppl had any brains or at least used your brains in more productive way you would have known that the only beneficials from this stupid criminal plot is your very own Mr. Boutaflika, his brother and co., cause now they are the new algerian heroes and that will ofcourse help said boutafilka to become president, so there is really no benefits for us from this, your gangsetor government is the only beneficer from this…..!!!!
and by the way every single Egyptian has chrisma and thats why you ppl envy us cause we have it and you dont so eat your hearts out cause you will never come close, whatever the race we come from none of your business as well, at least we have one we are not a race based on a tribe ;)


it’s really funny how i see the new movie
it are excally many movies and cut down to let only see where the egyptians are humiliated
like wehen our bus was attacked .
HOW CAN YOU make it in such a way that we have
insulted you ;)
you government authoroties have hired algerians
to teach you frensh :0 oooooohhh
egyptians insulted is with barbarians
and threathened us and killed us
burned our flag and attacked our ambassy without
any government police force helping us
(yes, but after some hours :0 shame )
the man talking in the movie wasn’t an algerian
he didn’t even speek algerians but egyptian arabic
your president lower’s him self in such a way that he speeks about the match , our president didn’t even appair on tv
you have called on way’s i can’t even say it here
otherwise my comment shall be denied
all the rumours that we have attacked egyptians in sudan is only to anger the egyptian fans and you guy’s have listened to it
we never have burned your flag
people in your country burned their one flag and represented them selfs as algerians
now you guy’s are in pain and even raw!!!!!
and we are celebrating and going to south africa
:) :) :) :) :) :) :-) :) :) :) :)
1,2,3 viva l’algerie


Mr. Nabil i really have nothing to say to you cause simply you people are extremely brainwashed, ignorant or simply sick and full of hate and envy and i really cant explain that.
i wont go on debating our history with cause i really have no idea where you get your information from but if it proves anything it only proves your ignorance, and if i keep debating with an ignorant person at the end i will look like one too, so goodluck to you with the comic books you read cause from the information you keep posting thats all your capable of reading.
you kept on mentioning versus from Quran but i see you chose to ignore the ones you dont like, God said that egyptians are “khiero agenad elard” you wanna say otherwise go ahead, thats between you and God then, but whats proven that niether algeria nor algerians where in there at any point.
so i really dont need to prove anything to you God said it to everyone and really no one can argue with God if u want to argue about who are the fierce fighters go ahead and argue but not with me, you will have to argue with God.
third Mr. Nabil the algerians helped us in 1973 yes its true and we didnt deny that but you did that cuase we helped you alot to free you country, even the poor Egyptians you are now making fun off used to donate 1 pound each to help algerians, Egypt was a very rich country but we lost lots of money helping other Arab countries Mr. Nabil if the comic books you read didnt say so then you should probably try reading proper history books, so what you guys did in 1973 was only to rapay Egypt for what it did to you.
fourth you really want names about the people Egypt gave birth too or will still do dear i told you befor i cant do that here the list is just endless you can mention it here cause thats it you have no one else the names you mentioned are all there is, but sorry Egypt’s is so long i cant write them here and i need few days to be able to do that.
fifth yes u did win the media game but for now only and if that proves anything it proves one thing that all this was really planned, the whole attack was planned befor hand, and you know what i cant blame my government for not expecting this because this is not government planning this is gangestor planning so im very proud that we didnt sink down to that level, and Nabil the truth always comes out thats a fundemental rule of time.
last but not least what Mubarak and his family have is non of your business its our business i dont see any Egyptian discussing algeria internal affairs, so why are you ppl discussing ours, go and check your president the present and the past, go look how much benbela’s family has and how are they living ;)and ofcourse look at the smaller ones below the president before discussing our president. and about poor people so what every country in the world has poor people its nothing to ba ashamed off really, what you should be really ashamed of is when a rich country like algeria leaves its people living in other countries working as taxi drivers, sales people and more, all very low job standards, why does a rich country leave its people living in such bad conditions abroad, most of them are the poor citizens in europe and especially france when in fact its a rich country?!? does that show anything else other than corruption.
P.S. my advice to you algerians if u guys stop thinking about OM ELDONYA and start concentrating about elkhadra shewaya maybe you can then fix your internal affiars instead of wasting you time discussing ours, spending your time in hate and envy wont change history and wont do you any good and will never make algeria om eldonya ;)
goodluck and eid mubarak.


