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November 5, 2009
Full Show: November 5, 2009

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number 4 is correct #2 dosent make any sense at all
what so ever

#4 #2 you don`t make any sense .


Hey Stew, how did you get here you little troll. Your remind me of that old saying. You can lead a conservative to knowledge, but you can’t make him think.


unbeleivable. yeah i want to pay %90 taxes so i can get 3 tmes less gas. you people have a lot to learn about americans if you think we would ever fall for this level of tyranny. even your ninnying dupe american cant help you sell this garbage.


Daljit Dahliwal anchored a fine show. It is informative, to the point and present views not shown by other US networks.
Good job, Daljit.

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