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November 3, 2009
From Iran with love: Hamas rockets can now strike Tel Aviv

A poster for the al-Qassam Brigades. Photo: Flickr user michaelramallah

Iran continues to assist Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip, and the Israel Defense Forces just announced that a new rocket import can reach as far as Tel Aviv — a distance of 60 kilometers.

How do you think Israel should respond to the latest disclosure that Hamas has a missile capable of hitting Tel Aviv?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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I am glad that Hamas has rockets that can hit Tel Aviv. Hopefully the next time Israel decide to invade they will use them. Israel know that time is running out on the “Holocust(?)guilt”,that seems to exist. US is getting less white and more “browner”. There were a lot of blacks and Latinos that were the side of the Palestinians during the invasion of Gaza. The “Holocust card” doesn’t mean nothing to us.


Think of it, Hamas rockets now can reach Cairo as well as Tel Aviv. Egyptian security forces captured Hizbullah operatives at their Gaza border plotting against Egypt. And the Fool’sGoldstone will be asked to write another report blaming Israel for inciting islamofascists to war.
Shame on you United Nations.


Sure enough, Hezbollah denied the arms were for them, and sure enough the charge of piracy is being levelled by you-know-who’s again.

Oh,and here am I, who was born in a German DP camp, being accused of Nazism by someone who I bet is very sympathetic to their cause. Anyhow, Judah and Samaria is Jewish land, but if the Arabs want a 22nd state there, they will have to sit down and negotiate with the Jewish state without preconditions. Otherwise, I say, settle on, ISrael, settle on! Onto the Jordan river!


jgarbuz (who needs a life and just wants to dominate the “converssation”) says: “Israel should start moving more settlers INTO Judah and Samaria, and back into Gaza! It should cut off all talks with the so-called “Palestinians” and stop wasting time with them. They never wanted peace, but only to drive the JEws out. It’s time they be driven out instead.”

Change the names of the people and places and Hitler and the Aryan supremacists could not have said it better regarding their plans. You sir, are a straight up racist.


To jgarbuz.

Just prior to the capture of the Iranian vessel carrying 300 tons worth of arms for Hizbullah, the UN Secretary had just declared that there was no evidence of Hizbullah being re-armed by Iran.
Goldstone is changing his name to Pyrite (ie: fouls gold)


To NewNew Prophecy

No doubt Goldstone will now accuse Israel of piracy and obstruction of seaborne commerce.


Blah Blah Blah This site is having troubles accepting my up to date blogs.

Maybe they are celebrating the Yankees winning the Baseball World Series.

Or maybe they are Phillies fans,and poor losers.

Back to UN denials of weapons increases from Iran to Hizbullah, while the Israelis capture a vessel with 300 tons of weapons from guess from where to whom: Iran to Hizbullah. Tesk tesk tesk. I wonder what will be the next Goldstone report. Blame the Israelies, yes.



Blah Blah Blah This site is having troubles accepting my up to date blogs.

Maybe they are celebrating the Yankees winning the Baseball World Series.

Or maybe they are Phillies fans,and poor losers.

Back to UN denials of weapons increases from Iran to Hizbullah, while the Israelis capture a vessel with 300 tons of weapons from guess from where to whom: Iran to Hizbullah. Tesk tesk tesk. I wonder what will be the next Goldstone report. Blame the Israelies, yes.


So if you type the word middle c……etc , the site will blocked, I reported the problem in an e-mail but got no answer.


The site blocks certain words in apparent error like the following wich i am typing vertically:






Hi jgarbuz
US Israel Lobby’s World Focus,

Let’s see if WF lets this one go through. Come on jgarbuz you are a plant. My last note on this tread that figured out World Focus and DD game plan was trashed.


Israel should start moving more settlers INTO Judah and Samaria, and back into Gaza! It should cut off all talks with the so-called “Palestinians” and stop wasting time with them. They never wanted peace, but only to drive the JEws out. It’s time they be driven out instead.


