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October 30, 2009
Week in review: Afghanistan and Pakistan

David Andelman, editor of the World Policy Journal and a former foreign correspondent, and Chrystia Freeland, U.S. managing editor of Britain’s Financial Times, join David Brancaccio to review the week’s events in Pakistan and Afghanistan. They discuss troop levels in Afghanistan and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s controversial remarks in Pakistan.

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see the comments if you can


Once again, I become worried for America. Everything Obama touches becomes wrong lately. The only thing about Obama I like was his primary and hope campaign. What happened to Obama? He used to be so interesting and hopeful. I miss the old Obama already!


what is wrong for mrs clinton calling a spade a spade.afterall the opputunity came because the pakistani students women and nesmedia asked questions which reqired a true answer. some one high official has to do it . probably they have done it with pakistan alwyayys saying not so.they do not have alqueda leaders on their soil or the leader of group who attacked iran or dawood who caused more than hundred deaths in mubai long before 9/11 or mumbai attack.I remember president of pakistan saying at one time ben laden is deadafter tora bora bombing . cristia freeland is right if biden saying that they have to go and get the terrorist inside pakistan( that is what i understood she said)the students of pakistan asked mrs clinton so many questions may be mrs clinton should have asked wher is their anger or why no anger from student body after talibankilled so many men and women inside universitythey (the studends should have risen agaist tliban in full force


Can someone please tell me what President Obama believes? He’s the first President in my life who I think truly has no convinctions! Why did he want to become President anyway? Obama just wants to be popular and be a rockstar. I am sick of his appeasing tyrants and not caring.


This kind of fear mongering will eventually sink the world deeper in a cycle of violence.


In the background tonight on David Brancaccio’s report on Honduras I noted 2 very overloaded donkeys, one of them with his ears cut very short surely painful..Please report such cruelties to WSPA World Society for Protection of Animals at
http://www.wspa or call 1 800 883 9772. Thank you. Virginia Lamarche New Jersey, USA.


Why be annoyed? Who do they think they are? Cambodians!

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