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October 14, 2009
A final verdict on the decision to invade Iraq

U.S. soldier with Iraqi child. Photo: Flickr user The U.S. Army

The war in Iraq began in March 2003, and U.S. soldiers continue on an ambitious draw-down. Yet the world does not agree on whether the war was successful.

The Iraqi human rights ministry reported that 85,000 Iraqis died from murder, bombs, and fighting from 2004 through 2008.

Given those Iraqi deaths and the death of 4,350 American troops –  but also the ousting of Saddam Hussein –  did former President Bush make the right decision by going to war in Iraq?

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Saddam Hussein’s sponsored terrorism and invaded Kuwait for which he should have been ousted. The Iraqi people benefited from his removal and the people in the Middle East are now more secure.


Hi Martin,
and Thanks for a meaningful topic,

ST: YES with Tongue in Cheek
ST: Terrorists, WMDs, BAD men, Capitalist Democracy for ALL.

My real reply is DUMB and NO even to Mr Wolfowitz ( You remember him with mistress in hand pulling down a huge salary and then getting kicked out of the World Bank.

Yet let’s run the argument from the Cheney, Condi side.

Saddam or Sad-Ham (as Bushy-1 called him) is a Bad Man, Bad men need punishing. Get out of Dodge Sad-Ham my guns are bigger than yours. I’m coming into town and I want you “Dead or Alive” (Bushy-II actually said that)

People like Sad-Ham must be behind Terrorist groups aimed at the USA since they are bad, right. (The facts support the opposite for Saddam’s not-good regime which was consistent with Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia. In Fact Saddam worked to teach girls in school and broke other firm region Islam laws, yet not all)

SO We have to get rid of Sad-Ham cause he support terrorists. RIGHT, RIGHT. Hey Rush run a radio show.

And we all know that Big Bad Iraq (a word made by the UK) is after Nukes to Nuke the Heck out of Israel and even us in the USA. I mean my gosh WMD’s are going to destroy all of us. And we have informants we are paying big bucks to, to tell us this stuff. And if that isn’t enough we have tortured a Sheik to tell us we are correct. SO they must have WMD’s RIGHT, Right!! Hey O’Reilly, Hannity run a Show and build the base.

Finally, we are so GOOD here in the USA. I mean we really mean mouth those Democrats and call them unAmerican cause they think and care for stupid stuff. Every country in the Middle East should be just like us the Rush/Fascist-GOP so we want to spread our F-GOP brand of capitalism with our companies front and center.


yes but he got tangled in the propaganal of the left


YES AND NO. (Yes), in a way because we were always having to shoot down Iraq’s fighter planes in the no fly zone, so at some point, one has to say enough is enough. (No) In that we did not do very good planning for entering the war, prosecuting the war, the occupation and the exit of the country. We thought it would be a cake walk and found out that we were taking on thousands of years of history. I think it’s too early to actually say for sure – history will tell us for sure and if it is no – then hopefully we will learn from it and if it was yes, then hopefully we’ll do better planning for any future actions. I think we were set up by the Russians, Iran, China, Syria to name a few – they wanted us to become bogged down – this writer has never trusted these named countries. For sure we should have had 4 times the number of combat troops in Iraq as we have had and the same with Afghanistan. JW @ USA


Even at the time, it was obvious that in the wake of 9/11 Bush was exploiting the understandable fear of the American people to push through an agenda he had before he became president. It’s sickening how many human souls all over the world were lost as a result.


No. War is never a “right decision.” It is a decision taken when the alternative to War is death or extreme mortal threat, when a nation or society is unwilling to risk itself in the interests of peace. Saddam Hussein’s deposition is no excuse for war. He may as well be living in Dubai, there was no threat of WMD.


I don’t think the war was a good idea, we should have spent our money and treasure in Afganistan instead of Iraq weeking out the Taliban and Al-quieda. And to get rid of Sadam, we should have sent in special forces to take him out.


At first i thought he did it to avenge the attempted attack on his wife and father but it didn’t take long to realized it was oil and greed. All those people are dead for no other reason.


NO! NO! A thousand times NO!