Oops, they let my protest through!
Ishmael got 21 homelands for his Arab descendents. Isaac got one tiny one. It’s time for the Ishmaelites to return to their true homeland in Arabia. The Land of Isreael is Jewish land!


This site is now blocking my posts! UNFAIR!


Arthur please do not, it is the policy of this news station to silence those who know infavor of those who think they know


to #33 who is preventing the jews from leaving Palestine and returning to thier homes!!! any Iraqi, Egyptian, or European Jew can return anywhere he/she wants. The Palestinians are not stoping anyone from going back to where he belongs


TWice I have written on two different topics and my comments with proper language and length were not displayed. Karen Wilson’s message contained three times as many words. I, therefore, shall cease and desist from participating.


Poor Joe, brainwashing seems to have succeeded. Terrorists? Name the only country to use nukes who killed thousands of ppl? Name the state that used phosphorus recently? Name the State that bombed civilians and nuked power plants killing ppl, animals and environment; who dropped thousands of bomblets that continue to maim and kill to this day? Tell me. What is your definition of a terrorist? What does that country have to do, you your oh so wise eyes, to be labeled a terrorist?


J W Muirhead’s post sums it up for me; I couldn’t/didn’t say it better myself.

Thank you.


How can people make a statement like “Good. I’m glad Hamas is now able to strike back” In case you don’t recall…Hamas is a terrorist organization. Are you also thilled with Iran and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities? Do you rejoice at the sound of Al Qaeda bombings?


Israel has brought this hatred upon themselves. If they would stop seizing Palestinian land, stop bulldozing Palestinian homes and forcing Palestinians into refugee camps they would not have to fear rocket attacks.


After reading all the comments posted here I can see the world in general blames Israel; but “IF” you are a “True Cristian or Jew ” you know that “GOD” gave the”Holyland” to Abraham and his desendents forever!!! Ismael was also a son of “Abraham” and His name means “The father of many nations”;so why can’t these two nations “Share the “Holyland ” and stop killing each other!!!??? Sibling rivaling Perhaps!!!???


After what has recently been endured by the people of Gaza it cannot be surprising that they would seek to arm themselves in order to exact a higher price for Israeli agression. It does little to advance an agenda that would bring meaningful improvement to the lives of the citizens of Gaza, however, and increases the chances for another oversized reaction from the famously paranoid Zionist state. Perhaps it’s another lie to justify more Israeli barbarity. As an American taxpayer I’m weary of my conscripted complicity in the whole fiasco.


Talk has failed. Intransigent Israel continues to confiscate more Palestinian land and to expand existing settlements.


Good. I’m glad Hamas is now able to strike back. The recent bombing and use of phosphorus by the isralis is unacceptable. Perhaps now the isralis have an incentive to stop their abuses and negotiate a 2 state solution.


This story is an Israely ploy to smear and get support to invade Iran, this jewish state is a trouble maker and I’m afraid will trigger a devastating war in the middle east dragging in the western world. This ploy was tried with Iraq but backfired, the Europeans soon realised the “BIG LIE” of WMD’s so pulled their troops out in time. I think we all know who was responsible for that lie.


The people of Palestine have every right to defend themselves! Just like Israel does, don’t they? How is it Israel has the right to kill 1400 people in about three weeks (66 people a day) in the so called name of their self-defence? 13 Israelis killed 10 soliders. Talking about one-sided. I guess that’s the problem with the Goldstone Report. It was unblanced but the conflict is? GTFOOH!!!! No way will this injustice stand!! How should Israel respond? And outragous question to begin with! They should repond in the international criminal courts for war crimes and crimes againts humanity! And no amount of lobbing will change this reality! No matter how the House and Congress votes! It’s a crying shame…


I cannot in good conscience support Iran or Hamas on this or give any excuses for them. Israel would be well within its rights to destroy (once again) all Hamas installations though I would not want to see the kinds of wanton killing of civilians that happened almost a year ago.

