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November 6, 2009
Worldfocus Extended Coverage Pages

Explore our extended coverage pages on key international issues and themes:

TURKEY BETWEEN EAST AND WEST Worldfocus reports on the evolution of modern Turkish identity, which has experienced a tug of war between traditional religion and modern democracy. We examine how the country has struggled to carve out a place for historical minorities, including Kurds, Armenians and Greeks. We also follow female athletes who are pioneering places in the traditionally male-dominated sports of soccer and weightlifting.

ENERGY ALTERNATIVES As nations scramble to shore up energy resources and avoid geopolitical conflict over increasingly scarce fossil fuels, scientists and entrepreneurs in many innovative nations are pioneering energy-efficient solutions. Worldfocus examines how countries such as China, Denmark, Brazil and Israel are investing in alternative energy and developing technologies that lessen our dependence on oil.

ETHIOPIA PAST AND PRESENT Worldfocus reports on Ethiopia’s people, religions and the cultural relics that dot their vast and varied country. In the northern highlands, we find a remote way of life that is virtually frozen in time. In the birthplace of coffee, disgruntled and disorganized farmers decide to abandon the coffee crop to plant corn and khat. In the Ogaden region bordering Somalia, a violent, separatist conflict has claimed thousands of lives over the last 15 years.
THE POLITICS OF POP CULTURE All over the world, people connect to one another through the culture they share. Movies, music and television entertain and provoke — but they also reflect how a society views itself. Worldfocus travels to Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and Jordan for a look at how film, literature and music intersect with politics.

BEHIND THE KOREAN CURTAIN North Korea has made the news frequently during the past year, first with missile tests and then with a charm offensive. In our Inside the Hermit Kingdom six-part multimedia series, Worldfocus travels to North Korea to explore the geopolitics of a Communist regime that exercises near total control over its population of 23 million.
STATELESS TO STATEHOOD There are more than 200 sovereign states that govern the 6.7 billion people in the world. But large groups of people have fallen through the cracks of international law and lack many of the benefits of belonging to a nation-state. Our Stateless to Statehood project explores the relationship between individuals, ethnic groups and states — from the 12 million people without any citizenship to the tens of millions yearning to form entirely new nations.

WOMEN IN ISLAM Muslims make up a quarter of the world’s population — with more than a billion followers. Worldfocus explores how hundreds of millions of Muslim women are navigating changing norms of culture, society and law within the context of their faith. Our producers and correspondents report on this issue from Iran, Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.
THE NEW LEBANON For decades, this country of 4 million on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea was simultaneously occupied by both of its more powerful neighbors — Syria and Israel. Israel withdrew from the south in 2000, and then Syria pulled out two years later. Old insecurities linger, but there is vibrancy on the streets of Beirut with new restaurants, businesses and stores opening daily.
ON THE GROUND IN BOLIVIA Worldfocus travels to the crisp quiet of Bolivia’s crystalline salt flats. In this series we explore how Bolivia, a South American nation with nine million inhabitants is protecting its lithium extraction rights and how foreign companies are vying for this natural resource. We also look at how the war on drugs now threatens age-old Bolivian customs.
IMMIGRATION Immigration in the U.S. continues to be a point of contention, but the U.S. is not alone in dealing with issues swirling around the movement of people from one country to another. Worldfocus reporters travel across Italy, France, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico and Israel to examine how contemporary immigration issues are playing out around the world.
CUBA AFTER FIDEL With Barack Obama and Raúl Castro now in charge, change is openly talked about on Cuba’s street corners — from young people testing the limits of protest to the government forging new economic partnerships around the globe. Worldfocus travels to Cuba to determine where U.S.-Cuban relations might be headed and explores the impact of the change in Cuba’s leadership.
HEALTH OF NATIONS Worldwide, 200 million children under the age of five are deprived of basic health care. In the United States, more than 40 million people lack health insurance. As the U.S. wrestles with its own health care system, Worldfocus explores success stories — and cautionary tales — of different health systems around the world.
CRISIS IN CONGO The decade-long war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the deadliest conflict since WWII, causing the deaths of more than 5 million people. The “Crisis in Congo” videos on rape and refugees produced by Marc Rosenwasser, Michael J. Kavanagh, Taylor Krauss and Lisa Biagiotti won the 2009 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award in the international television category. They were also nominated for a national news Emmy award.
MEXICO’S DRUG WAR During the last year, more than 6,000 people have been murdered as a result of Mexico’s escalating drug violence. Drug violence is particularly acute in U.S.-Mexican border cities like Ciudad Juarez. Worldfocus correspondents and producers travel to Tijuana to report on the drug-related murders, kidnappings and corruption.
WAR IN AFGHANISTAN The U.S. is shifting its military focus from Iraq to Afghanistan, where a coalition of international forces seeks to stabilize the territory and combat terrorism. U.S. President Barack Obama has also ordered an additional 17,000 troops to carry out the mission in Afghanistan. Worldfocus continues to explore this troubled region with special emphasis on the role played by U.S. allies across the globe.
LIBERIA’S LONG ROAD BACK Settled by freed American slaves, the small West African country of Liberia has long and deep ties to the U.S. The country is even referred to as “America’s stepchild.” As Liberia’s first female president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf steers the country, Worldfocus takes a stock of the country’s progress and challenge.

VOICES OF IRAN Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets a second term. Pop culture continues to thrive in Iran. Iranian authorities do all they can to control — but technology is making that virtually impossible. Worldfocus brings voices that reflect the multiple realities of the Iran of today.
THE OTHER AFRICA Africa often makes headlines for its post-colonial civil wars, corrupt politicians, extreme poverty and malnourished populations. Worldfocus travels to Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania to bring you stories of technological advancement and emerging social orders.

HAITI’S POOR Haiti is a tiny island country in the Caribbean and the poorest in the Western hemisphere, where 54 percent of the population lives on less than $1 a day. Worldfocus correspondent and producer visited Haiti in the winter of 2009 to report on the extreme poverty, distrust of the government and the environmental effects of four tropical storms that mowed across Haiti last year.

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