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October 19, 2009
Afghan immigrants find refuge in oil-rich Iran

As the world’s second largest oil producer, Iran’s economy has been cushioned by the economic downturn. Though Iran has been branded a nuclear outlaw and supporter of terrorism, to its neighbors, Iran is a model of stability. It is estimated that approximately 3 million Afghan immigrants in Iran are doing low-skill labor.

Remittances of 2.5 billion dollars make up Afghanistan’s entire national budget.

Richard O’Regan reports from Tehran.

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Irooni is such a liar. Yeah Iran “makes” cars. Want to know what kind of cars? How about the Kia “Pride”, which is the old Ford Festiva which was manufactured in the west from 1986-1993. You can buy this wonder for $10000 in Iran. Great deal huh?

How about the car made only by Iran? The “Iran Khodro Samand”. This car is based on the old Peugeot 405 (which by the you can still buy in Iran for a mere $15000), which is sold in Iran for $16000. The same Samand is sold right across the Persian Gulf in Dubai for $6000!

Iran makes Jets? Yeah Jets based on the F4 which is a plane from the 60s!

Btw, Iran has some of the highest brain drains in the world. Which is why some of our brightest are working in the US, for instance the head of NASAs Mars exploration team.


Iran is the largest and most advanced economy in the region and also has a large industrial base which produces everything from cars to jets.

Another interesting social dynamic is the peaceful transition of these Afghans into Iran’s stable and prosperous economy, unlike impoverished terror ridden Pakistan where most Afghans are living in squalid refugee internment camps and victims of Saudi Wahabbi fundementalist brainwashing and terrorist Jihadi philosophy.

Iran has also spent large funds on the welfare and education of Afghans, including aid package for Afghan national reconstruction and economic development. Iran is indeed a beacon of hope and regional stability.


A model of stability? Did AN himself produce this?


Jim, see if you can view this video, I think you may find it interesting.

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