I cannot support anything that would kill, injure, or frighten innocent civilians. Not only is it inhumane, it won’t work and will lead to even more suffering.


Perhaps they should try something radically new, like talking.


what is the meaning of Zionist.who are Israelis. didn’t they(Jews)live in Palestine territory before now. didn’t they live amicable in this land before. Hitler killed them, why they emigrated there. Palestinian must be wreaked by the Jews. It is unfair. nobody accept that.


Hamas can now potentially strike Tel-Aviv with long-range rockets. Certainly, for Israelis, this must be very disconcerting. Israel has for some time now been developing a missile shield, but it hasn’t been perfected. Hopefully when Hamas does strike, Israel will be ready. I believe that Israel will not tolerate missiles falling upon its population centers. It will hit Gaza hard and once again risk international condemnation. But, in this matter, Israel will have no choice. A nation’s government must protect its citizens at all costs.


Having lived extensively in the Middle East, I was at the time new to the situation. I could not tell Jew from Arab. After living closely with both people I can wholeheartedly support Israel.

I have experienced Palestinian betrayal of both their Jordanian and Lebanon partners who were helping them, allowing them to live within their land. The Jordanians killed 15,000 Palestinians on Black September in the 70’s and Beirut suffered a long civil war propabated by Palestinian terrorists who desired to rob the central banks of Beirut of all their cash. Palestinians were all kicked out of Kuwait when the Palestinian workers betrayed their Kuwaiti hosts for Saddam Hussein in Saddam Hussein’s attempt to steal conquer Kuwait. Eygyptians despise the Palestinians for all that they have caused in their country and they have a steel border hemming in the Palestinians on the Gaza strip isolating them from Egyptian Sinai. Yes, the more you experience the Palestinians the more you understand why they will always lose, they beg to lose. With the new rockets, Israel will be handed the rights to slaughter Palestinians with wholesale bombing of Gaza. Yes, Palestinians are born to lose as lawless brutes.


To #31: You evidently don’t know that there were always large Jewish communities living in the Holy Land.

Nor that the majority of Israelis are descended from Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

After the Arabs failed to destroy Israel in 1948, they kicked out their own Jews – who anyway had a miserable existence.


It does not take a political pundit to realize that after decades of conflict this was inevitable. If this continues it won’t take long for Worldfocus to ask the same question with “nuclear weapon” in place of “rocket.” Then we would once again prove that we are incapable of learning from our ever-violent history.


Israel was created by the west because of their guilt over Hitlers actions that they helped to let happen. They have been murdering the palestinians ever sence then. They haave at least 200 nukes, jets ,ships, tanks,etc. and the palestinians have hand held guns. Let us pray for the fall of the state of Israel and the rights of the palestinians to THERE LAND!


Well if Hamas fires a rocket at Israel, then Israel certainly has a right to defend itself. Patriot missles could probably take care of the threat.


Israel should stop playing games and move all Israeli settlers out of the occupied territories. America should cut off all aid to Israel.


Israel has a right to defend themselves just like The Palesitians has a right to defend themselves;but two wrongs don’t it right !!! Why does the world complain everytime the Palestians get attack by Isreal but when Suicidal bombers kill innocent Israelies the world don’t care!!!???


I dont believe what the Israeli defense department claims about these so-called rockets which always have been weak and ineffective in the past. They just want a pretext of striking out first and avoid serious negociations.


So who cares about the Palestinians getting revenge upon their persecutors in Tel Aviv? If there was any justice in this world, the USA’s military would crater all the airport runways in Israel with missiles in retaliation for the Lavon Affair, the NUMEC affair, Jonathan Jay Pollard, and above all, the premeditated attack on the USS Liberty. I used to support Israel—no more. Israel can go to hell–the sooner the better. The entire globe, not just the Mideast, would be safer and better off if the USA told the Jews (Israel is promoted in the public relations world as the “Jewish State”) to bugger off–no ifs, ands, or buts.


