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October 27, 2009
Gays make major strides in Latin American nations

Uruguay recently passed a law permitting gay couples to adopt children – the first such law of its kind in Latin America.

As part of the Worldfocus series Beyond the Headlines, Daljit Dhaliwal interviews Brazilian scholar Felipe Bruno Martins Fernandes about the status of gays and lesbians in Latin America.

He says that many governments in Latin America, prompted by the gay and lesbian community, have made great strides in combating homophobia.

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Thanks very much for sharing this interview. It is such a relief to know that Latin America is having great victories for gay people once this is an important democratic step.


This interview is very simplistic and he lacks a lot of HISTORICAL and GEOGRAPHICAL CULTURAL information. He disapointed me as a Brazilian. The anchor pronounces his name (a Portuguese name) like she is speaking Spanish. Poor! The gay rights in the so called Latin America (an out of date term). Latin American term was used to Latin Languages countries of the region (is more a cultural term). The gay rights in Brazil (which is a GIANT country, with a big population and is the most industrialized and hightech in the region) can’t be compared with the smaller countries (or REPUBLICQUETAS)of the region. In geography today the Americas are diveded in 3 regions with some micro regions inside it: North America, South America (which Brazil will be a region itself) and Middle America (The Caribbean will be micro region of Middle America). World Focus staff has the same sidrome of the general US-American public. The do not know very much about geography and the world out there. Stop having this BIASED view of countries and peoples!


The issue, Al and Glen, has nothing to do with your personal feelings or political affiliation. This is purely a human rights issue and it has reached crisis levels in many countries around the globe.

By the moral and responsible actions of the country of Uruguay and a few other countries around the world we can slowly chip away at the religious and cultural PHOBIAS (yes fear and hatred go hand in hand)that cause the injustices being suffered in other countries. In doing this we make the WORLD (of which you, I may add, are a part) a better place for all humanity. That is why this is an important story and one that I applaud worldfocus for sharing.

The only sickness I see is the inability of some humans to accept the existence and right to prosper of other humans that differ from them.


To Glen : The only sickness in society is to forget that we are all the same. Mother Nature/God/Fill-In-The-Blank continues to produce homosexuality in all species, as science is finding, even though they obviously cannot breed. This should be proof enough that homosexuality is not a sickness to be stamped out (or fixed) but accepted as part of life as we know it.
Most homosexuals I know tend to establish long term, stable, loving relationships and are very fit to be parents. To exclude them from adoption and foster care opportunities reduces the number of good homes for unwanted/abandoned children. Good homes for children consist of love, care, discipline, and opportunity – not by what goes on between the 2 consenting adults in the master suite.


The abnormal, the flawed, the strange, make strides, and this is good??? What a sick society we live in.


This interview represents why I’ve come to love World Focus: a surprising and clear perspective on a struggle seldom heard about here in the US. Bravo!


[…] Brazilian scholar Felipe Bruno Martins Fernandes from CUNY gives Daljit Dhaliwal of Worldfocus some perspective on broad cultural trends in Latin America that are creating opportunities for gays and lesbians. He says other countries may follow Uruguay’s recent move to permit gay couples to adopt children. […]


This story on a supposedly national program was in my estimation “dog squeeze” from the get go. First of all, just because everyone doesn’t embrace homosexual behavior, that does not make the homophobic. I know the gays and the libersl press would like to make that case but it is false. The root worf here is phobia or a fear of… I for one have nev er met a gay person that I was afraid of in any way. It is the liberal name calling game. If conservativ es were to do this, the gays and liberals would be in the streets yelling and protesting until the cows came home; which by the way it seem to be just what they are doing I find ir hard to take world focus seriously as a news or journalism organ. I watch it as I woild E.T. or Saturday Night Live.


I’m very,very happy that my son Felipe Fernandes, works by a fraternal world.A peace world, always and in all conditions.

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