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October 23, 2009
Argentina’s ‘Valijagate’ is $800,000 cash in a suitcase

Valijagate threatens to embroil at least one South American leader. Photo: Flickr user quecomunismo

There’s a story in Argentina that has become widely known under a simple title: La Valija (the suitcase). It should be destined to become that country’s version of Watergate. “Valijagate” refers to the discovery in August 2007 that Guido Antonini, a Venezuelan-born American, was carrying a suitcase containing $800,000 in U.S. currency when he arrived on a private plane at the Buenos Aires city airport, Aeroparque Jorge Newberry.

A new book, Los Secretos de la Valija (The Secrets of the Suitcase), is just out in Argentina, written by an Argentine colleague, Hugo Alconada, a journalist with La Nacion and the newspaper’s former Washington correspondent. (Full disclosure: Hugo is a friend, and he mentions me in the acknowledgments of the book, but I didn’t work on the investigation itself).

Alconada’s story percolates with intrigue and new revelations about the suitcase and Antonini, who ultimately said in a Miami trial that he was carrying the loot on behalf of a top Argentine official and that the money was from the Venezuelan oil monopoly, PDVSA.

But that came only after he wore a wire and became a cooperating witness with the U.S. Government. In resulting tapes, Venezuelan handlers promised him protection for claiming the suitcase was his, and not revealing that the suitcase was sent to the presidential campaign of the now-president of Argentina, Christina Kirchner.

Argentinian officials have denied involvement and Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has charged Antonini was employed by the Bush administration in a campaign to malign his government.

Alconada’s book, so far only in Spanish, deserves publication in English in the United States. His extensive investigation reveals:

  • The plane carrying Antonini and the suitcase that was transporting much more than the $800,000 — a total of $5 million.
  • Despite government denials, Antonini went to the Argentina presidential palace, the Casa Rosada, after the money was seized at the airport. Moreover, the book details a plan in which Argentine and Venezuelan officials coordinated a cover-up of the case.
  • It also notes that Antonini had a history of working for Chavez. He helped organize trips to 24 countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Pacific islands in a 2006 vanity campaign by the Chavez government to promote Venezuela’s appointment to a temporary slot on the UN Security Council.

There’s an interesting sidelight to the cloak and dagger story. A funny thing happened earlier this month as Alconada answered questions at a bookstore to promote his story. At some point, possibly when a questioner approached him as a distraction, his briefcase, which contained notes about three of his current investigations, disappeared.

A similar black briefcase was left in its place.

Alconada doesn’t get it and jumps to no conclusions. “My newspaper wrote a small piece about it, and it became a big deal. I don’t know how to explain what happened.”

– Peter Eisner

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Let’s see if Obama Amnesty is possibly worse than Obamacare.

Obama amnesty will give all the criminals of every nationality that came across our borders citizenship to all our amenities, to the Muslim Mafia, to the Latino Mafia from every South and Central American nation, including Communist Columbia. Is that what you the Patriot want?

Obama amnesty will eliminate our Constitutional protections against government take over even more.

1. It will give illegal alien Obama himself citizenship, which at present he cannot prove.

2. It will open the door to any foreigner, if he and his backers are rich enough, to become president. As long as OUR Constitution means nothing to the liberals except to what they claim, they can again put anyone into office they and our treasonous TV News companies think should be in office. They give free time to the people of their own choice.

Obama amnesty would guarantee the liberal coup to taking over our nation. To whom will the

illegal amnestied aliens give their vote? Naturally to the Democrats and to the Kenyan Muslim, Obama, who gave them this free admission to all of America’s riches. 10 to 12 million extra voters would guarantee that Obama and his liberals had taken over our nation, a ith armed body guards, as the rich must do in South American countries, would keep them out for only a while.

Nothing will stop this dictator except that each state secede from the Union yesterday. All Federal giveaways must be rejected. Each state must rule itself separately and jointly only with other seceded states under the Constitution. The faster this takes place, the more the liberals will see their isolation with the immense problem they have created.

There can be no compromise with liberals. They will follow no God given conscience, much less what is left of our Constitution. They are possessed by their own wisdom which the devils have filled them with.

I hope that none of this happens. But what are we Patriots going to do to stop this dictator and his socialist liberals from continuing to take over our nation? Because now, we do not have just a Kenyan Chicago style Mafia god father in OUR WHITE HOUSE. We now have a Kenyan Mafia DICTATOR whom the one world liberals in government and in our TV News companies love and support. If Obama gives amnesty to all the illegal aliens, they will have the “authority” to put into OUR WHITE HOUSE ANY other future foreigner they choose. Where will the money come from? From all the places in the world that first put this foreigner into OUR office of president. He still has millions of donations to keep us from his records of truth.

