November 10, 2009
Violence and venom force gay Jamaicans to hide

In Jamaica, anti-sodomy laws are still punishable for up to 12 years in prison. And society is not ready to tolerate openly gay lifestyles.

Correspondent Lisa Biagiotti, producer Micah Fink and director of photography Gabrielle Weiss report on the dark side of Jamaica’s anti-gay violence and attitudes and explore the ideological beliefs that perpetuate a culture of homophobia.

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The “normalization” of the violence against sexual minorities under the guise of “godless spirit of the age” or “don’t try to impose…” or “…one more thing being imposed on us by the imperialist west” is pathetic and simply evidences just how disconnected some of us really are from the God we claim to serve!


Terrible how the gay people are victimized, especially from a country that is “one love”. It seems that some of the people writing hate here are actually “self hating” closet gays.


While Jamaica may have it’s problems, your piece implies that it is the only country with this problem! The other one profiled happened to be one of a country in Africa. Let’s not make this appear to be a racial issue but a human rights issue!


Jamaicans just don’t seem to understand, you cannot have justice or a calm society as long as you persecute a segment of your population. Your ignorance as a nation is deplorable.


The godless spirit of the age,secular humanism, fosters tolerance for homosexuality, radical environmentalism (nature worship), socialism, and one world government. The term “homophobia” is a misnomer. Upholding Biblical standards of moral decency is not an emotional disorder or illness.


As Jamaican, I don’t know of any direct violence against gays in Jamaica.
Ninety-nine percent of the violence against gays are self inflicted, that is to say, they commit violence against each other, as this latest story will show.


It is not just gays that suffer violence in Jamaica. The murder rate is extremely high in general. One thing not mentioned in the piece: Jamaicans see the new tolerance for gay behavior as one more thing being imposed on us by the imperialist west. The more we are told we “must” endorse this behavior, the more the violence escalates. When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s there, you never saw this level of violence against gays.


Thats so sad, I hope Jamaican culture can become one of acceptance and support. I wish all my LGBTH brothers and sisters peace and healing.


Maybe being gay has clogged your ears pkmman, because Smith didn’t say that they get what’s coming to them. So ill write what I agree with so you can understand it, “because your behavioral pattern is in breach of all decency, guess what, keep yourself to yourself.” “do not try to impose your filth on others.” and by the way what the hell does that last sentence mean “not one cent…”


pkmman you are just trying to spread your gay agenda. You want everyone to accept you and it will not happen. You will just keep pissing off Jamaicans and more GAYS will pay for it.


Smith is a bigot, and you are too, BobDole101.


So, BobDole101, it’s ‘valid’ when Smith claims that when homosexuals act like “that”, they get what’s coming to them. That’s a tacit EXCUSE for allowing a culture of physical violence to the point of murder. This is real persectution, folks! Not one cent for anything from Jamaica until this is brought to an end.


I agree with Smith. all his points were valid

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