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October 15, 2009
Full Show: October 15, 2009

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The article on what is happening in the arctic should be a permanent signature series. I link to this episode as the best video on climate change to show the nay sayers that the change can be seen in real time. Your video is an eye opener. Please do not delete it.


There will always be poor people. If you feed poor people and provide medical care for them, they usually breed more poor people. The United States has done more than enough to care for the world’s poor. It is time for poor countries of the world to accept some responsibility for their own problems. Poor countries should work with the United States and other developed nations to institute stringent birth control measures to control their population growth. The developed world is blamed for global warming, but the undeveloped world causes a lot of problems through deforestation and the use of charcoal for cooking and heating. What is the purpose of saving all these people if they live lives of extreme poverty and deprivation?

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