Be aware that anyone who criticises Israel’s actions, whatever they are, will be labelled an anti-semite. This card usually appears after the Israeli victim card. Israel will respond with overwhelming force and American Zionists will be sure to justify every last killing.


All polls of Israeli and East Jerusalem Arabs showed that they all wanted to live under Israel, rather than the Palestinian Authority. Even though they dislike Israel.

Tells you something, doesn’t it?

At least in Israel, there is some rule of law.

At least in israel, they have some freedom of expression.

At least, they do not have to bribe the local clan for the most basic of services.


The billions of aid given to the Palestinians by the US and Europe and the UN have gone to waste. It has all been diverted to warfare and private accounts.

That is what happens when the West let the Arab world transform the Palestinian cause into a jihad, whose only purpose was war against israel.


Imagine what the US would do if it had a group like Hamas on its borders?

Imagine if the US had something like Hamas TV urging children to grow up to be suicide bombers.


Will World Focus ever report the conflict between Hamas and Fatah? This has killed hundreds of people.

Both are corrupt power hungry factions. The only common goal they share is their aim of destroying Israel, though by different means.

Arab political culture is based largley on violence and brute force. Until that changes, individual Arabs will not do well – and peace with Israel has no chance.


The West won;t allow Israel to do anything against Hamas missiles. They continue to strike southern Israel, (at a slower rate than in the Gaza war) yet the media don’t report them.

How can there ever be peace when the media and the vast Arab world all want to attack Israel non-stop?


Jordan is 78% of Palestine. It is five times the size of Israel. Jordan’s residents are mostly Palestinian. It should be the Palestinian state, perhaps in confederation with part of the West Bank.

This would be a viable solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Demanding that Israel alone make all the concessions only encourages Arab extremists and brings more Arab demands.


Can Israel’s missiles reach Gaza?!!!


Has any of your correspondents ever read the Hamas charter? It is a virulently racist document.

Does Arik (#8) know that most Israelis are of Middle eastern origin? Their parents were Jewish refugees from Arab lands.


As to #13: Israel has bent over backwards and sideways to the Palestinians and the Arab world.

It handed over Gaza, and got Hamas and rockets in return. It withdrew from South lebanon, and got Hezbollah rockets in exchange.

The bottom line remains Arab refusal to accept Jewish self determination, no matter how small the Jewish state..


Israel has very few options. If it defends itself, its gets hammered by the UN, which is dominated by the Arab block. These days, even the Obama administration criticizes it, while giving he Arabs a free ride.

If Israel lets the missiles rain in, the news media hardly reports them, and when the media does, it rationalizes Arab attacks.

World Focus is not reporting the rockets that continue to hit Israel from Gaza.


First of all, the IDF is not to be believed without verification. Second, while I fully support Palestinians and condemn Israel’s ongoing killings and unwillingness to negotiate, it is a mistake for them to try to out-fight Israel, I think. Although they are in extremely dire straits while the partying continues in Tel Aviv.

The Palestinians have mostly been abandoned, primarily by the US which is the key country here due to the $$$, and they are defenseless and impoverished. So I don’t know what they should do. And it seems they have turned to fundamentalist religion to soothe the despair (some God!).


Israel should get out of Palestine and let the Palestinians live in peace.


