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November 19, 2009
Full Show: November 19, 2009

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iam an indian christian living in u s. the world should read ‘faisal weizman agreement’ which says no more land will be demanded by the arabs other than the present israel. which is only 1/500 of the middle east. and when they relinguish west bank and gaza it will be 1/750 of the total middle east.will there be peace even after that .why some of the palastinians in jerusalem want israeli citizenship why they do not want go to palastine proper.according to balfore declaration jews were promised israel and jordan.Britons love for oil divided that “israel”and gave jordan to palastinians .i woild always call jordan east palastine and israel west palastine and the problem is many of the present day so called palastinians are posterity of palstinians lived in present day israel in 1880.Are not most of them workers from egypt “east palastine”and syria. in that case indians can demand a state in UAE.if the walls were not how many israelis would have died.Do u know 3000 labanese christians women became pregnant in PLO rape in the 80’s

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