Bush was driven by his greed for oil and to out do his father’s failure to oust Saddam in the first Gulf War. Saddam was ready to pack his bags and flee the country long before the invasion in 03. Saddam was only waiting for a country to accept him.
Bush’s invasion of Iraq in the spring of 03 did more to destabilize the political balance of the world and the ripples of his Iraq war will be felt around the world for generations to come.
I feel the 85,000 number for civilians Iraqis dead is a very low figure actual dead and years to come we will see the real number of civilian casualties to be far above this present figure. The death, destruction, and undoing of a country and society which has occurred in Iraq can never be justified. And when we view all the lies Bush used to justify the US invasion then we can only sum up that Bush and his administration are truly war criminals of the highest degree.


No. He increased terrorism around the world and made us less safe. He should be charged with war crimes.


We were definitly sold a bill of goods regarding Iraq. No WMD’s, no Taliban, No al-queda….WTF.


Absolutly not, it was and remains to be a terrible decission. We invaded a country that demonstrated no threat to the united states. We have lost over 4,000 American fighting men and woman. And we have aided in the further destablization of the middle east. As far as it not being President Bush’s call, it completly was… he was our president and the decision lied with him, he was “the decider” remember. The fact that he allowed himself to be bullied by his own administration is not an excuse. All was done under the framework of retaliation for the 9-11 attacks, and to this day the perpetrators of those attacks still remain free. But even in these troubling economic times the contractors that key members of the Bush administration were in bed with have made billions in profits, this is not a coinsidence.


Definitely a bad decision, yet as others have said here GW did not make the call. Nor on some level did Cheney, Rumsfeld or the rest of the cartel.

Clinton once said something interesting about what happens when one gets elected President. After all the ceremonies are over, a group of men enter the Oval Office and say, “Mr. President, this is the way it’s going to be!”

Like Vietnam – said to have occurred as a result of the Gulf of Tonkin “Incident” (which never happened), 9/11 was the “false flag” incident used to justify the invasion of Afghanistan as the launching point of a “bogus war on terrorism.”

There is an excellent film that speaks to this produced by a leading investigative journalist and film producer from Italy. It’s titled “ZERO”, is fully available on YouTube, and presents a series of statements of scholars and scientists throughout Europe who are convinced that 9/11 was an “inside job” by the US created precisely to being its bogus war on terrorism as a means to control the world.

Connecting the dots between it, our global economic meltdown (which is just the tip of the iceberg now), and growing conflict and dislocation of some 50M refugees – some walking for two months through the desert or from Afghanistan and Iraq to France in their effort to escape life-threatening situations in their homeland – one has only to ponder the public declarations of folk like David Rockefeller with his intention to create a “one world government” to recognize the larger game being played here.

Bottom line – Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Middle East, Africa, etc. are all symptoms of a larger agenda, and unless there is a committed, public effort to put an end to that the handwriting is on the wall.

A Chinese official recently said, “I always knew the US would collapse one day. I just didn’t know it’d be this soon!”

Considering we’ve a $1.4T national debt, growing poverty, hunger and unemployment in our own country, and an geometrically increasing “complexity” in our way of life that is hardly healthy – these mixed with being financially “owned” by the Chinese who have their own ruthless attitude toward human life – things don’t look very good for America.

I’m thinking perhaps the single largest leverage point of the American people is to “force” this administration to pursue a wholly transparent and fully accountable truth commission that will bring truth to the surface surrounding the events of 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. and hold accountable the entire array of participants responsible for it. There should be NO immunity here, and when all this comes to light, I’d venture the underlying driving forces would be revealed as well, from which the agenda would come crashing down like a house of cards.

Biggest problem? Getting the American public to stand up strong enough to force Congress and this Administration to pursue an honest truth commission. Seems we haven’t mustered to that extent since the days of opposition of the war in Vietnam.


