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November 13, 2009
Japan’s new assertive leader meets with President Obama

President Barack Obama arrived in Japan today to meet with Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to discuss the issue of military bases in Japan.

Susumu Awanohara, an expert on U.S.-Japan relations with Medley Global Advisors, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the challenges Japan’s new leadership faces and the evolving relationship between Japan and the U.S.

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Yea, we should get out of Japan and Germany and anywhere else outside of the US where we have troops, including Afganstian. The US goes around the whole world supposedly promoting democracy for every nation, yet we have military personnel and tanks and guns and bombs in many countries around the globe. Why? If we’re all about peace, then why do we have military everywhere. We cause the hatred of the US ourselves by sticking our nose in everyone’s business. We have plenty of troubles at home to deal with. Get our troops home and deal with domestic issues. Then when we’ve solved all of our problems, we can help other nations. By then, they will have solved their problems too and they didn’t need us afterall. In psychiatry, if one looks “outside” oneself all the time blaming “others” for its woes, it’s an easy out than to deal with oneself to begin with. And here’s the thing, everyone knows we blame others for our own wrongdoings. US out of all countries where we have miltary and go home.


I agree with Michael. It is about time!


We should get out of Okinawa and Germany before we wear out our welcome.

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