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November 4, 2009
Questioning how terror suspects are treated overseas

Today in Milan, Italy, there was a landmark court ruling regarding a program run by the Central Intelligence Agency known as “extraordinary rendition.”

Under that program, terror suspects were secretly detained and flown to foreign countries for interrogations that some have described as torture.

Gabor Rona, international legal director of Human Rights First, speaks to Daljit Dhaliwal about the rendition issue.

Should American intelligence officials be punished for actions that lead to torture?

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Yes, our U.S. officials as well as the employees that work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, should be punished for the criminal and terrorists acts that they commit against the American people. There are employees that work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that attacked the American people and committed criminal, terrorists and atrocious acts against us and they are allowed to get away these horrific acts. According to the government, government employees have rights and the American citizens do not. A U.S. Department of Homeland Special Agent came on my job and removed me from my post and he filed a fraudlent charge against me based on lies that he made up. I am one of thirty (30)Americans that this has happened to in Houston,Texas and we cannot get help from the government to resolve these horrific acts that has taken place, this is like a slap in the face. This Special Agent has ruined many Americans lives, because he knew that he could committ these horrific acts and get away with it.


We as a nation profess to be governed by rule of law, not by the arbitrary actions of government officials,either elected or appointed. If we suspend the Constitution every time danger appears, the terrorists win.


It is imperative to distinguish between suspects and known criminals or we may find ourselves turning innocent people into our enemies and terrorists. It would have been totally unacceptable if Iran, for example, had extraordinarily rendered an American or Italian citizen to Hizbullah.


Couldn’t have the intelligence services have established the individual was was not a terrorist? The CIA did the same thing to a Canadian citizen. These torturers may one day turn on the Americans and Italians. Wasn’t Osama bin Laden an ally of the US during the USSR-Afghanistan War?


Okay People lets remember why why we are debating this this issue. 9/11/2001 is the reason why our government took us to war(be it a horrible one,you bet!). But make no mistake, “The Muslim radicals” will kill us all if they cannot convert us to “Islam”!!! That’s a fact;so if they get their hands on a”Dirty Bomb” are we going to bicker over The “Human rights”of them while they nuke your city?This agenda of a”VERY LIBERAL ITALIAN GOV.” has little to do with fighting “The Terrorist”and perhaps they are making matters worse with this jugdement???!!!Lets fight the “Terrorist” with all the “Technology” we have,surely they can be found.Then lets try them to the fullest extent of the law.


That Muslim cleric is a bad guy. Not even that Italian magistrate in Milan has ever denied it. That said, CIA officers should have done a cleaner job there. Italy is not Egypt after all.


It is scary that people like Rona (the international UN human rights mouthpiece) are in positions of such great influence and even scarier that our “fifth estate” (the press) falls prey to them and allows them to contaminate huge numbers of our population. Unfortunately, my comments will not reach these infected people.

The agents were convicted in absentia and will probably never serve any time in an Italian jail. Their travel ability will be hampered however and this is never a good situation for a field operative.

We all need to keep in mind that we are engaged in a global WAR against fundamentalist Islam terrorists. This is NOT an international “criminal action”, it is WAR. The enemy is all around us and they are not in uniform but they ARE the enemy of freedom and must be stopped at all cost. Handcuffing our intelligence officers is NOT the way to win this war.


The report never described what the Egyptian cleric had allegedly done to merit the CIA’s attention, or what was done to him that constituted torture. Then only one “expert” was consulted, and he was obviously a partisan for one side of this contested issue.

Certainly, no one should be branded a terrorist on groundless accusation. But those who are terrorists do not deserve the rights of criminal defendants or POWs. Their actions are acts of war, not crimes; and furthermore acts of war committed against civilians, by combatants dressed as civilians, hiding behind civilians.

Unless the Egyptian cleric was innocent, the CIA agents have nothing to apologize for, much less deserve punishment for.


Yes, absolutely. Torture is torture, no matter who does it or what euphemism they use to disguise it.


For those who think the U.S. can operate illegally in foreign countries should try putting the shoe on the other foot. Will we allow other countries to do likewise over here?


I’m an American citizen and i’ve been tortured for years in my own home by the American government. Acoustic & Directed Energy Weapons are used for torture by the American government on the American people. Our troops fighting and dieing in the mideast can’t have these weapons but corrupt law enforcement can. And they can use them on whoever they’re paid off to. These weapons that could see and disable all I.E.Ds. These weapons that could see and hear into any buildings and kill or disable anyone in those buildings. These weapons that were developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Head of r & d at Los Alamos is J. Douglas Beason. The original creator of this technology is Nikola Tesla. These weapons are and have been fully developed for decades. If anything happens to me here it will have been murder. All law enforcement & elected officials know about this. Law enforcement and that fire dept. on Singer Island are directly involved in all of this. This isn’t Gitmo or some other foreign country. None of this would be possible without the knowledge of high level government officals. State Attorney Mike McAuliffe and the Miami FBI have started an investigation into the Riviera Beach Police Dept. I don’t know if it has anything to do with all the information i’ve sent to them. But it’s getting much worse here. The pain and sleep deprivation are getting much worse here. The pain these weapons cause is unbelievable. What this technology can do is magic. In the hands of these people it is evil, pure evil. This makes George Orwell’s “1984” look like a comedy. How can this happen in this country? Why doesn’t anyone report on this torture, this corruption, this madness by the American government? Think about it, American & Allied Soldiers plus countless civilians are being slaughtered in the mideast and the technology that could help them is instead used to torture Americans by the American government. Someday the truth will come out about this. I wonder what you’ll think then?