Bush and Cheney thought the Iraq War would be a cake walk. They felt they could invade Iraq, dominate the war, defeat Saddam’s army, dictate a new government, be seen as liberators and make themselves and their BIG OIL and BIG CORPORATE (Halliburton etc.) sponsors filthy rich with Iraqi Oil (Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world, second only to Saudi Arabia). They manipulated intelligence and made America feel if they did not go along, they were not “PATRIOTIC” (“support our troops”, “war on terrorism” etc.). Several things make my stomach sick. One of them is the death of so many innocent civilians. One is how the Republican based Evangelist and most all other Christian Churches backed their “PRO-LIFE” President (pro-life/pro-war…???, would have Jesus chosen war?). Another is how Cheney’s company, Halliburton/KBR got the contract to rebuild Iraq and perform troop support with a closed bid (no other contractors were allowed to bid). Another is how Bush used American Taxpayer money and American troops to pursue his ambitious financial agenda, while the rest of the world decided to opt out. This whole ‘INVADE-CONQUER-OCCUPY’ theory has been used by some other very sick people such as Hitler.


It was not Bush’s decision alone, to create regime change in Iraq. The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 was signed by President Bill Clinton. If you don’t believe me, look it up on the Library of Congress website. Thomas-dot-loc-dot-gov In 1998 (2 years before GW became POTUS) President Clinton, VP Gore, the Senate and House proclaimed “It should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.”


Though fabricated intelligence led to the war with Iraq, it is useful to know that the neocons had an eye on the Middle East and particularly Iraq ever since at least the 70s; hence, the fabricated intelligence. Again, the power to declare war must be vested in collective bodies of a national character, like parliaments. As long as such power is vested in one person alone, even if that person is elected democratically, there is no escaping the possibility of war, since individuals are prone to corruption and influence by others.


Bush’s decision to invade Iraq was a huge catastrophe for the Iraqi and American people. 85,000 Iraqi dead is probably an undercount. Besides 4000 American dead, there are tens of thousands of young American men and women once in the fullness of youthful health whose lifes have been maimed and torn apart forever by lost limbs and eyes, huge psychological and traumatic injuries from which the damage is largely irrevocable. The promise of these young lives has been snuffed out by the mindless venality and malice of Bush.

The Iraqi people still live under conditions far worse than under Saddam,as they will for much of a generation. Not even under his bloody regime were there anything like the number of deaths under Bush’s bloody regime in Iraq.

In the meantime Bush’s father has sat on the boards of major defense companies, reaping riches from the lost lives and maimed bodies and lives of our young people.

The monstrousness of this event is beyond words.


Hell no! Just like Vietnam, it was all about making
money. I guess our leaders just get stupid.


The invasion of Iraq by the United States was a disastrous decision by the Bush administration. Bush declared a “war on terrorism,” which was launched by Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda, supported by the Taliban, were operating out of Afghanistan not Iraq. In fact, Saddam Hussein did not support Al Qaeda and prevented them from establishing a foothold in Iraq. The decision to invade Iraq was based on faulty and manipulated intelligence and diverted the focus from Afghanistan. As a result, for the last seven years, Afghanistan has been neglected, allowing the Taliban to gain a foothold and to escalate a burgeoning insurgency. Now we are paying a terrible price in treasure and human lives and will be for years to come to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a failed state. It is unfortunate that both Congress and the media, who would normally have provided the checks and balances of an overreaching president, totally capitulated to the spin and propaganda of the Bush administration. Obviously, we learned nothing from the Vietnam war, which was also based on disinformation and propaganda.


Bush was dead wrong on his decision to invade Iraq. I believe he was acting out of a religious zeal that made him think it was his destiny to democratize the Middle East.


A war of choice, and it was the wrong road taken. The coin and lives expended will never justify the result of a coup. The CIA could have done it for less.


Those who justify the war by pointing out what a monster Saddam was, should remember that it was the US that helped him gain power and stay in power even while he was committing the most outrageous crimes against his own people. Not until he became a liability to the special interests, did we take action to get rid of him. All this at the American tax-payers expense.


war with Iraq was a Very big mistake, Iraq posed no danger to USA, Iraq was more of a threat to Israel that was the neocons real reason for the war with Iraq. By removing Saddam Hussein from power we aided the terrorist in their war against us.


The invasion of Iraq by the Bush administration is a war crime in and of itself.


It was a huge mistake. A huge, unjust, expensive, selfish mistake.


Going to war with Iraq was a mistake, Iraq posed no danger to USA. CIO’s good work in Afghanistan should have been supported instead. That’s where the danger was.