Helly I highly appreciate your coments but it still doesn’t make you right. I’m going to be brief :
Napoleon landed in may 1798 near Alexandria without facing any resistance….and he was in fact forced to leave Egypt three years later by the “Mamalik” Othoman forces and the british. “not the Egyptian forces”

Afterwards came along the British in 1882 they used you to occupy Sudan then they willingly decided to leave Egypt in 1922 but you begged them to stay until 1952. “see how soft they were on you ?”

In 1956 khruchov came to save you, when he threatened to bomb London Paris and Telaviv if they don’t declare a sease fire.

Anyway you didn’t even have the courage to engage in any war against Israel without Arab assistance, we were there in 1967 and 1973, there were 3000 Algerian martyrs whilst Egyptian soldiers were inside their tanks listening to Um-kelthum… you call those fierce fighters. We also had to engage in the two wars against the germans.

Can Egypt give birth to Elamir Abdulkader, Fatima Sumer, Jamila Bouhired, Hassiba Benbouali, Larbi Benmhidi, Amirouche or Si-Alhawas….? the list is endless “rahimahum Allah” Egypt will never give birth to those awesome couragious martyres for a million years.

Do you know that nobody believes your stories anymore, the (BBC-Aljazeera-CNN) all declined to broadcast them, in addission to the International Press and the Sudaneese themselves, have you no dignity? That’s completely degrading to Egypt historic status in the world. At least Pharoa had a strong charisma unlike you people, upssss sorry he isn’t your ancester anyway, you derive from a different race.

There are strong signs that tells us about something major going on within their government, which is trying to use football as a smoke-screen. It’s definitely a cover up, Ali baba has created a “big storm in a tea cup”

“Al-Mubarak” own 4 billion worth of assets in America, Britain and Swiss banks. They don’t seem to be bothered by starving Egyptians, who cares…anyway?


watch this the whole story:


watch this:


Nabil get over yourself brother, what is that did u read that in a comic book ;) hehehehe
i can discuss your ignorance but i dont have time for and that would take me too long…!!!!
so again Nabil cause ovbiously u dont take time to read carefuly or maybe there is a language barrier, Egyptians fought the British as i said before, the French as in “elhamla elferanceya” bekeyadet Napoleon if that rings any bells and if you read proper history you will understand that we got rid of them much faster, took us less than 75 years so that shows who are the fierce fighters and since it seems that you are very religous then you shouldnt argue with that since thats what God said in Quran “khiero agenad elard” we didnt say that at ourselves like you are claiming on yourselves.
so we didnt give ourselves any credit God gave us that by mentioning Egypt in Quran many times.
and yes Masr om eldonya at least to us and we are not the center of anything and we dont care to be cause we dont need to prove anything to anyone our history speaks for itself unlike you people who have explaing all the time who when and where….!!!!
so your ignorance is very well clear to anyone who reads what your wrote, Egypt only fought the British, leaving out the french and the isrealies, brother we fought 5 wars in our recent history only not to mention the ones befor that cause it will take so long and this page wont be enough, will need pages and pages and pages.
IGNORANCE speaks for itself Mr. Nabil so try to find another country to compete with not om eldony, look for something your own age cause this is not a fair competition and you’ll definitly come out as loosers so please try to get Egypt out of your heads cause its turning into an obession ;)


Helly is an other symbol of Egyptian ignorance to north african civilisations, such as the Tassili civilisation which is 10.000 years old. Tamanraset today is an open air museum. Berbers is a Greek name for the non Greeks, everybody is a Berber including Egyptians. However north african tribes call themselves {Tamazigh=the free people}. In addision to your knowledge, once upon a time Lybian tribes suffered severe agressions from an Egyptian Pharao, They called for a rescue from their countreparts in Algeria, whom at the time organized an army & defeated Pharao in his own home. I’m sure they don’t teach the proper history, they just tend to fill you with hot air.

