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October 16, 2009
One billion people around the world go hungry

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization said more than one billion people worldwide — one-sixth of the global population — suffer from hunger.

Anita Shawa of the United Nations Millennium Campaign to end poverty and hunger joins Martin Savidge to discuss the campaign’s goal to halve the people who suffer from hunger by 2015.

Al Jazeera English’s Amr al-Kahky reports from Egypt on the difficulty of buying the basic necessities. Rising food prices have led to increased poverty and heightened security issues.




the world has enough food for every one


the world have enough food for every one, the problem is the first world, the World bank and IMF does not allow the poor countries to grow their own crops and want to control the seeding by modifing geneticlly as the case Of the evil MONSANTO CORP. who want to enslave the poeple in the world thruogh the branding and privtizing production to satisfy their greed without any remorse for the hungry ,world bank and IMF does the same and even better job in drowning the poor countries in debt that they can never come out of. This is sadly how greedy and unhuman some bats had become,of course through DEMOCRACY HA HA HA

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