We did in Iraq what we forbid any other nation to do: invade another country with no justifiable provocation. Those who led us into that war should be prosecuted for crimes of war. All the American lives lost, maimed, or suffering traumatic syndrome; all the innocent people of Iraq who died or suffer pysical or mental debilitation – all indicate the gravest moral evil. We know who led us into that war. We know who is guilty. Likewise, we as a country are hated and threatened by all who recognize the betrayal of our position as a moral power for good. Are we better off as a nation, as a people than we were 9 years? Is the world a more moral and just place because of our actions in Iraq?
Will we ever be able to face the truth? Will we ever learn from our moral weakness and abuse of power?!


I believe the decision to invade Iraq was probably the most catastrophic, criminally irresponsible mistake in our nation’s modern history. We will suffer the consequences of this debacle for generations to come. Just horrible


After all the intel reports gathered from France, Germany, Russia,etc., Ex-Pres. Bush pushed by Ex-VP Chiney invaded Iraq without true justifications.

After falsely accusing Saddam for developing WMD (which no WMD was found) to save his Bushy face, Bush story changed to remove the tyrant/dictators that kills thousand of Iraqis…

Which is worst, about 85K Iraqis were killed during the unpopular war plus 10K Iraqis still missing and not to forget about 5,000K US Troops killed in action.

What happens now to those millions of refugee that are still suffering from the Bush/Chiney invations on Iraq.

Trillions of US Dollars were wasted by Bush & Chiney in the Iraq War that we Americans would have the money available to cover up the economic recessions caused by then Bush/Chiney.

Even until now, nobody can give the final amount or costs of Bush/Chiney War totally wasted on Iraq.

American Safer??? On the contrary,I think this Iraq war have not made the US and Americans all over the world safer. Now, those Iraqis (children, orphans, blood relatives, etc.) that were badly affected by Bush/Chiney War on Iraq will come back for revenge and will haunt us.


Dubya was lied to by senior aids, and then lied to the US. He even later admitted that his ‘facts’ were wrong. It was all wrong, what a pity t5hat History will Condemn Pres, G.W.Bush, more so than his VP Who so Ill advised him.


I saw an interview on television of an American commander who was stationed in Iraq back in 2004, and he said that if his station saw 4 or 5 “insurgents” walk into an Iraqi restaurant, they would bomb the entire restaurant. I believe that if we had not committed war crimes like these, we would have had much better success with the mission in the long term. The mission statement given by President Bush was to bring down Saddam Hussein and his regime and to LIBERATE the Iraqi people. He did not declare war against the Iraqi people themselves, who basically disapproved of their own government. In my opinion our military was not entirely faithful to President Bushs’ mission statement because of the war crimes that they committed.


It was and remains the correct thing to have done. It is the one of the ways to prevent more terrorist attacks on our shores. If we had not taken those necessary actions I wonder where we would be today. Probably six feet under. I’m very concerned about the direction this President is taking us and wonder where this policy will leave us. I’m very uncertain irregardless of the premature awarding of the Nobel peace prize.


Even the smallest of military minds know the dangers of starting a second front. It was not wise then, and we are still suffering from the effects with the war in Afganistan uncertain.


Given all that we know now, it was the wrong decision.


I wonder if George II, Chaney, Wolfawitz et al abandoned Afghanistan (no oil?) and moved on Iraq (has oil) to block any attempt by our next global competitor, China to secure that nation’s reserves at our expense. (China has moved into Africa securing oil and seeks more). Such logical action is possibly understandable HOWEVER; if George II and his cohorts invaded for the reasons they publicly proffered that scares the hell out of me! To abandon one war and botch another based principally on ideology is incompetence at best and criminality at worse.


We should definitely NEVER have gone into Iraq and start a war. In fact, regarding that, we should never have elected George Bush!


I do not believe the Iraqi war deserves to be called a just war. I think that the claims that our withdrawal will cause more trouble should be more thoroughly explained.


I believe the war in Iraq was absolutely unnecessary.I also believe the only reason we attacked Iraq was to gain control of their oil resources. In other words it was a war for oil, not democracy for Iraq.


How very sad that the blind determination of one small group of people was allowed to affect the lives of so many people and the course of history so negatively. How frightening to realize that such unwise action of such great magnitude was able to go forward unsuccessfully challenged by someone, somewhere in this world.