The French imperial encyclopedia admits that Algerian are fierce freedom fighters and France had spent 75 years at war with them, whilst the Egiptians led one single battle against British invasion and that was it.

Yes Algerians have all the right to reside in France and receive a heroic treatment, why shouldn’t they as they have paid the ultimate sacrifice against their will, they have been subjected to 17 nuclear tests between 1958/1962 in “Regaan” southern Algeria. above all their country was built with our men and our own resources…..!!??

The fact of the matter is according to the Holly Quran, it is Mecca which emerged from the water into existance first and should win the tittle of Um-Adunia doesn’t it…? But I haven’t heard the Saudis claiming to be at the centre of attention or the centre of world like the Egyptian do.


HAHAHAHAHA its funny to see all those algerians living the algerian dream, lol
they even have the courge to say our history speaks for it, and we r welcome to learn da lesson, hehehehehe i cant stop laughing seriously, what history guys 40-50 years ago thats not history, and learn from what u guys fighting the french to get out of your country then running after them to france to live with them, lol
ppl wake up history is 7000 years of real history, and in the last 100 years only we fought the french the british and the isrealies apart from the ones befor that and plus helping u in ur fight as well thats history now ur welcome to learn the lesson but first u should start reading history books ;)


Look at it


Dear Mr Murdock

The 1967 war scenario will never have a replay, my biggest worry for Israel is, if it gets confronted by invisible Hezbullah warriors on more than one front. I wish you more than just luck……!!!?? if not the beginning of the end….. :(

Yours sincerly.


“you might wonder why the people of those countries don’t do the same to remove their dictators or gain more rights. Is it fear? Is it lack of hope? I don’t really have an answer” Talk about yourself Egyptian, because us Algerians we are good at getting our rights and at not giving up to dictatorship..Our history speaks of it…You are welcome to take lessons from it :)


And Now You Know The Reason Why The Arabs Lost The ’67 War!


Your article is a really disturbing one… It is clear that you are looking at the facts from the egyptien side only. It is the egyptiens who stoned the Algerien players.
We could see the three Algerian players playing with bandages in Cairo and no egyptian has recognized those facts.
You lost an important game and you should leave it at that.
The Sudanese government claimed that there were no incidents in Soudan after the match, the egyptian embassy in Sudan did not report any serious injuries…
Egyptians, stop crying and lying… Itis just a soccer game and your team lost.. Get over it!


Um al dunia cannot even feed itself. Please grow up and deal maturely with the matter. Algeria won and it is not the end of the world for Um al Dunia, she has all the dunia for itself. Lets be proud to be muslim first and avoid to spread this malicious fitna led by the egyptian media.


Good story. You know, they need to drop soccer and take up USA football. This will alow eoungh violence on the field, that the fans will be satisfied without having to continue the contest after the game.


I wonder why the Egyptian government & Artists seemed to be so quiet and polite in their comments when Israeli’s F16 & F18 were bomb carpeting the civilian city of Ghaza? and the on going embargo on it. However they demonstrate Pharos’ massive disproportionate “Jahilia anger” for their loss in a soccer game against Algerians. Sorry I forgot Israel has bought their silence for 3 million dollars…..!!!???
Egypt is the only nation that have a history of falling in love with their leaders to the point of worship, pharao was the god worthy of worship and so is Mubarak today. Those who love Pharao will be welcomed in “jahanam” with him.
By the way if it was the case that all the knives of Khatum were purchased before the match, how come the Egyptians haven’t suffered a single fatality or injury, “Hatu Burhanakum In Kuntum Sadikin” it’s nothing but empty allegations, Shame on Ali baba & his corrupt media…… get yourself a life & solve your social pollitical mess instead of using the innocent Algerians for a skape goat. Egypt is falling behind the biggest nations politically and economically such as Turkey & Iran, the disconfort is visible from the Egyption side, the same challenge story is felt when they are faced by Syrian & Turkish art work “films” on Arab satellite chanels. No wonder why their superiority complex erupted like a volcano in khartum, I have even heard some officials calling to invade Algeria militaraly…..What a joke just for a match of football. “Aldjazair wa ma adraka ma Aldjazair”


