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November 18, 2009
Afghan minister of mines embroiled in corruption scandal

U.S. soldiers training Afghan military and police. Photo: Flickr user USAarmy

In a reminder of just how bad the problem of corruption is in Afghanistan, today’s Washington Post quotes an American official as saying that the Afghan minister of mines accepted a $30 million bribe to award its largest mining project to a Chinese firm.

According to the report, the minister received payment in exchange for awarding the Chinese company the rights to one of the world’s largest reserves of copper. The minister is now also reviewing offers for an iron ore project, and the Chinese bidder is said to be the front runner.

Should the United States continue to give aid if Afghanistan doesn’t clean up corruption?




The corrupt US telling people in Afghanistan not to steal or be corrupt. Haa! What happened to the $12 billion in Iraq? How can I get in on the party? Cheney found a way, why not me? Business is business, no? Liars and cheats win.


Excuse my stupid question,…but why our we fighting a war with Afghanistan,when Pakistan Russia,and China aone could/should be dealing with it,period…it’s in their backyard. Let’s see… America gets loans from China to fight China’s war,and gives the Chinese loaned money away to Afghanistan ,then gives the bill to the american people in increased taxes. Is there something wrong with my logic,…? No we should tell the idiots running the United States to get back where you belong…fool me once,..fool me?


my answer is no
because there is no way you can help them for this and wait for success that you didn’t did it.


No!! There will never be a democracy in Afganistan. Too much corruption and the area has been ruled by tribal leaders for a very long time, as well as the rest of the middle east. To try to force democracy in the region is absurd. We’re wasting good money and the lives of good men and women for nothing. We need to lobby our leaders, including the UN and NATO to pull out and let the middle east deal with themselves by themselves. By us being there, we dilute the issue, which is among them, not us. When we pull out, they will be forced to deal with their own internal issues and come to a conclusion. We need to pressure leaders to pull out before more blood is shed.


I believe the U.S. government is well aware of how corrupted Afghanistan is. This is nothing novel. The question is whether it is in our best interest to pursue an end to Terrorism first and foremost in the region. Thereafter, if the U.S. succeeds with that campaign than the Obama administration can address the unbridled political corruption in the Afghan government.


In short, No.
I can’t believe the amount of money that is being thrown into a hole over there… the ‘Graveyard of Empires.’ America should get out of the Middle East period… that’s why they hate us… and I’d hate us too if I were them. There is no easy solution to this I realize, but throwing money at it without any real plan is just plain crazy.

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