Bush and the neocons were not alone in going to war with Saddam Hussein, they had help (e.g., Tony Blair). Here is a new idea: Rather than just focusing on Bush, Blair, and their war crimes, why not educate our children to the point where war would become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, we can avoid future wars by investing the power to declare war in collective bodies of a national character, such as parliaments.


A war based on falsified evidence can only be wrong.


Sadam Hussein had to be taken out, WMD’s or not. George W. Bush made a difficult decision. History will show that the War will be the turning point of bringing Iraq’s people into the 21st century with a better, fuller life and standard of living. Sadam Hussein and his regime lived in the past and offered Iraqi people nothing but hardship and tyranny.


The comments here run about 20 – 1 opposed, but what’s most apparent is the hatred voiced therein. Words like “thugs”, “neocons”, “thieves”, “robberbarons”…etc, to describe the Bush administration(not to mention the implication of total incompetence). It’s astounding the depths these people are willing to plumb to voice their hatred. Well…was he an “ignorant” “5 year old” “cowboy”, or a fiendish “neocon” “robberbaron”? Was he the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, or the blithering idiot. You people seem to be divided on that, but united in your hatred of him. Whether it was a good or bad idea, the outcome is that over 30 million Iraqis don’t have to worry about Saddam any more. As many as 42,000 a year wont die under Saddam any more. George Bush did far better for the Iraqis than this forum has done for him. He owes no apologies for ending Saddam’s tyranny. You all should examine your own motive and feelings, because this vitriol has become the coin of the realm of American politics now.


Prem Kanoth
When Islamic fundamentalist attacked US,Mr Bush made the right choise to go after al queda.But sadly he went in to Iraq to destroy a country which has not done any thing to us.Pakistan is one country who is traning all the Terriost,financed by Saudi Arabia,because of george Bush stupidty almost One million people in Iraq died.In the process we destroyed our economey.It is sad United States of America is best country in the World.People here have no knowledge. about rest of the world.Bush left to himself may be nice man,but one of the worst US presedent.


This was probably the worst decision in US history. It was and is a terrible mistake.


Yes. Why are we continuing to debate such an obvious success?


George Bush did the right thing. By his decisions, and our actions, 55 million Muslims were freed from 2 tyrannical regimes. The “torture” experienced at the hands of troops in Abu Gharaib pales in comparison to the 14,000 executed in Abu Gharaib every year Saddam was in power. That’s one prison…out of dozens of prisons. History will be much kinder to G.W. Bush than the media was, and is. Saddam Hussein was a murdering bastard who’s rule would have never ended til his death and then Uday or Qusay would have continued on. Over the course of 28 years, Saddam killed an estimated 1.5 million Iraqis…basically for fun. For freeing 50+million from tyranny, Bush was reviled. Barrack Obama received a Nobel peace prize simply for not being Bush. In this respect Obama has some very big shoes to fill.


Saddam Hussein was a miserable tyrant, but he had no WMDs, no nukes, and had stopped killing his countrymen some time before. He hated the Al Qaeda bunch, and presented no major problems to us or to his neighbors at the time of George Bush’s unnecessary invasion. It was a stupid, horrible waste of American lives, and he and his gang of thugs should be held accountable for this bad decision, which has made our problem with Afghanistan drag out two or three times longer than it might have originally. A quagmire before we got there, there’s no telling how long we’ll be stuck there with troops already sick and tired from years of war.


Why are we still debating about the worst military and foreign relations decision this country has made in its history?


Please, let’s end this stupid war of revenge now. Let’s get back to building families and our economy. It’s been seven years. That’s two years longer than World War Two. Bring our boys and girls back now!


President Bush {41} Should have moved our troops into Iraq during Desert Storm {with proper air support}, and not have left it for his son to do later.


Saddam was a world menace. He & his sons murdered 100’s of thousands of their own citizens with little or no cause. If Saddam was alive today, & if he & A-Jad of Iran joined forces, we the civilized world might be in grave peril. We can be proud we freed thousands of innocent Iraqi people from tyranny!


