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November 6, 2009
Full Show: November 6, 2009

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I am agreed with “Ordinary Joe”. The corrupt and selfish leadership in these countries and lack of social justice create the groups like “Al-Shabab” or “Taliban”. Finally, governments in the Western World start to have understanding of the uprising of these terrorist groups. That is why; President Obama and Prime Minister Gordan Brown warned President Karzai to address corruption in the Afghanistan.
I strongly believed that the ultimate solution of the terrorism is not only militarily but also in social and political reforms. Western World should approach the common man instead of government officials or political leaders. They are not true representatives of the people of these societies. People don’t trust them at all. They are also labeled as “puppets of the West” in local communities. That is why; people trust “Taliban” or “Al-Shabab” more than these officials and politicians. Not that, these terrorist groups are better than local governments, but the people who work for these groups are more close to the communities than the people in power who are mainly confine to their palaces and castles. Everyone, whether he/she represents government or terrorist group want to have control of power one way or another. Terrorist groups know how to exploit the anarchic situation in these regions.
Although, the solution of these problems are complex but we should start from somewhere. I believe that Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) can play major role in this regard. People need help in order to do everyday business. When they will be provided with help through these NGO’s, this will not only engage them in community build up but also they will protect their environment. This will also create a new leadership which will be accountable to the people. NGO’s can be very effective at grassroots level. Although, initially progress will be slow and will need enormous amount of patience and perseverance, but change will be long lasting. There will be minimum resurgence of the terrorist groups.


How tragic that the World is allowing Somalia to be the destroyed nation, letting the people live at the mercy of tugs that know nothing better than what they are doing now. And now hunger is back, women have to travel ten days from one city to another.

What if the International community created a save haven for women and children and found some courage to militarily engaged the tugs and pirates, until either they surrender or meet their God? Or may be the so-called International body likes what they see, as long as they are far removed form it only see it on TV.

If lawlessness in Afghanistan, with the taliban government, affected the most powerful nation in the world, what makes us think that what is happening in Somalia will not have repercussion and consequences somewhere else. I think it is better safe than sorry.
Ordinary Joe

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