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October 30, 2009
Addressing the psychological impact of war in Afghanistan

British soldiers in combat. Photo: ITN video

This year has seen huge casualty increases for American soldiers in Afghanistan. President Obama is considering whether or not to send more troops to the embattled nation.

But our question today is about the troops returning home.

Do you think the U.S. government is doing enough to help American combat troops deal with psychological injuries?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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negotiatjng is the best ever. fighting is never a solution so this is bad!!!!!!!!!!


People in the US do not understand what happens without feeling secure in your environment. Once you get back from a deployment, you feel like an outsider. Everyone is going about their ‘normal’ activities and it takes a long time before those activities seem ‘normal’ to you again. It is very strange and uncomfortable. It is very lonely. You do not understand what is ‘real’ anymore? Is it here or is it there? If you were deployed as a reservist you come back and have no military family to discuss this with, you truly are alone and must reconcile this alone; if you can.


As a civilian US Emergency Room Doctor, I can tell you that a lot needs to be done. We regularly see young active duty military members involved in alcohol related incidents. They always involve trauma injuries – some serious. It’s still considered “taboo” for military members to come forward and express their anxiety and depression. Until such time that the military leaders give our young men and women the ability to ask for help, WITHOUT PREJUDICE, not much will change.


Ever hear of the Klu Klux Klan? Southern Baptists? Or the Dominionists*? They have been the flag bearers to create the new Temple in Israel. Just a small smattering. Google hate groups.


Ever hear of Armageddon?

Fundamentalists think it’s going to happen any minuet. Scary thing is, the world now has enough bombs to end life on earth. And these irrational people have the cojones to use them.

And these groups believe both the Muslims and the Temple have to be destroyed for Armageddon to happen.

Therefore, Israel gets anything it wants as long as the temple gets built.

Oddly enough, Jews believe the far right is their friend…some friend.

I believe the troops were put in place by an idiot who treated troops like cheap toys. Can we just pull out? Good question. It is no secret that the troops have been over-deployed.

Are they being treated better when they come home? Their jobs are mostly long gone, the chance of getting another job ….

The Republican party has handed the government over to the corporations. The only hope is for the Democratic Party to grow a set and take back America for American workers.



Sorry, can’t believe I left out the military! sentence should read: Do you know who in the Military, NFL, or what sports organization, might be interested in getting involved in funding the game so that it can actually be produced?


For the last year, I’ve been working on the country’s first cognitive rehab video game for people with mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries. It’s to be used in conjuction with traditional head injury therapies. Do you know who in the NFL, or what sports organization, might be interested in getting involved in funding the game so that it can actually be produced? ($250K) Right now there is a paper prototype, a design document, a marketing plan, and a programming team (art, code, and music) that is all set to go when the money comes in. I’m applying to the NIH and the NSF for grants but it’s not clear if they will fund it yet. So any thoughts readers have on funding this would be appreciated!


I don’t like any lobbyist. It should be a law that no elected official at any level can accept anything of value from any who does business with the government who lives outside his district or state. And against the law to make the offer.

But everyone knows the Jewish groups lobby for American aid. It would be entirely different if the Jewish lobbyists were acting in secret. They are not. There is no law preventing others from organizing and lobbying our government. Ask the NRA. But does that relate to the VA and its treatment of soldiers who are suffering from mental illness? No in my opinion. See my prior post.


13 thousand


I am a 10% DAV from Korean era. I have used the VA clinics – never hospitalized – for many years. I likeā€™em and I would not ask for better care or more concern. I think we shortchanged the psychological side of life became its not macho in the military. But the Armed Forces are coming around. The VA does a good job IMO. I like the VA and I love my government. Smart people know we cannot do without either.

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