If the nations of the world all subscribed to the same legal ethos I would be happy to concur with the gentleman interviewed. While it must be aruged that the USA must be looked upon to lead the way in human rights, in these times we must be more pragmatic that dogmatic. Even though we may find it necessary to relax our standards temporarily, we must survive in order to prevail to provide for the larger good. To this end we may find it entirely necessary and proper to take whatever means necessary (within reasonable constraints) that will allow us to accomplish our goal of world peace.


Do the Christian and Jewish nut cases have a preference for rendition and torture? God protect us from your religion.


The U.S. puts itself out as having a higher standard of justice. Once our government starts making excuses for denying a democratic process to anyone it no longer has a right to point a finger at countries, such as Cuba and Myanmar. If the CIA is violating human rights by kidnapping people, then all the parties involved should be prosecuted. U.S. citizens aren’t conscripted into jobs, so the argument that they are taking orders is weak. A person has the right to leave his or her job when told to break the law.


Who is making the claim that anyone was tortured? How is torture defined and what constitutes torture for whoever is making the accusation?
The Italian judicial system is dominated by leftist anti-American judges and is probably the only court system that would conduct two trials simultaneously for the same terrorist crime, the bombing of a train,one defendent a communist and one a fascist. What a farce.
Terrorists do not represent any country, only a fanatical belief system or ideology, and do not operate under any rules of conduct. Treating them as POWs or misbehaving teens is to ask for your own subjugation or annihilation. Those who extracted usable information to prevent the deaths of innocents are heros not criminals.


The United States government needs to be held responsible for war crimes committed during the Bush Administration and at any other time they are committed. I don’t want these things being done in my name and with my tax dollars. I am dissappointed that Obama objected.


When one deals with torture one is dealing with the single greatest evil that has existed down through the 5000 years of human history. Did the Spanish Inquisition, which lasted off and on for a period of 900 years, produce good results? Did it somehow solve all the problems of western Europe and bring enlightenment, good will and enchantment to the region? In my opinion the use of torture would tend to be 1000 times more COUNTERPRODUCTIVE than productive, even if it does happen to produce something once in a while, because of the millions of people that it would understandably greatly antagonize and provoke. We should remember that 9/11 did not happen until about 4 years AFTER the CIA began its “Rendition” program under the Clinton administration, a fact that the media has rarely if ever mentioned. It appears that some of our officials should definitely face prosecution.


We Americans lost 3000 people on 9/11 through the actions of these terrorists. Perhaps when they do something similar in Europe the Euro area will wake up and take whatever actions are needed to control the radicals. Until then I suspect we will continue what’s needed to wring whatever information we can out of these Islamic nut cases.

There is something wrong with a religion that does this stuff and no one authority within it stands up and says it wrongs …. the whole Islamic community is guilty as long as they quietly acquiesce to the actions of the radicals.


I am disappointed on your lack of balance on this matter. You offered only the views of the liberal left with which I do not concur. I hope you do better next time.


Of course U.S. officials should be held to account for crimes committed in the bogus ‘war of terror’. How are U.S. officials above international law? They’re not. Simple as that. From G. Bush right on down the chain of command, hold the war criminals to account. For all humanity.


it is the most stupid decision from The Italian judges . they demonstrate a poor judgment becuse CIA and other country should stand unite against terrorist. the stupid judge in ITALY forget that the terrorist had kidnapped innocent people . look how many reporters lost their lives after they had been kidnapped. kidnapping this idiot muslim cleric is for the purpose of saving lives because he incite violence. the Us government will not hand over our heros who works for our safety


As of the news this evening it is my understanding that if these CIA “operatives” who have been charged by the Italian Justice system were to be extradited and tried, they would indeed have lost their careers. Personally, I say bravo if they do and indeed give kudos to the Italian Justice system. However, I have one question: Would these same individuals once without jobs then proceed to join Al Queda or perhaps the Taliban? Perhaps I am being too cynical…..I certainly hope so.


Rendition for torture is just plain wrong. Torture does not produce good intelligence. Are Americans just following orders like good little Nazis; remember Nuremberg?


Nov. 4, 2009
Kidnapping is a very serious violation the human and other rights of human beings, and their “rendition” to certain countries to be tortured is another very serious moral wrong. These acts ought to be condemned and strictly banned by all legal systems in the world, not least the United States. The U.S. government should therefore extradite the kidnappers, so that they may face Italian justice.


