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October 20, 2009
Saudi Arabia rehabilitating Al-Qaeda suspects

The distant future of U.S.-Saudi relations remains in doubt. King Abdullah is 85 years old, and it is unclear whether the next generation of Saudi leaders will be as friendly to the West.

But in the meantime, the Saudi government is cracking down on terror suspects and even has a program to rehabilitate al-Qaeda militants.

Daljit Dhaliwal talks to historian Robert Lacey about the latest developments in Saudi Arabia.

Do you think the Saudi government is doing enough to crack down on Al-Qaeda?

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It’s true that by oil deals (Bush and before) the US is keeping Saudi A. ‘warm’. We don’t address uncomfortable human rights issue. Double standard they’re playing. You’re right,Yousry


US, Israel to start major joint drills
Oct. 21, 2009
The US and Israeli militaries will launch their biggest joint missile defense drill yet on Wednesday, in the shadow of mounting missile threats from Iran, Hizbullah and Syria, and growing regional tension over Teheran’s nuclear program.

The Juniper Cobra 10 exercise will test responses to a range of incoming projectiles.

More than 1,000 members of the US military’s European Command and a similar number of IDF soldiers will participate, the IDF announced on Tuesday.

The two militaries will test Israel’s Arrow 2 Theater Ballistic Missile Defense System, and the American Navy’s AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense System. US Patriot advanced capability anti-missile missiles will also be deployed.

Seventeen US Navy ships have cruised into Israel’s territorial waters for the exercise, and will be visible from the coast. The fleet consists of missile ships that will fire dummy projectiles to test defenses, and radar ships that will play an integral part in the exercise.

Air force planes will play a variety of roles during the drill.

Radar stations have been erected around the country, and Israel’s Green Pine and Super Green Pine missile detection systems will be activated.

The US-made Forward Based X-band Tactical radar, situated in the Negev, which has long-range missile detection system, will also come into play. The X-band radar works in conjunction with the Arrow missile defense, while also transmitting data to a US joint tactical ground station.

The two countries have held smaller combined drills in the past.

American military officials arrived in Israel months ago to begin groundwork for the exercise, which has been in the planning for two years.

Over the past three months, preparations reached an intensive phase. Defense sources said they expect the drill to be a success, since the systems have all been successfully tested before.

Iran test-fired Shihab 3 long-range missiles at the end of last month, before holding a first round of nuclear talks with Western powers, in a move widely seen as an attempt to ward off a military strike on its nuclear sites.

Edward eat your heart!!!!!!


You may teach a dog by offering it treats for good behavior. You may teach those who act like dogs the same I believe.


The USA is in cahoots with the Saudis, beacuse of behind-the-doors deal we made long time ago when
King Saud was alive in the 1930s. Inspite of knowing where the 9/11 perpretors came from, in a hurry we safely repatriated the Bin Ladin family members who were in the US, back to Saudi Arabia. None of the media members have questioned the past administration why this was done. (The two Bushes have the oil drilling rights in Saudia, Bahrane and UAE). Again the media caters to the Bushes, and do not question. Now when the Bushes embarked on attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, the media played an important role for them, by incite the public opinion in their favor. How long will the media play along with our foreign policies? We must heed the advice of people like Robert Lacey. (I would have enjoyed what Robert had to say more, but for the interuptions of the anchor woman, who kept sticking her big nose).


Gee, I do believe that every time a guy blows himself up to become a martyr, that it helps to inhibit such actions when the Saudis give his family US$30,000. When I think about the Saudis, I am inclined to think that “friend” must be the same word as “customer” in their local jargon.


No, Saudi government is playing double standard. they openly say that they against terrorism but behind the door ,there is another story.most prince suppert terrorism financially, they supprt ElGahad, they promate the ideolgy of wahabi which it is the main decorine for terrorism. Saudi Arabia should be on the list of the countries that sponsor terrorism


NO. Saudi government is illegitimate and are helping Al-qaeda by their brutal policies and terrorism against their own people. If the saudi clan had not sold out arabia to the west there would be no al-qaeda today. al-qaeda is a reaction to injustices committed by the oppressive governments in muslim lands that are unfortunately supported by the West.


Terror, from any region, is bad. Amazingly, there is terror coming from both the East and the West. How can we Western nations, expect peace and to end the hatred some people have of us, while we bomb, torture and steal oil, diamonds, gold? We have some nerves. Until we drop our bigotry and arrogance, we can’t expect any spiritual revival, true peace and understanding. Here’s to an end to global neo-colonialism, and also Eastern terror. But one directly affects the other, and we in the West need to get off our Imperial high horses and stop the hypocrisy. We target peace lovers in our own country, Cointelpro, we target the same oppressed groups (typically Black and Brown people) that we oppress in 3rd world. Racism is what is driving our Capitalism, either we drop the racism or we continue to destroy the world. Here’s to world peace and an end to ignorance, racism. Children deserve a safe, clean world.


the issue is thawarted with byracial entities,the ethnic nature of islam has been damaged by american jewish superialism in media effect,democracy has been undermined for israel’s protectin at american common tax payers expense,and ignorance, when voting issues are demonstrated , a farce is in effect,mentality of qualified voters is challanged by professional spin artists (with post grad cert.) jews in america rule !!!!!!!!!


I think the Saudi Government has at much at stake as the United States has. They obviously know their own people 100 X better than we know them. I’m willing to let the Saudi try their way to slow or stop the causes behind extremism a/k/a terrorism over here.


Remind me again, where did the perpetrators and architects of 9/11 come from????

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