Israel needs to stop being so greedy and warring (this pattern goes back as far as their written Word). Israelis need to be held accountable for actions with effective consequenses. They respect no one else. I fail to understand why other countries send and lose their citizens (and subjects) to fight the enemies of Israel. If someone perpetually angers others it’s likely someone will try to put a stop to it (rightly so).


first let me say be very careful regarding what you hate. you’ll be destined to become “it”. having said that, i believe, and pragmatic pursuit of recent historical behavior, events indicate the israeli tendency to use weapons of insane decimation. phosphorous bombs on civilian populations, the theft of land, the removal of civilian populations from their land etc. the israeli’s have become nazi’s. america has supported this effort on their behalf. we continue to supply money and weapons to israel, greater than a billion dollars a month. where did the israeli’s get their nuclear weapons?
OF A NEW ROCKET FOR HAMMAS!! i just hope they can aim the damn things better.
make the israeli’s back off, do what they Know to be inherently correct behavior. oh right, sorry,
their jews it’s ALL or NOTHING. soon that’s what they’ll have, NOTHING!!!!


As an American, I totally support the Palestinians. Israel is a greedy ruthless country, and there will never be peace as long as they are around! The US should drop all relations with Israel !


Israel has lost all credebilty around the world– no one believes what they say. The real problem is not the fire-crakers rockets, it is Israel’s military war-mongering with weapons of mas-distruction–including nuclear
weapons. Israel must first answer to its crime against humanity before the World court and the International Community is demanding.


The Israelis should give the land back to the Palestinians and go back to Europe where they came from.


I think W/F should ask different question: Why Hamas is preparing for new rocket campaign? My answer is: Since Arab countries realized that they could not defeat Israel military, they trying to do that by Terror war and Propaganda war. They need as much as possible “civilian casualty” to demonize and isolate Israel. They need new UN and so call “human right” reports to continue Propaganda war.


Israel has abused and killed Palestinians and confiscate their land with impunity. People can only take so much before they lose all hope and resort to desperate means. I think Palestinians are getting to the tipping point.


October 30, 2009
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Washington, DC

Subject: Palestinian and Israeli relationship to Afghanistan and Pakistan – Look at the BIG PICTURE

Dear Secretary Clinton:

I would like to point out the relationship between the above parties. Osama Bin Laden has referred to treatment of Palestinians as his reason for attacking US interests. Please consider the possibility that he was talking plain.

Although all these are extremely difficult situations, I admire the efforts you are making to get closer to non-military solutions. Wouldn’t it be great if terrorists were having conversations?

I believe the US should encourage Israel to conduct non-military investigation into its actions during the last response to Palestinian rocket fire. Since Israel was found to have the most violations by the International Humanitarian Investigation, it would encourage the Palestinians to do the same if Israel’s leader would stop the simplistic claim that they were defending their territory and address the damage to agricultural non-military targets (found to not be hiding enemies). It is time to follow up on the non-partisan investigation already done.

Keep insisting that settlements be frozen and some dismantled. Extremists in Israel are taking even private property on which to build settlements.

My comments are based on interviews mostly on Public Television. Hopefully you can look at the Big Picture and decide what to recommend in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I believe that progress in the other countries will be recognized by extremists and start the tide changing. You know best how to translate my comments into action.



Israel is playing a bad hand where bluff has about run out. When the only tool in your repertoire is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. I think Israel should begin to act responsibly and offer to STOP the settlements to re-start peace talks. Peace could be had any moment the Israeli decide to have peace instead of ethnic cleansing of the West Bank.


Regarding the story today (11-03-09)about the bomb disposal fatality: you should explain why the disposal of bombs has to be done by hand endangering a person’s life and why the bomb is not exploded from a distance by gunfire.


Indeed, before Israel makes a big deal of what Hamas can do and can’t do, how about complying with UN resolutions regarding territorial rights of Palestinians?
Why does Israel or for that matter any other country expect other forces to behave when it itself disregards international laws? When will this policy of double standards end? As long as powerful countries ignore international laws they cannot expect other forces to behave any differently.


A new little rocket that goes 60 km – so what? The huge issue is ‘why all the fighting’? We know the answer, but who has the courage or insight to speak of geo and socio-sentiments that create these clashes and injustices? I am not fan of any religion and don’t wish to take sides, but the facts indicate that Israel should back up. The fact that religion has lower the standard of living of all humans should catch someone’s attention – maybe God. :)

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