October 20, 2009
An unusual weapon in the war against extremism

Worldfocus correspondent Hoda Osman and producer Rebecca Haggerty visited the North African kingdom of Morocco to report on how many Moroccans – including those in the government – are turning to Sufism as a moderating influence in the fight against religious extremism.

For more on Sufism in Morocco, read about the music, mysticism and moderation.




I am a huge fan of moroccan sufism. The piece was full of false info, though. The whirling derwishes were clearly from Syria or Turkey. Then there was the information, that the Aissaoua brotherhood originated in Fez, when the shrine and mausoleum of the founder Sidi Mohamed ben Aissa is in neighbouring town of Meknes. The info was given together with some flamenco music of Andalucia. All in all a nice advert for the annual commercial festival of Sacred Music in Fez, but little to do with actual sufism in Morocco. Where people in trance is the norm at the religious moussems, which is the real thing. Not this commercial one.


Thank you for a good report. I hope more can be shared throughout the media to give balance on reporting about religion.


Nice piece!


Sufism and other mystical paths that all point to unity have a lot to offer all cultures in the world today. I hope some day to be able to join those in Morocco who are able to experience it in true community, at its roots.




This is a brilliant report that connects a mystical, highly spiritual ritual with our daily political challenges. It brings Sufism back to earth and provides a window for the rest of us to get a taste of a different view on Islam.
Thanks very a very enlightening report


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