No Patriot running for office will ever be able to compete with world wide millionaires in raising funds. So, THE LIBERALS will HAVE SUCCEEDED IN BREAKING THE VOTING RIGHTS OF EVERY ONE OF US PATRIOTS. These liberal politicians and the majority of THEIR Supreme Court, including the chief justice who swore into OUR HIGHEST OFFICE the present illegal alien CONTRARY TO HIS OWN OATH, WITH the backing of most of our TV News companies have no loyalty to OUR TOTAL CONSTITUTION.

And OUR CONTSTITUTION WILL BE A DOCUMENT OF HISTORY. THE LIBERALS WILL OWN OUR LAWS, OUR WHITE HOUSE, OUR SENATE AND OUR HOUSE. And our descendents will be at their mercy. Our nation, being already bankrupt, will be at the mercy of the World Bank. While in our lawless neighborhoods, WE PATRIOTS will eventually be at the mercy of MUSLIM SHARIAH LAW.

All this because we kept on killing God’s babies at 3500 a day.

So, is Obama amnesty worse than Obama care? You be the judge.

Dear Jesus! We are Your servants. We saints, and the persecuted saints of the world, need America as Your safe haven. For the sake of those who have not heard of Your eternal salvation, bring total revival to our land. Rid us of Yours and our enemies. Save America for Your saints and our descendents, free from the tyranny of Your enemies, this dictator, these liberals, and world conquering Islam. Raise this Your nation to again be a light upon a hill, which no man can extinguish. We want to be Your servants into eternity with You. We implore You to give favor to all Your Patriots who are running for office. Give them power to undo every unconstitutional act this foreigner with His liberals has forced upon us Your servants. Bring us out of this indebtedness by cutting this government down to Constitutional size, so that Your Patriots are again be free to create the jobs so many so desperately need. Open our oil wells so that our fuel prices can drop and we are no longer financing our enemies in Islamic Iran and Saudi Arabia. You are only God, our only helper. All glory be to Your name forever and ever. Amen.


Bible Patriots! And Patriots!
You have no rights to America unless you claim them and fight for them. Whatever it takes! Do it! God will bless our nation if there are enough of us who speak out and do what we can. Prayers in Jesus’ name cause Jesus to put the angels to work for us. “He shall give His angels charge over thee …” You will lose them if you do not use them.


I just read a convincing article that proves that that sign in Kenya is a hoax. However, I have read that the women of the village where you were born in Kenya were awaiting with great expectation for “that white woman,” your mother, to give birth for your dad who was citizen of that Kenyan village.
The rest of my personal message to you is from God who motivated my heart to give you the opportunity to come clean before you are publicly exposed by your “free” press and your wife and daughters have to suffer such humiliation before the world. We are not your fools, needing your hand-outs nor your advice.
Your socialist friends have burdened you with the lies of the devils who have always wanted to destroy our God blessed nation. Our generosity stands as God’s “light on the hill” to all the nations of the world. Check it out for your self. Show us one nation in the history of the world that has been and is as generous as our nation, not through taxes and the blood of our children only; but through free will offerings over and above our taxes, most of which are unconstitutional. Your devilish teachers have closed your eyes to the facts of history.
We saints of God can easily clean those devils out of you with Jesus’ power. When you restore our Constitution to its rightful place in our, not your, White House, we will be able to show you how great the love we Americans have even for willful and deliberate liars who have so much blood of infants on their hands as do you, who finally come clean. But most of all, when you repent unconditionally to Jesus, You will find Him your very best friend, and His Father your best advisor. His Spirit will give you gifts which bless you, your wife, your daughters, and people you can and will help beyond your dreams. But first let God change your heart so that you can publicly become the man God meant you to be from all eternity. “I guarantee it.”
Patriots! God is depending on you to get this and the other message to Obama as soon as possible. Every document he signs is mute, because he has no qualification to be in our White House to sign them. The sooner we get this mess cleared up, the sooner God can begin to return the rest of our nation back to Himself. Keep praying confusion on the senate leaders over this treasonous health plan. God can do it. Look at how he changed the minds of all the Egyptians from task masters of the Jews as their slaves to rushing them out of Egypt with all their wealth. He can revive our nation as He did Nineveh in the Book of Jonah, if we hold Him to His promises.
We must stop boring God with our laziness, our indifference, and our compromises. And we must stop enraging Him with our outright wickedness. He is turning our streets over to gun shooting children, our property and jobs over to millions of illegal immigrants, and some of our traitors over to Islam’s Shariah Law. Muslims are already using the “hate crime” attachment of these political traitors to silence us Christians. We can let our traitors destroy us. Or, we can activate God according to His most gracious will. Why should we destroy ourselves as the Jews of our crying Jesus? He loves as much those Jews, if we will “reign” with Him in this national disgrace.


