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October 29, 2009
Russia combatting Muslim extremists in Dagestan republic

Ten years ago, extremists in Dagestan declared a holy war against the Russian government. Fighters in the northern Caucasian republic sought to establish an Islamic state.

Over the past decade, their struggle has continued, drawing in Islamist fighters from across the region. Russia has been accused of a heavy-handed response to the insurgency.

Neave Barker of Al Jazeera English reports on the low-level rebellion from Dagestan.

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Accuse Islam in all those massacres .. Obtained in the hands of people who do not know God and Islam. They simply Mtaatpartyon about the Islamic religion and they do not believe in God.
Believe me … Islam is so wonderful, but which needs to be well understood ..
And Islam, believe that you must be a man and not a serial killer …

So … What about the massacre of children of Gaza????


Wow, I didn’t know Muslims were bombing in Russia. This is looking to be a world-wide vendetta of Muslim against non-Muslim peoples. How do you fight this kind of radicalism all over the world? This is totally nuts. I don’t understand the appeal of killing innocent people. The people who join these Islamist groups must be totally nuts to begin with.

How can an Islamist man call for human rights, when his kid just blew up a building with people in it, killing everyone? They want human rights so they can continue murdering people? I don’t get their logic. I don’t get how anyone can believe in a religion that tells you to go killing people. That’s not religion. That is license to kill. That is illegal.


I hope Russia and China can become better friends of Israel, as has India. Islam is simply a worldwide conspiracy to undermine and takeover “Dar al Harb,” or the remaining non-Muslim countries.


Russia & China have their own extremist Muslims in their respective countries. The reasons that these extremists are well contained in Russia or China are because Iran & Syria have not financially supported their Muslim brothers there or even provided equipment and fighters. WHY,

Because Russia and China supported countries like Iran & Syria when extreme sanctions were slapped on them.

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