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October 26, 2009
Converting religious groups into climate change crusaders

Climate change activists worldwide are often stymied by skeptics who doubt how much humans can do to reverse global warming.

But now the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Development Policy is recruiting religious groups to encourage people around the world to go green.

Daljit Dhaliwal speaks with Olav Kjorven, director of the UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy, about why the organization is turning to world religions in the fight against climate change.




I quite agree with the idea, i would like to start an advocacy programme in our local church in Nigeria in a bid to reverse climate change, I would need ideas and support on how to start including materials to help for the advocacy work…


To understand Comment #3 please google ‘neohumanism’.


Jacob is a good guy.


It is good for religious folks to be more aware of ecology. Religion tends to not see the worth of the world. Religion does not understand that the universe is created out of God itself, because God only had “God Stuff” to use in the Big Bang! Nothing is crude. All entities that exist are family. Religion is not capable of such universal concepts, due to narrow dogma and delusions of their various philosophies. Sorry to be so blunt, but they have caused so much harm to the ecology – they need to be called on it.


It will hard convincing religious groups about global warming. Most of them believe that it “God’s” will, and that nothing we do will change it. Some think that “God” is punishing us for our sins.


“You can’t love God and then spit on His creation.”

If all’s a gift then we need to treat our planet like a jewel.

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