We should not listen to only hunderds of eygptians and algirians fans to concider them as representatives of their countries, as arabs never take care of football match, and their people has something more important then just a match.


she has 80 million men mr barbarian.


Masr om eldonya…… what a shame. Who’s her MAN?


Thanks Fred:

11/21/2009 :: 10:19:31 PM
fred Says:

Egyptians, or maybe the media only, are very arrogant, refuse to accept the loss, they deserve what they got in sudan because they started the violence, Berbers are iconics and pioneers in islamic civilizations “Tarek ibn Ziad”, i am arabic, for the egyptians that say they are civilized i say you are not because you fail to understand its a game and cannot give credit to your opponent, egyptians got slapped in the face, and every arab wanted to see that after the buss incident….and for those who say “masr um aldonia” get over your ego u are not…the writer is Egyptian so he/she is baised saying “allegdly the algerian bus was attacked…” GO GO Algeria


Masr om eldonya and will always be Mr fred go get an arabic name first, its not about a football match cause Egypt doesnt need a world cup to prove to the world it exists we have so much more than that and we are proud of our national team and for us they won they didnt loose but a Algeria does need the world cup to prove to the world that you exist that you can do somthing else other than just being french followers so congratulations. what happened in sudan is not a lie cause it happens in every match that takes place in algeria thats way the last 120 matches took place in algeria without people attending, u people kill each other all the time so its not surprising that you would kill Egyptians, but your bus incident is a big fat lie and the truth always comes out. algerian hate and envy for Egyptians is the biggest proof that we are better than them, there is no comparison between Egypt and algeria and the history of Egypt will never be deletd no matter what those barbarians do and we will never sink to thier level and non of the 85 million Egyptians really care about the match people are rioting for what those barbarians did in sudan and how they are attacking innocent Egyptians living in algeria, and since these french slaves attack us,Egypt and Egyptians helped free thier country and in return they savagely attack us, but speak french live in france and totally want to become french even though french allegedly killed one million of their people (what a contradiction) all what we are asking for is we dont need any unity with such barbrians and we want nothing to do with you people so go find something else to do and someone else to hate and envy and leave us alone and get Egypt out of your empty heads cause u ppl will never come close so stop wasting your time “elkebir kebir”, eat your hearts out, long live Egypt.


Much have been said and, still, is being said and done about this. I wish I had the power to reveal the truth, I don’t. But truth here seems to be irrelevant anyway so why bother. Yes Algeria is in world cup, congrats.
I share the blogger’s concern about the deeply and, yet, deepening animosities between the two nations.
I will leave this discussion with stating my pride of the Egyptian national team and all it’s members for their outstanding effort, high morals, and superior talents. You might have lost a game and a qualification, but you are not beaten. You are not broken. Much respect!!


Egyptians, or maybe the media only, are very arrogant, refuse to accept the loss, they deserve what they got in sudan because they started the violence, Berbers are iconics and pioneers in islamic civilizations “Tarek ibn Ziad”, i am arabic, for the egyptians that say they are civilized i say you are not because you fail to understand its a game and cannot give credit to your opponent, egyptians got slapped in the face, and every arab wanted to see that after the buss incident….and for those who say “masr um aldonia” get over your ego u are not…the writer is Egyptian so he/she is baised saying “allegdly the algerian bus was attacked…” GO GO Algeria