NO! Bush knew Iraq didn’t have nukes, and had nothing to do with 911. We should have went after the real villian, Bin-Laden, instead of Hussien. Bush & his fat buddy Cheney should be put on trial for deceiving the American people!


This was the worst thing the USA has done. I am sure more were killed. It destroyed an entire country without cause .Bush’s Policy also has destroyed so much of what this country represented.It is very tragic. Only the crooks seem to survive..


“Cowboy” GW decided to “finish” what his father left undone, and establish his equality or superiority to his brighter brother with the spirit of the oil wildcatters of Texas. He gave Cheney the OK to badger the CIA to produce the evidence that the invasion was justified. The evidence was tainted. Other nations understood this. But our cowboy wanted to make his mark and his Veep was only too glad to oblige. Mistake? Too mild. Catastrophe of epic proportions.


Bush made a major blunder by going into Iraq, against the advice of his military advisors. We’ve lost face with the world organizations and we’ve squandered our youth in a country that hates us and doesn’t have a clue to the sacrifices we’ve made for them.


Absolutely not.Bush and his cronies should be jailed for war crimes.His actions are illegal and immoral.


Invasion of Iraq was an illegal act. The Secratary General of the UN clearly stated before the invasion that such a pre-emptive invasion and war was a violation of the UN Charter (to which the U.S. is a signature). Pope John Paul clearly stated prior to the U.S. invasion that it would be an immoral war.
Interestingly, in Greenspan’s book he states that he had numerous meetings with President Bush arguing that Saddam had to be removed (regime change) for the sake of western access to stable oil supplies. Had Iraq’s major export been bananas there would not have been an invasion/war/occupation.


NO! How could anyone argue, even years from now, that invading Iraq was a good idea, helpful, rational, supported by good documentation, supported by the global community, or anything else? It was obviously a vendetta by the Bushs against our former Bathist puppet, whom we propped-up. It was a way to control oil in the region and make money for Halliburton. It was wrong from the beginning, and it will always be sad and wrong. Cheney and the rest of his ilk must go to jail for high crimes. Unfortunately, about 50% of the USA are too stupid to recognize any of this because they are watching either Fox News or get their political info from their church.
If I had been in Bush’s shoes, and let’s say I sincerely did not know 9/11 was coming, I would not have flown all the powerful Saudis out of the USA in government aircraft. I would have gone to the United Nations and got a force of 500,000 international troops (including from Moslem nations) on the ground to quickly clamp-down on Afgan elements and end the threat. The Bush Admin never wanted to end the threat, never wanted to catch Bin Laden, and never wanted to end their rule by FEAR.


Most comments so far are right on. That 5 yr old cowboy from the playground made the mistake of the century. I feel America should demonstrate what it means to be evolved. Hopefully this is the century.
If not now when? when the planet is no longer here?. Grow up. boys.


Absolutely Not. War or violence is rarely the answer to any problem and should always be the true last resort, because once the shooting starts the tragedy is uncontrollable and long lasting. Further, this war destroyed the historical tenet of no first strike by civilized nations. As alien as we Americans are to the concept, this war confirmed to the world what is widely believed that America was the great threat to world peace. No wonder the rest of the world cheered Mr. Obama’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize for explicitly disavowing this attitude of governance in world politics while Americans with stupefied expressions asked “Why?”


The U.S. should have never invaded Irak, Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, nor with WMD. It only added more hate to the American people, but what can one expect from a cowboy president. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, he is likeable!! period.


This war was never about right or wrong or freeing Iraq from Saddam Hussain. It was about profit for the privateers, plain and simple and no one is going to be proscecuted for their treasonous conduct.
Shame on us!


NO! A blunder with great long term consequences.. Worse than the decision to go into Vietnam!!!


Bush made a major mistake by going into Iraq. We needed to stay in Afganistan and finish the job there. We should have ousted Ben Ladin and reduced the terrorist threat, Saddam had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and he didn’t have WMDs


The decision to invade Iraq was deeply ignominious and will be viewed by people who seek justice, as repugnant to the extreme. As evil as Sadam Hussein was, the removal of his regime from power did not have to result with the death in the thousands of innocent Iraqis, the destruction of a proud nation and the advent of religious and sectarian intolerance. Around the time of the invasion, there were far much greater humanitarian disasters such as the civil wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Darfur that would have required the attention of the USA and the so called Coalition of the Willing. Sadam was definitely a dictator who deserved to be removed from office, but certainly not an imminent threat to the US or even a danger to the world community


Bush made a major blunder by going into Iraq; we were supposedly going after Al-Quaida – who weren’t there.


