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November 18, 2009
‘Political awakening’ for indigenous groups in Latin America

Activism by indigenous groups in Latin America is on the rise. In addition to environmental issues, they also have concerns about access to education and job discrimination. Christopher Sabatini, the senior director of policy at the Council of the Americas joins Daljit Dhaliwal.

Sabatini discusses how globalization, democracy and the search for natural resources are contributing to the increase in indigenous political movements. He also explains who is being effected and how activism is impacting countries across the region.

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Chevron should not be allowed to escape responsibility for oil contamination in the
Ecuador rain forest. It would cost very little
to provide fresh water and medical care to the indigenous people whose water is contaminated and whose health is affected. Relocation may be required as clean-up is going to take a long time. Chevron should not wait for a legal settlement to do the right thing.

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