The Algerian soccer player team have submited documented evidence “footage” to FIFA about the brutal attack on them in Cairo. Despite the Sudaneese minister declaration about the non existance of nether fatalities nor serious injuries, the Egyptian authorities couldn’t stop changing their version of events, they first claimed to have suffered 9 fatalities, no long after the figure was reduced to 21 injuries, at last the figure was minimised to 3 light injuries or less when they were asked to produce pieces of evidence. The Egyptian government & their artistic entourage have lost their credibility. Shame on you Mr Mubarak clairly “the set up coup” against Algerians by your secret services in Sudan, must have gone completely wrong. I rest my case.


they are very bad people,they hate egypt,because we the best and egyptian people are very kindly,we shouldn’t forgive them any more they are not kids,so we have to bunished them.


Berber pharoes..who cares..buttom Line this was just a soccer game .. what a worthless life fo ppl have to hold a knife and threaten innocent ppl cuz of a ball. Its pathetic and no wonder arabs will never unite as long as a ball game controles their behaviours.

I am egyptian and proud, but whether egypt or algeria were wrong or right.. this game shows that our countries have serious control propblems.In egypt ppl made fun of the algerians as they were leaving.. and in sudan algerians hunted egyptians down like we were in a war zone.


The Egyptian fans did in fact carry out violent attacks on the visiting Algerian players, leaving them bloodied, and the FIFA should have immediately postponed the match and moved it to a neutral venue. Failure to take that action constitutes an alarming and sickening abdication of responsibility by FIFA.

No visiting team should be expected to play after it has been subjected to violent attack or threat of violent attack by fans of the home team. The visiting players are unable to give their best effort under these conditions because violence and threats of violence impair their physical and mental capabilities. Violence and threats of violence against the visiting team thus destroy the competitive integrity of the match. An order moving the match to a neutral venue is essential restore competitive integrity to the match.

Furthermore, an order moving the match to a neutral venue is essential to demonstrate that FIFA will not tolerate such violence and threats of violence. Warnings and after-the-fact fines and other sanctions are empty gestures which accomplish nothing. Had FIFA taken the proper action in this case, those fans who use violence to intimidate visiting teams, whether in Egypt or anywhere else, would certainly take heed that all they thereby accomplish is a change in match venue that will harm their own team’s chances.

But, as usual, FIFA lacks the moral courage to give meaningful force to the principles of fair play.


All this started , as mentioned above , with the attacks by egyptian hooligans on the bus carrying the algerian soccer team, and the attacks after the match by egyptians fans . It is a shame in a country used to organize high security conferences without any difficulty. The algerian fans ( only some thounsands) were severely injured. There is no comparaison between what happened in Cairo ( small number of fans, members of the national soccer team were injured on arrival , and so on) and the conditions prevailing in khartoum : same number of fans, high security conditions , separate delegations, and high security conditions . No injuries . You can guess by yourself. The egyptian reaction is astonishing. Are they seeking something else or trying to conceal their role in the worsening relations between the two countries ? Whatever the case , what happened in Cairo is unacceptable. It is a very serious precedent which could affect the future of football if FIFA does not take appropriate decisions.


Egyptians Do not want to accept the fact that they lost the game, and that Algeria won and is going to the Wrold Cup in South Africa.
These recent events only show the egyptian natural arrogance, in addition to their hatred for algerians….
There is only one truth in the whole story
Algeria is going to South Africa, and ?Egypt will watch on TV (the ones who can afford one).
A Bereber,A Muslim, An Algerian


It is a sad story. Both governments failed and failed their people. Government of Egypt was supposed to condemn the attack of the Algerian team. The attack is the work of criminels not the people of egypt. Instead, the government let the media redicul the Algerian team and proclam they did to thenselves. The Algerian government should condemn the violence in Sudan. The algerian people did not attack the egyptian supporters. Those who attacked the egyptian are criminels and should be punished.
Both governments used this match to hide their failure to take care of their people. They used this match to diverge their people from the real problems. Those problems are: no democracy, no freedom, correption, poverty, joblessness, bad education,