ABSOLUTELY NOT! As a retired military member and having been involved with the first Gulf war, I was very much against what President Bush precipitated.
On the brighter side, we are delighted that Martin is back!!


Yes! Absolutey. Have you forgotten how most of us felt at the time? For all those critics who want to compare it to Vietnam, remember why we lost there — we did not fight to win. The only way to accomplish the original goal and to validate the losses already sustained it to throw ourselves into with everything necessary to WIN. Compare those numbers of dead with the numbers that were dying under Saddam’s reign, with no gains to show for them, only worsening conditions.


It was a mistake that this country and Iraq will pay for 50 years to come. Afganistan was the target, with Pakastain the solution. Iraq was an excuse for Bush neocons. We have learned only arigance torword other cultures and ignored historys teachings. Anyone who disagreed was not part of the team or considered unpatriotic.


I think that WHEN the Iraqi population had finally gotten tired of Saddam they would have outed him. America should NOT be the world cop.
I know little BUT I did know that going into Iraq was a mistake. I could see some of the pitfalls even then.
How is it that no one in power could not see the future? It was right there in there faces.
GREED is WHY we invaded Iraq, the only WHY.
America along with Israel are nothing more than terrorist states.


NO. History will show that by going to war in Iraq, Bush actually lost the war on terror. Instead of doing what was needed to eliminate terror, he had the US fight Saudi Arabia’s war for them. Saddam Hussein was a threat to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, not the US.


It was the biggest mistake a President of the US ever made. Of course he was chosen as a candidate by the neocons, led by Cheney, so they could carry out their warped ideas. The CIA and the State Department was ignored in order to go to war. It will go down in history as (I hope) our blackest h our. The torture alone would make that so.


Not a single decision made by Little Bush was ever right in his entire life. This was the most calamitous. Nothing good has been gained, & plenty of tragedy has been suffered. Bush is a war criminal. Even if self-serving politicians do not establish that de jure, history will do so de facto.




We all know Mr. Bush was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In fact, I believe he was totally manipulated by Cheney to invade Iraq in order to bring about the Armagedon among other selfish Cheney reasons. “He tried to kill my daddy” Bush stated shortly after the invasion. OMG……what a terrible 8 years. It will take Obama his full two terms to reverse all the damage Bush did including invading a harmless Iraq (at least harmless to the USA).


Absolutely not. His father, former President Bush, was advised not to go on to Baghdad at the time of the Gulf War because of the havoc such an invasion would cause. This was amply proven right by what has since happened. Unfortuately, President George Bush’s advisers, greedy robber oil barons, pushed for an invasion in the mistaken hope that they could seize control of Iraq’s oil resources. Instead, riotous disorder resulted costing countless lives and casualties. The U.S. should with draw immediately and unconditionally and let the Iraquis put their own house in order anyway they can. Nothing can be gained by being caught amidst the vicious historical sectarianism that dominates the region.


The dubbya screwed up. He put both feet into a political/religious arena that he was not prepared to enter. There is only one realpolitic solution in that area.
That is the Mongol solution. Oft quoted as “They made a desert and called it peace”.
In the process of pacifying the area from China to Finland the Mongols killed four of every five inhabitants. Salted the land, destroyed the water supply systems used for irrigation, and constructed towers of tears. The towers were made of live people piled around a central post, feet in, and covered over. Some of the towers were over one hundred feet high. Some towers still exist.


No! I’m glad to finally see an account of the number of Iraquis lost. We have destroyed their country and made enemies of most citizens. I think it was a sham and a shame to put US soldiers in this situation, particularly those soldiers duped into joining up after 9-11.

The reverberations will be felt for decades to come. I suppose if private corporations such as Haliburton can make a profit, any collateral damage is acceptable? This is hypercapitalism at it’s ugliest. I wish I could personally apologize to all the victims-on both sides.

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