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November 3, 2009
Journalists risk their lives reporting in the Philippines

Today in the Philippines, there are more newspapers in print, more points of view and more influence in broadcast journalism than ever before. But since People Power in 1986, more than 70 journalists have been murdered.

Worldfocus correspondent Mark Litke and producer Ara Ayer report from the Philippines on the risks some reporters face in doing their jobs.

For more on Worldfocus’ coverage of the Philippines, click here.




killing journalist is bad,but blaming the government and the AFP for the wrongdoing of
bad elements including the terrorist group and the communist NPA.
most of the extra judicial killings are the doing of this rebel group and various goons of the bad politicians.
the so called human rights group are only the legal fronts of the communist in the PHILIPPINES.


[…] World Focus report on the killing of journalists in the Philippines Posted by admin | Tuesday 17 November 2009 6:25 am | Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Impunity, Issues, Media issues, Press Freedom Watch, press freedom, press freedom threat | | SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “World Focus report on the killing of journalists in the Philippines”, url: “″ }); | The international news program World Focus reports on impunity and the killing of journalists in the Philippines (”Journalists Risk Their Lives Reporting in the Philippines“). […]


Journalists risks so much, this is just not fair


This is outrageous!!! Stop the KILLING of these dedicated journalists. They are just doing their jobs.

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