[…] Hoda Osman, a special correspondent for Worldfocus and an Egyptian-American, writes about the diplomatic crisis that followed a World Cup match between Egypt and Algeria on Saturday. She explains the intense emotions surrounding the sport and how the …Read Original Story: Soccer game fractures relations between Algeria, Egypt – Worldfocus […]


Before the qualifier begin Egyptian Football Association reached out for the Algerians by turning out a court decree in absentia against the Algerian Lakhdar Beloumi who was accused of stabbing an Egyptian physician in the eye after losing the qualifiying game in 1989, the physician agreed to reconcile and it all went went. But the war all started by the Algerian media, after the July game in Blida, where the Algerians won their game against Egypt 3-1. The Egyptian media focused its criticism on the National Squad of Egypt and it’s coach, nothing was written against Algeria, they even neglected the fact that five players and two of the member of the staff of the Egyptian National team got food poisoning in Algeria including head coach Hassan Shehata, they didn’t mention the abuses made by Algerian fans at the Stadium, or in front of the hotel of the Egyptian players, nothing was said. But then the Algerian media bombarded us with headlines such as “The Desert Foxes defeated the Gazans oppressors”, “The Wrath of Allah falls again on the Pharaoh decedents” Algerian journalists dedicated series of articles on how Allah granted victory to real Muslims (Algerians) against traitors Masrael (a word play on Egypt+Israel). Photos of Egypt Head Coach Hassan Shehata wearing a wedding gown and married to Algerian Head coach Saadane was on All national Algerian newspapers front pages. The Algerian media continued with abuse during Continental Cup when Egypt lost 3-0 to the USA, claiming Mubarak gave orders to the team to lose in order to solidify his relationship with Obama!!! The Algerians reached their peak of abuse after an Egyptian talk show host decided to talk back and said “I wish to God that Algerian go home sad”, the Algerian media retaliated with the worst of words against all Egyptian, calling Egypt a nation of belly-dancers, traitors and Israeli watchdogs. Then the feud reached boiling points between the nations media and between the nations youth over the net! Till the 14th of November, when a bunch of Egyptian hooligans broke through a tight security barricades surrounding the Algerian team bus and throw flares at the bus. The Algerian players reacted by breaking the glasses of the bus and only two players were self-injured… it was all documented by videos shot by trespassers and photos clearly showing the bus glass is broken on the opposite as if someone from inside broke it. The Algerian media amplified the incident as if the Egyptian fans threw nukes at the bus and called for retaliation after their team lost 2-0 in Cairo. During the Cairo game videos shows Algerian fans provoking Egyptian fan by giving them fingers and cursing which resulted in small clashes outside the stadium with few fans from both sides are injured. The Algerian Media the next morning showed photos of caskets of 13 coffins said they were of Algerians fans killed in Cairo, a rumor their Ambassador denied. But they repeated the rumors of death again until Algerians attacked and ransacked Egyptian Businesses all around Algeria especially the shops of the biggest mobile operator their Orascom Telecom at the attack on Egyptian employees is still going on till this day. The Play-off game in Sudan witnessed Algerian “fans” arriving on DC -130 Algerian Airforce planes, buying swords and knives from shops in Khartoum… Egyptian team bus was stoned in retaliation, after Algerians won the game they spread in the Sudanese streets attacking everything Egyptian even Sudanese fans carrying Egyptian flags with knives, stones, numbers of Egyptian fans seriously injured including artists, singers, politicians who came in support of the Egyptian team. Fans buses were destroyed. Egyptian fleed to the Khartoum airport but Algerians followed there until the Sudanese guards reacted against them. It was an obvious organized attack against the Egyptian fans by the Algerian government! The Sudanese events documented by photos, videos including a video confession by an Algerian assailant you can contact me for these material if you want.


