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October 22, 2009
Religious minority clamors for legal rights in Indonesia

Correspondent and producer Jamila Trindle reports from Indonesia, where fundamentalists are posing new challenges to the democratically-elected government and to members of minority religious groups.




[…] Islamism in Indonesia is something I examined during my recent visit there (my thoughts picked up by the Atlantic). It’s a small issue that shouldn’t be over-estimated but the reality exists: […]


This is the stupidity to force anybody to change his faith,faith is one’s personal matter. Remember, swords can win territories but not hearts, force can bend heads but not minds……..


The intolerance leads to hatread and disintigration of the society. It is the duty of the government to provide the Fundamental Human Rights to all its citizens by upholding the scales even.


More information about Ahmadi’s in Indonesia can be found at


Religious freedom is a fundamental right of all human beings and the world community should be outraged with any infringement on this fundamental right.


An excellent piece of journalism by Ms. Trindle on a growing problem throughout the world.


The Ahmadi’s deserve the the same respect as other human beings. An interesting statement by the reporter was made “They (Ahmadi’s) would rather give up there country then there faith” I would highly recommend reading this: which nicely addresses how the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) handled persecution and where a Muslims loyalty should be.

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