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November 19, 2009
In Hamas-Fatah struggle, Barghouti embraces “third way”

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a Palestinian physician, born in Jerusalem and living in the West Bank city of Ramallah. He came in second behind Mahmoud Abbas in the 2005 Palestinian presidential election.

Currently, Barghouti is the Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, a political party that was formed in 2002 with Edward Said, Dr. Haidar Abdel-Shafi and Ibrahim Dakkak. The Initiative (al-Mubadara in Arabic) calls for nonviolent resistance against the Israel occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Worldfocus producer Mohammad al-Kassim recently interviewed Barghouti in New York. The rising Palestinian politician talks openly about the difficulties facing the Middle East process, infighting among Palestinians and the Obama administration. Despite all the obstacles, Barghouti feels surprisingly positive about the future.

Also, listen to Barghouti on Worldfocus Radio: Jerusalem United or Divided?

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[…] Worldfocus producer Mohammad al-Kassim recently interviewed Barghouti in New York. The rising Palestinian politician talks openly about the difficulties facing the Middle East process, infighting among Palestinians and the Obama administration. Despite all the obstacles, Barghouti feels surprisingly positive about the future. […]


we may need a priviate celebration of our own first.


Dr. Barghouti is a man of principle and astute clarity. To have endured the suffering that his people have been subjected to, from expulsion in 1948 and subjugation since, and still advocate a tolerant and inclusive solution through non-violent means takes real courage.

Meanwhile, there are those Israeli Jews who recognise that their historical persecution and near annihalation still does not mitigate their state’s current belligerence. With sustained political and moral pressure from the international community that realism can only gather strength.

I truely believe that humanity’s salvation will only commence when compassion and forgiveness prevail. In that we all have our part to play.


Thank you Dr Barghouti – it is great to see politics based on enduring values. The Land of Israel – which denies the Arab subjects in West Bank the citizenship rights that they deserve in the Land of Israel on the basis of 19th century racist ideas – is a road to hell. But justice always wins in the end, and you are a great spokesman for justice and one day any Palestinian child in Hebron, East Jerusalem, Ramallah or Bethlehem will have equal rights with their next door neighbour settlers who have full rights on the basis of nothing more than the accident of their race.


Over Simplifying
There has been or at any time a Palestinian Country , the Arabs who chose the name Palestinians did so in only 1968. These Arabs were offered a country in the 2 state solution in 1948 , again in 2000 which their leadership continually refuses. There has been a removal of many Westbank road blocks , some 100 has already done so . Even inside the State of Israel, Israelis had to establish check points everywhere, if you have ever been to Israel there are they check you when you enter a grocery market, shopping stores and etc.
Where do these Arab Palestinians want to go ?, into Israel to find work. Their government refuses for the most part and provides far too little for the Arab Palestinians.
Israel just donated to Abbas government land so desalination for fresh water can be built for the Arab Palestinians. He refuses to do so.
The US and the International Community has given billions of dollars to the Arab Palestinians leadership and it just gets lost in a blackhole, there is little to nothing to show for it.
Why Checkpoints ?, currently the Arab Palestinian government is threatening war with Israel. Hamas is offering a 1.2 million dollar reward for the capture of any IDF soldier.
Moreover the deeper issue is about the Mid-East and how the poor Arab Palestinians have been used as cannon fodder by their leadership. In 1970 the late Yasser Arafat went to war against his host nation Jordan lasting over 2 years killing thousands, forcing the Arab Palestinians to flee to Lebanon. Then again 1991 , Kuwait that gave home to some 200,000 Arab Palestinians, the late Yasser Arafat and his forces went to war against Kuwait with Saddam Hussein. Yes and they did fight against US Troops. In the end these 200,000 Arab Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait .
We have forgotten there has been an entire shift in populations in the Mid-East Africa with the creation of Israel, almost a million Jewish people had to flee many to Israel because of hostility and genocidal practices by Arab/Moslem nations. Under the late Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein, he removed
( murdered ?) the ½ million Jewish Iraqis living there. Even today Jewish communities are being targeted and Jewish people are being rescued in many parts and brought to Israel. But the ever increasing problem as pointed out in a recent publication of National Geographic, is the persecution and killing of Arab Christians to, why ?.

The harsh reality is there are many Moslem –Arab Countries that could take in relocate the Arab Palestinians, but there is one country and one country only in the Mid-East that will take in Jewish people and that is Israel.
Lets really do something for the Arab Palestinians, lets help them get better leadership, lets really help them to have homes and schools , not be just cannon fodder.


It is my sincere hope that we will one day see two states living side by side. My fear is that if Israel and the Palestinians cannot override their extrmeist, alot of lives will be made meaningless. I fear an apartheid solution and what this will mean to Israel. I am a fervent supporter of a two state solution. A continuance of occupation will only result in Israel’s own destruction. Dr Barghouti is a beacon of light in what has sadly become a reality of desperation, frustration, and hopelessnesss to many. My hope is that Dr Barghouti’s sanity is met with equal insight on the part of ruling Israeli politicians.
May peace yet come in our lifetime.


Barghouti misses the key understanding in any non-violent movement – the other party will be constrained by fundamental principles. Look at the countries where non-violence can never succeed (Cuba, Chechnya, Kosovo, Venezuela, Xinjiang – just a random few where despite our pontifications the challenges remain) and you will understand that Queen Victoria – Jalalabagh notwithstanding – and Johnson (what a heavy price he paid – history has never given him the credit) played by the rules that enabled the non-violence movement to gain tempered success. Might is right is the only law that explains the current predicament of the Palestinians.


Give it as much exposure as possible. Barghouti deserves awards of all sorts.

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