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October 26, 2009
Famine eclipses Ethiopia’s beauty and rich history

Twenty-five years after famine devastated Ethiopia, poverty still mars the country’s image. Worldfocus correspondent Martin Seemungal explores another side of Ethiopia. He reports on Ethiopia’s people, religion, and beauty and explores the relics that dot the landscape in the northern part of the country.

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Well,This is our history and I believe that this doesn’t reflect our present life. but the good thing is even if we are poor financially we have the wealth of hospitality .

Girma Z GRace Man


z great country dominated by hunger!!!!!!!!
waww,u did zat u could do !
thank u
wat r we doing now, we ethiopians?
let’s make it history!!!!!!!!!!!!


What an interesting article on Ethiopia, would love to go there was a real eye opener in many ways, the photograpy was so real, keep up the good work Martin. cand j


#4: Christianity was accepted by Ethiopia in 34 AD. Islam was founded in 650AD if I was not mistaken. Christianity developed with its unique characterisitics with its literature and culture. After the Prophet Mohammed instructed to go to the just people, Islam also grew. As a mosaic country Ethiopia has also Black Jews. It is and was a country of tolerance and beuty.Please do not bring your intolerance and hate. I want Ethiopia to be a great mother for all her children, like she had been from time immemorial. Life may not be fair to Ethiopia. There were up and downs. By and large Ethiopia has been a country of hospitality and tolerance. Long live Ethiopia. Gedlu


an excellent program.its a magnficant ethiopian history for the rest world
keep it up and try to more…..


I’m very pleased with the Story. I am a little bit surprised by Comment no 4 (Lekebari Mardat Min Yibalal). According to the Bible, Ethiopia accept Christianity in the year 34, in the first century-(Read Acts 8:27 of the New Testament). But, it became the State Religion in the year 350-in the fourth century until 1974. Even before Christianity comes to Ethiopia, back 1000 years Ethiopia known worshiping GOD. Read the Bible if you are interested. This is the fact and history we know. You need to go back and learn the actual history not something fabricated. By the way, your comment doesn’t relate to this video. First try to understand what the person tries to show! That is my advice.



I thought it was an excellent program, showing that there is more to Ethiopia than we normally hear on the daily newscasts. I watch your program most weekdays nights, and believe it is
an excellent program. Thank you for fine, diverse, international reporting.


“…they never heard of oprah and yet they seem happy…” – amazing!


According to a recent BBC report, a severe drought is threatening six (6) million Ethiopians with starvation; livestock are dead and dying and people are being forced to sell their herds, the source of their sustenance. This is going on now! Eastern, southern and western Africa are all facing the scourage of famine brought on or, at the very least, exacerbated by climate change, which can be laid at the doorstep of the
(over)developed and rapidly developing nations. Since 1990, the U.S.(which did not sign the Kyoto protocols; business comes first and the Earth be damned) has experienced a 20% increase in greenhouse gases.
Food and aid, not guns and warfare, should be the priority for the major powers/polluters. Not incidentally, the oldest ancestor of humankind, some 4.4 millions years, was recently discovered in Ethiopia–a woman, who walked upright, as we do.
Of what benefit are any of our religions if they do not teach love and the oneness, the womb, from which we are all born? One Source, one sun. Isn’t the time now for us to grow beyond our fears and prejudices, and realize our common dependence on the earth, air, water…and one another?


Comment # 4 (Ethiopot) you should be ashamed of yourself, don’t even say you know history it is disgusting I advise you to back read fact educate yourself and accept reality
Shame shame on you (Aferkubeh)


Very nice article and well done. Thank you.

I would also like to comment on the comment #4 given above by ethiopot – first of all the commentator is right by saying 60 percent are Christians. Also, you should know or be informed that it was a Christian king of Ethiopia that accepted and opened the door for Muslims to come in and practice their faith when they were being chased out from other places. Just a little fact before you call the article baised. The writer wrote only about Orthodox Christianity – he did not compare it to Muslim faith, or did not say anything negative about Muslim religion.


Thank you so much for sharing the Magnificent story. There are so many brothers and sisters who didn’t know about their Resource. I know a littel bit about it. But nothing is stop me to watch again and again.

Michael Yimer


This is completely biased information. Ethiopia was/is not a Christian country never ever!

Even Ethiopia is well known in Islamic history than in Christianity. How do you forget it? Should I remind you that, my mother land ETHIOPIA was the second country where Muslims ever lived and it was the first country ruled by a Muslim king; King Ashama (Nejashi). And many more … We, the Muslim Ethiopians, are proud of that.

Now a days, weather you like it or not, more than fifty present of the Ethiopian population is Muslim.

You mentioned Axum as a Christian monopoly. Axum is not a Christian history. It was built even before the coming of Judaism. It is a history of all Ethiopians. Both the Christianity and Islam came after that Axum civilization.

It is not ethical at all!


Thank you for shining on the rich cultures and diverse history of Ethiopia.. I am originally from this beautiful country living in the US now and seen firsthand that besides all the goodness the first thing that comes to mind for most westerners is the famine that swept the country 25 years ago, killing millions.

Though I am afraid, that history might repeat itself again. It’s good to see World Focus focusing on some good news.


I am very pleased with your editorials. They are very helpful and enlightening in all aspects in world happenings. Thank you very much, keep it up.


Thank you for this story and all the world
news you cover. I watch your broadcast
often. Patti

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