am a british citizen and i went to egypt several times diversity is the idea of egypt alot of cultures never battled together but blended in unusual magical way that made the egyptian a unique wonderful blend of their old civilization and new one , i loved that countrey so much and the a american that said brutal and violent egyptian can tell us the rate of crime at his countrey ,that almost destroyed the world with its foreign approach to the world,egyptian are great people and wonderfull hosts and a lack of money they are in doest make them bad ,they have good minds and great scientist in every area even in the usa they use them like ahmed zoweel,the nobel prize winner and algeria is not the one that should won the qualification,they didi by knives in a world that approve that by his called fifa


The Egyptian civilisation is 5000 years old, the Tassili civilisation is 10.000 years old, so the Touareg from southern Algeria were the pharaos ancesters. If you can’t beat the Algerians then join them. My message to the Egyptian artists & media please don’t be childish and keep crying over it. Remember Algerians were there in 1967 & 1973 wars. This is just a game don’t get over-excited…I dare you to get authority over Senay.


The Egyptians call themselves a big and old civilization, what I know from them is that they have a dirty country go and see CAIRO, it is a real trash, they have more than 60% of people without any education and poor. As an US citizen when I went there I was surprised to see that. The people there are very brutal with each other I don’t see any civilization. When they say they were the victims it’s clearly a fabricated story.
Can you imagine Algerian players causing injuries like that to themselves? doesn’t make any sense to me.I also went to ALgeria it is one of the most beautiful country I ever seen, the people there are very nice I think Egyptians are just not accepting that Algeria is the real country with civilization the Egyptians are the Arabs trash.


We need to live loving as religious Muslims, shouldn’t we forget the past, perhaps we would be able to live like human beings for once, forgive our neighbors don’t repeat the past.

Respect others and play the game to the best of your ability and not for personal or political reasons. We should change the past and live loving with others no matter the religion, race, sex or indifference we have with each other. Embrace life to the fullest, tomorrow is not promised to us, we don’t need enemies but peace in the world today. Let’s make this place we call earth, a better place for you and for your generations to come. Life is too beautiful to argue over the small stuff, its just emotions don’t let is get the better of you.


this absolutely a whole lie…….nobody attacked algerians in egypt read the following topics to know what algerian spectatots are


i’m happy because algeria won; best luck in the world cup; let’s now turn the page and look at our real problems in iraq and palestine


what happened was that the best won; the algerian lions of desert won because they merit. algeria goes to play with the strong teams in the world competition while egypt remains to play with the children and to compete for just the african cup. take easy; it’s just a game. egypt doesn’t deserve for its arrogance and for the sionism of its media


egyptian craze grandeur


It’s not true that Algerian Players were injured in Egypt. On the contrary, the Algerian team attacked their egyptian bus driver and destroyed the bus windows from the inside. Later they put red colour on their faces to blame the Egyptians and played with bandages to look like victims. Search: “Algerian Bus Scandal” on youtube to see the proof. Egypt was a peaceful host of the African Nations Cup has never witnessed such a insulting behaviour before.

In Khartoum Egyptian fans (women, children, men) where attackt by Algerians with knives and stones, although they won the match. The Algerian government sent only young men with weapons in military planes to Sudan, to support their team.

This is why Egyptians are demonstrating in Cairo. They want justice for this disrespect, violence, and barbarian behaviour.

Never before in history has a team and their fans insulted football and “fair play” in such a shocking way.


You omitted to highlight what started this. It was the Egyptian security that allowed the Egyptian hooligans to attack the bus that carried the Algerian players with stones and bricks…Foru players were seriously hurt. Egyptian forces also allowed the Egyptian fans to attack Algerian fans in Cairo, scores of whom were hurt. FIFA, the independent soccer federation, s preparing to sanction the Egyptian federation. Please note that the Algerians welcome the Egyptian team with flowers back in the first game in Algiers.


Berber? Barbarian is more like it. We are not Arab either. We Egyptian and we are proud of it. We have been Egyptian since long before any human being ever set foot in Algeria, not that it has any human beings now.


Arab unity?? Algerians are not Arab , we speak Arabic, YES, but that does not make us Arabs. WE are proud MUSLIM AND BERBERS, NOT ARABS !!!!!!

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