Bible Patriots! Let’s see how powerful prayer is.
Bible Patriots! We are at a crisis. The socialist thieves want to ram down our throats their huge debt of health care that kills more of God’s babies, containing who knows what other attachments they secretly add for their friends; a program so big and detailed no one knows what is in it. Let’s see how powerful prayer is.
Please pray with me, “Lord Jesus! I come against ObamaCare because it will indebt our descendents into bankruptcy, if not before by this time next year. ObamaCare finances the killing of millions more of Your babies. I do not want that blood on my descendents. They are Your babies. There are other ways of providing insurance for this Your nation. You can buy us into the insurance of our politicians and government officials. You can cause us to open insurance across state lines. You can enlarge the good instead of letting these socialists destroy what is already working. You can control the tort laws. You can control the greed of the drug manufactures and the owners of insurance companies and hospitals. Lord Jesus! In Your name I come against these socialist who want to take over all our health care with increased debt to everyone, while causing all Your money people to pull in their job creating money for precious metals or foreign countries.
“Lord Jesus! Cause confusion and fear to come upon these baby killers who want to destroy our dollar with their blood. Lord Jesus! Take back our nation, and rule it again by Your Constitution You gave us. We plead this to Your glory. Dear Jesus! If you let them destroy our nation, we will not be able to continue to send and carry Your Gospel to the millions of grand parents, the mothers and fathers, the children of 6800 unreached dialects, nor will we be able help Your world poor, Your children, Your widows. No other nation can nor will take our place. You are the only Giver. You are our only Prosperity we can have. Everything we are and have belongs to You. You are our only Savior from all our sins for eternity. We want to continue to be Your servants until You call us home. In Your mercy we ask this. Amen.”


The KJV says in James 4: 7, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” The literal translation directly from the Greek is, “Yesterday, be arranged, therefore, under God. Yesterday, stand against the devil, and he will flee (like a bird) from you.” The “Yesterdays” are the past imperative which Jesus and His Apostles also used. It means, “You should have done it yesterday. Then you could have the blessings already to day.”
Here is how to “stand against” the devils, to take charge over them, (Copy this down,) “Devils! I sever all ungodly partnerships, with my father and mother, with my brothers and sisters, with my enemies and my friends, with my children and those whom I’ve had sex with; so that you spirits cannot go back and forth, from them to me, and from me to them; through blood, through sex, through witchcraft, through drugs, through alcohol, through disobedience to God’s Word; because my soul, my will, my emotions, my body belong to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus!”
There is much more on “generational curses” and what devils try to do to us, if we let them, in the tract, “What is Your Mountain?” on my web page at


What would America be like if it never had a Constitution after separating from England? What would the world be like if America was part of England? Who would have saved Europe in the I and II World War? The Constitution is mute for all those now in office.

Is there any other nation who is keeping the Muslim Mafia from taking over the world? If America goes broke, who will stop them with information alone? Their Wahabi clerics are in every nation where their mosques are. They are the teachers of the children to become suicide bombers. Since not enough men volunteer, their leaders have even used retarded woman to carry out their suicide killings. Who will stop them from killing mostly Muslims whom they think are too liberal, let alone Americans, and Jews, and all Europeans who try to stop them? They have made it clear that only Shariah law rules them. So they keep killing their daughters, even when they are raped by their own brothers in white nations.

At the present, there are enough politicians and judges who quote for their own benefit which parts of the Constitution that serve their interest at hand, and ignore the rest having slander for those of us who try to hold them responsible according to the rest of the Constitution. Please ask Obama, “Prove that you are a citizen of the USA!” And please don’t swallow the Hawaiian lie which has no doctor’s name nor name of the hospital where he was born on it. The Kenyan village says they were waiting for that “white lady” to give birth for the black man that was one of their citizens.

Do you want a world in which the UN rules every nation without borders? That is what our socialists want. They want to use the UN to take away our guns. They can’t through our government so now they want to use the UN. They are the only tools that keep us free. They want our money to go bankrupt so that we have to accept UN money. If America goes that way, so will Europe and the other white nations. The world bankers then could rule every nation. It is to the best interest of every freedom loving person to help us bring back our Constitution as the basis of our law and order.

If no outsider cares about America now in this Constitutional crisis, then the blood of Americans which soaked the soil of European nations, Asian nations, and even nations in which Muslims were being killed; all their blood and the blood of our fore fathers to give us and them our freedom was spilled in vain.

Peter Eisner is an editorial consultant with Worldfocus and a 30-year veteran of international news. He has been an editor and foreign correspondent at The Washington Post, Newsday and The Associated Press. He co-authored “The Italian Letter,” which details fraudulent intelligence leading up to the Iraq War. He was founder and president of Newscom, an international online news service, and speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

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