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November 5, 2009
A Marine’s thoughts on the open debate over Afghanistan

A U.S. Marine who is an embedded trainer with the Afghan National Army discusses the negative effects that an open debate on troop levels and strategy in Afghanistan can have on the effort there. The personal views expressed here do not reflect the views of the U.S. military.

Read more about his experience overseas in his blog, Embedded in Afghanistan.

The wait continues for the president’s decision on General McChrystal’s recommendation. The unfortunate aspect of all of this business is that the debate is taking place in the public eye. While having a public debate on the efficacy of sending more troops certainly satisfies the exigencies of American politics, it’s most certainly not beneficial to the war effort as a whole. I say this because if the decision is made to not send more troops, or even not send as many as asked for the by the general, we will be perceived by the Afghan government, people, and security forces as abandoning them and losing our will to fight the insurgents. I can confirm that the ANA leaders I habitually talked with were always worried about our ability to stick things out and did not want to see us go anywhere until the country had progressed significantly.

Perception is an incredibly important part of any counter-insurgency, as winning the support of the people should ultimately lead to victory. I can confirm that many of the people of Afghanistan don’t really care who wins this war, just so long as someone wins it, and they can live a semblance of a normal life…i.e. the people will support the side that appears to be on the path to victory.

For these reasons, any action leading to the perception of weakness or lack of commitment on our part needs to be scrupulously avoided. It would have been better to avoid all of this public debate on the issue…unless the request is granted of course, in which case we may take some small benefit from all of this publicizing of our intentions on the matter.

The views expressed by contributing bloggers do not reflect the views of Worldfocus or its partners.

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I understand the marines point of view, i just disagree with him. We are a free society, as Americans what we do and what makes us who we are is our open disagreement and debate amonst ourselves. Not to have open debate and transparency on the issues of our time isn’t freedom, it’s oppressive government control. Our ideals have value becausewe as a people are able to discuss, disagree, come to a concenses or solution together, with all points of view heard and not muzzled and forced to accept any point of view, just because it is the govenments position. Had voices of dissent raised voices of concern and oppisition to what snowballed into the trainwreak we experienced in Iraq, we would be a hell of a lot better off than we are today in the entire region. In america we discuss and reason things out in the open. Questioning the intelligence of expanding an eight year war in a contry never run democratically and is painfully curropt is exactly what we americans need to be discussing.


Hi Paul!
I understand what you went through. About 10 years ago, the firm I work for was doing some pro bono work on some immigration cases. One of my bosses worked on one. A guy from Iraq who was supposedly part of the coup that was to overthrow Saddham in the 1990’s. It all went wrong and they fled to Turkey. The US got them from Turkey and brought them to the US. They were in what is called immigration holding, a jail pending their immigration issues. Many good hearted people tried to integrate this guy into the US. He lied like you would not believe, making himself appear as an innocent victim. After he got free, he turned completely whacko. He started meeting with really scary guys from the Middle East in San Francisco. Then, he traveled to different places meeting other guys that were just as scary looking. He gave me a bunch of pictures of them. I called the FBI and gave them the photos and the addresses that I knew of to keep track of them. I hope he went back to Iraq, because he was one of those terriorists I am sure. These guys had pure hate in their eyes. They looked like they could kill you in a second and keep going onto their next victim, killing all day long. This guy that we helped free, had the same look after meeting with his fellow countrymen. I will never ever work on a pro bono case of immigration for someone from the Middle East ever again.

Something about that religion makes them nuts. This guy pretended he was turning Christian. When he got out of jail, he said he no way would a Muslim would ever turn Christian or any other religion. Then he’s start spouting all that Allah stuff, he sounded just like the tapes of the terriorists we saw on the news. I could not believe it. He was not the innocent victim, he was a total Islamist radical. I told the attorneys who worked on the case the stuff he was saying. They could not believe it either. I refused to ever talk to the guy again. When I called the FBI, they told me never to speak or see him again. They said if he does contact you, call the police and he’ll be picked up. I wanted this guy and his buddies out of this country. I don’t know what ever happened, the FBI never contacted me again. I hope he’s gone. Here’s the thing, they are SUCH good liars!!! You would not believe.

One of the terriorists caught in NY, behaved the same way. The NY guy even dated an American girl pretending to “integrate.” All the while, he was planning the 9/11 attacks. I’m not saying all Muslims are all terriorists, but I’ll tell ya, it’s hard to tell the difference. They are very good and playing the victim role. Unbelievable.

That’s why I just think we shouldn’t even be there in any shape or form. Let them to themselves to sort out their own civil wars. They enjoy killing each other and non-Muslims. It’s their life purpose. That’s what the guy we immigrated said, that a Mulsim’s job is to kill anyone who does not believe in Islam. I asked him about people in the US who are all different faiths, he said “yes,” meaning they should be killed. I asked what about me, he said “yes,” I should be killed. We are feeding them exactly what they want and giving them reason to increase their retaliation. We’re “dreaming” if we think they will become democraticized and civilized. The religion prevents it from happening.

Turkey will not allow the religion into the government sector because the government knows it’s too radical. But now there are groups in Turkey who are trying to turn Turkey into an Islamist state. Turkey is more Western and doesn’t want that. But the factions are fighting hard and trying to win seats in the government to turn it over. I am sure there will be terriorist attacks coming to Turkey. Turkey has been trying to join the EU for years. The EU will not take Turkey into the union because of that extremism.

This religion really creates a lot of messes all over the world, and yet people still join it. I don’t understand how a religion can take over people and make them so nuts. It’s just beyond my comprehension. Somehow, it feeds the hate that they must all carry, for whatever reason. How can so many people be filled with so much hate? I just don’t understand it.

I feel for our personnel in Afganistan, but I think we need to pull out. Keep the Islamists isolated in their own countries and let them have their civil wars among themselves. If they get tired of the killing themselves and of their women and children and have stopped, we’ll talk. Otherwise, don’t let them into any free country.


We just had a Muslim Army officer kill 13 and wound 30 at Fort Hood. As he was shooting his fellow soldiers he was yelling Allahu Ahkbar the Islamic Jihadist refrain while killing us infidels.

Russia and China are fighting their Islamic populations and the Islamic terror has ringed around the world. I have heard this for years from Muslims that condided in me that I was an infidel and if they were called to a Holy War that they would kill me. These were my so called friends overseas in the Middle East.

When is the West going to wake up to these facts? Muslims in the grips of Jihad mentality are not normal human beings they are infused with a killing zeal primed as a weapon against whoseover points them calls the shots, usually a Mullah or Imam. Almost every Muslim is a possible suicide bomber or terrorist Jihadist. They view their death as an awakening into Paradise with 72 Virgins married to them hanging on their every whim. They believe this, so uneducated as many are, even the most educated like the Muslim Army psychiatrist that killed soldiers at Ft. Hood. They are willing to die killing unarmed soldiers that trusted him for the sake of Islam.


Afghanistan has never had a central government. It is all tribal and Moslem. We can’t win. What do we win? We could try to tell them how we could see a bright furture for them, but we have lost our credibility will all Moslems due to our lack of a vision for a bright future for Palestine. We look like outsiders and we are.

It is true that people who blast old Buddhist images off mountians cliffs are are really screwed up, but who are we to judge.

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