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November 6, 2009
Week in Review: Afghan election and Italian court ruling

This week, Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Carla Robbins, deputy editorial page editor of The New York Times, and James Rubin, adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

They discuss Hamid Karzai’s second term, international calls to clean up corruption and the worsening security situation.

They also look at the fallout from a landmark case in Italy involving the alleged CIA abduction and so-called rendition of a Muslim cleric. An Italian judge convicted and sentenced 23 CIA agents, in their absence, of abducting theĀ  cleric in Italy and taking him to Egypt where he says he was tortured.




I think I remember when the CIA and the Italians got the Mullah. Both countries were working together. I remember asking myself why the Italians didn’t just do it themselves, why did they bring in the CIA? I don’t know why Italy is all up in arms about this, it was their case and they used us to do it. This must be a policital backlash towards the US by some perceived slight towards Italy. This sounds like retaliation to me. And, ha ha, since when is Italy so clean??? And when does Italy play by the books???


We watched and enjoyed Martin Savidge, the show is not the same without him, we now get our world views elsewhere.


I would expect the French not to supply troops, but the British? I guess the British are too sedentary and too weak to help. North Americans must once again secure the world.


What hypocricy! The Italians should first look into their own security services that agreed with the CIA that the Mullah was a known quotient, a terrorist that needed to go to jail. The Italians wanted to get rid of the Mullah and used the CIA to get rid of the terrorist Mullah and now they blame the US without stating that the CIA got permission first from the Italian executive branch.


WorldFocus made dramatic error today by reporting that the Dow Jones fell 249 points instead of UP
17 points for Nov. 6, 2009. It’s unconcionable for
an international program like WorldFocus to make
such a stupid mistake! I hope this error will not have a negative impact on the US stock market on
Robert GB.

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