World Focus erred by presenting Gabor Rona, of Human Rights First, as the featured speaker on this story. He was practically cheering the Italian prosecution’s case. There was not a word in his review about the merits of the US position in the matter. Fundamental fairness teaches that there are two sides in any such issue. Indeed, his comments lacked even the slightest pretence of objectivity. He was clearly a partisan with an agenda. World Focus should not present such biased individuals as credible analysts.


Yes,U.S. Officials should be punished. What gives us the right to go into a foreign country and snatch people off their streets without due judicial procedure? Congratulations Italy!


We are a country that does not torture. As I’ve heard John McCain say several times, “What can we expect of other countries and how they treat Americans if we are in the business of torture?” Whether following orders or not, they should be prosecuted. Anyone remember Lt. Calley in Viet Nam? Why have we forgotten?


People who have committed crimes against humanity, such a terrorism against innocent people, and who live in States who refuse to arrest & try them, should be fair game for rendation. Arrested in order to try them, but not to torture them.


The agents involved were following orders they received from the elected “leaders” of the United States. If there is a desire to asign blame or bring charges in the matter, that blame and those charges should be leveled at the U.S. government officials who directed the actions to be taken. Do I agree with torture? No! But not only are the careers of the agents involved finished, the people who made the determination that their actions were “legal” aren’t even being charged. Lets get it right for a change and blame the arrogant bastards who innitiated the policy!


No, rules change in times of war, the islamo terrorists declared war on us a long time ago. I am not saying anything goes but within the rule of law we should treat the terrorist like the war criminals they are. Itay should be joining forces and helping us instead of acting this way. The world is the battlefield as well it is ours now also, the terrorist made it that way not us, on a battlefield you don’t check with a judge to get a warrant, you don’t call the police, they don’t get the miranda rights read to them you treat them like the enemy they are. Until the rest of the world realizes this we will not be able to defeat this enemy alone. Geo. Bush is a great hero he is one who had the guts and back bone to confront this enemy while all before him and after shrink from the responsiblity. Mary you ignore the great things that America has done through out the world for all peoples, I think you sound like one of the terrorist, your blinded by your brain washing and hate.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at war. I find it amazing that our CIA operatives are being punished for doing all they can to neutralize the evil criminals who are front and center the enemies of the western world and are doing everything in their power to bring about our destruction. When these evil criminals take over America, good luck trying to reason with these radicals. We will all be under Sharia Law and our daughters will be wearing berkas.


American CIA should be allowed to investigate, under the War Against Terrorism, onto foreign soil when American interest is in jeopardy.


All persons involved in “rendition” and torture should be prosecuted and punished in some way. Those who devised and initiated this program should be prosecuted as criminals. Otherwise, what kind of country are we?


No I am not interested in the in a trial for our agents who were following orders. Why should we lead to a higher example that the rest of the world doesn’t.

I do agree with some of you, I wish this country would not interfere with nations around the world. For the good or the bad, each nation should be on its own.


Every person involved in torture and rendition should be pursued and put on trial. Obama said “America does not torture.” Let us, as a nation, make sure it does not happen again.


“extraordinary rendition.” in Italy has is undoubtedly necessary based on history of the last few decades .After an attack years age on a cruse ship that involved killing a wheelchair bound individual the Italians released the individuals involved. Can the Italian’s be trusted to administer justice or even process a terrorist for justice when an important Italian’s life is not at steak. An excuse may be available to them when torture is involved, as there is no little to any excuse for torture. The smoking gun of a pending attack that requires torture has never been found to the best of my research. If such a case exist then it needs to be made public to justify any interrogation torture.


it starts with the general attitude from macho americans with ego’s beyond comprehension, these types are recruited to be and do what ever they think it takes ,but more often to embelish personal acheivement and esteeme,average americans look for a short cut to heroism and duty to country,while the world see’s their acts as phony and immature at best, the rule of law is anything but a straight edge in american justice , politics alter the scale of justice whenever deemed approatiate, = american tradition has been defiled ,the american way is lost to a higher power, that being “national hebrew”


It speaks well of the Italian judicial system that these verdicts were obtained despite considerable pressure from the US as well as Italy’s own prime minister Berlusconi. The lawlessness of the Bush Administration demands that prosecutions be brought in the US as well.

The 9/11 excuse ignores the fact that US machinations and meddling in countries throughout the world, resulting in untold human suffering, would inevitably lead to blowback from someone sooner or later. It’s unfortunate that so few Americans are aware of this history.


Our U.S.officials should not be punished because of the methods used to obtain infomation about the “Terrorists”!Did they go to “Mecca” and kill three thousand innocent people?!The “Methods they used are”WRONG” but that does not justify going after them!The detainees at “Gitmo” need to be tried or released;but casting stones at our officials is absolute wrong!!!Think about it???!!!

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