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October 13, 2009
U.S. ponders normalized relations with Cuba

Fidel Castro no longer runs the Cuban government – his brother does. Though there have been some reforms in recent years, human rights activists say Cuba fundamentally remains a repressive state.

Jose Moya, professor of Latin American history at Barnard College, speaks with Martin Savidge about the state of press freedom in Cuba and tolerance of government criticism.

Moya also discusses other aspects of the human rights situation, in addition to Internet access and the potential softening of the economic embargo.

Should the United States normalize relations with Cuba, as some have called for?

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hey hugh, that is a totally different subject, you must be referring to POW’s of the US/Alqaida war. In that case you’re in the wrong page.


Those who decry the denial of human rights and torture in prison should remember that much of it occurs in Guantanamo.


Cuba doesn’t want the embargo lifted, just like they refused to be part of the OEA. That is only a tool the govt. can use to point their finger at EVERYTHING that is wrong with their brute ways of governing. The embargo does not stop them from trading with Canada, Mexico, Brasil Spain, etc. and there is no profit there for the U.S. market, it is all controlled by their ‘castroism’ regime who kills, terrorizes, and starves their people.


All of you who want to visit Cuba, should! Spent a week with a family there, then come back and blog. The sad part is that the family won’t be able to come with you and enjoy the fruits of capitalism which some take so for granted. This that I’m doing right now is one of them, god bless the US. By us not trading with Cuba is just a way of saying we don’t agree with your brutal ways of governing, because even in China people can buy meat everyday. I agree with those who have been scarred and bled, everyone has their own opinion, even the president of Iran!


Any profit of any trade with Cuba will keep going towards profeting tne Cuban communist regime and never to those in need, it has been that way ever since Castro took over. In a communist dictatorship the people don’t own anything, not even an opinion, because even for that you may end up in a dungeon and never see the light of day ever again. It is an internal problem, not intrnational.


Dictatorship in Cuba will never change…it will take a lot of bloodshed…40 years of executions, torturing,unlawfull imprisonmets etc. by the Castro regime towards those who oppose it is not just going to change. There’s a lot of people with their hands tainted with inocent blood who must pay for their crimes, and that my friends is what they fear the most. It goes beyond the embargo.


Yes, the embargo should be lifted. Cubans need to interact with Americans just like they do with other people all around the world. Most Cubans agree on two things and that is, they don’t like Fidel Castro and the American imposed embargo. Why is it that most Cubans who fled to Miami were the lighter skin Cubans. Now, lets help the Cuban people eliminate two things that they don’t want and that is Fidel Castro and the American imposed embargo.


Cuba is a communist dictatorship. They starve their people, they torture them. Take the time to watch some of the videos that normal people(not documentary filmmakers) make there. The people cower in fear. Cuba has nothing to contribute to the world in general, and the US in particular. We have nothing to gain legitimizing another dictator. When the normalize relations with their own people, then we should normalize relations with them.


Who is the greatest potential danger to America, Cuba or China?


I agree tht it is foolish not to have relations with Cuba.
It’s about time the poor Cubans have the opportunity to start living in the 21st century.


Absolutely! It is beyond absurd that we have not had relations with this country. Even more insane is that we denied access to the great musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club to come and receive their Grammy. What is this country so afraid of that it will not allow its citizens to go to Cuba and see for themselves what is going on there?


Of course!! This should have been done deaades ago!


Yes, we should because it has never succeeded in what the embargo was supposed to achieve. Not only this the rest of the world has already had relations most notably the Russians and by the Russians are helping the Cubans drill for oil right off our own coast – that in itself “might” help relieve our dependence upon middle east oil until we develop alternative forms of energy. Over time the communist government will cease to exist anyhow as soon as they get a look at prosperity – look at china. JW @ USA


The Cuban govt. starves their people, oviously all of you who thinks cuban communism will change if the embargo is lifted are wrong. Cuba needs the embargo to justify every act of cruelty they commit against their own. Just walk into anyone’s home in havana and open their refrigerator, and the sad thing is that if you have dollars, you can buy almost anything, and the embargo has nothing to do with it because Cuba trades w/every country in the world but the U.S. If you are American, don’t try to speak Mandarin, so do your research before making any conclusions on a subject so complex.




We should normalize relations with Cuba because: 1. Cuba is our neighbor, only 90 miles from our shores, not to join the world would be ludicrous; 2. Normal relations will flood Cuba with free enterprize which produces raw freedom for the people; 3. both the USA and Cuba will benefit from strong econmic ties.


Yes, absolutely!


Yes of course we should normalize. We are the only country not openly trading with Cuba in some form. Lets just bring our low key trade out in the open and widen the options. This way we will see the country develop.





I came to USA from Cuba at the age of 20 I am 70 now and I do not agree with the Castro monarchy,we need free elected officials ,is the only way to go.


How insane can we be? Here is a nation of educated, hard working, intelligent people just 90- miles from Key West. If we had normal relations with them it would profit both countries. A lot of the stuff we now have made in factories in other places would be easier to make in Cuba and in the end cost less because of lower freight costs. Cuba is no threat to anybody other than Los Cubanos. BTW: I am a gringo.


Normalize relations with Cuba, pay them the billions of dollars owed for the destruction of their economy, lives, and property as a consequence of U.S. imperial policy, and bring Posada Cariles and the other U.S.-sponsored terrorists to trial.


Yes, of course.


“nornalizing” is great , however ,if you want to do business with cuba , beware!! if you “sell” on credit ,consider the possibility you will never get your money. set up a business there and find that you do all the investing , all the work and they want the bulk of any earnings. property rights?? forget about it , some official can easily steal your home or business. believe me , i have seen it .


Absolutely.This nonsense has gone on long enough just to appease a Cuban minority in Florida. Personally, I’m ready for a good Cuba cigar.


Sure,normalize relations with Cuba.Who cares that it’s government has not changed much,even with Raul sort of in charge,or that there are no nongovernment labor unions,that companies that operate in Cuba can’t pay their workers directly or choose who will work there from the local population,that enviromental laws are nearly nonexisting,yadda yadda.What’s important is for Cuba to get to buy on credit(ask the Paris club how the Castros are such great creditors) and drinking Cuba Libres at the Bodeguita del Medio or Varadero Beach surrounded by hookers with college degrees in engineering.Oh,and bring canadian money,dollars are penalized in the exchange rate.Mas cerveza!


I came from Cuba as a 12 year old, now I am 65. Our olderrrrrr cubans do not want the embargo lifted as long as the Castro group is in control.
I say, let’s lift the EMBARGO NOW. Need new ideas.


YES, we should normalize our relationship with the Cuban Government. Communism will go the way of the horse and buggy eventually, except in Russia and China. America need the Cuban market and they us.


Any nation in the region, regardless of what system, would have failed if boycotted by the US. And failed economies have a way to become repressive. So, in a way we have created what we blame the Castro regime for. Let’s stop that farce.


Clearly, this should have been made a priority a long time ago. I’m thinking Clinton.


Of course. I understand the domestic politics involved, but we should have done this decades ago.


Yes normalize relations. It’s a no-brainer.


We should have normalized relations with Cuba long ago. We talk and deal with oppressive governments all around the world. Perhaps, China is a prime example.


Yes, it’s time to begin anew a positive and mutually respectful relationship between the governments of Cuba and the United States.


I think that the United States Government should lift the Embargo… Cuba is showing some improvements concerning … Raul Castro. Nothing that can be fixed between our back yard neighbor…if we can do it with Korea. Russia, Pakistan and China…why not?.. we spent (government) billions of dollars in aids abroad…
why not a peaceful talk with the Castro government
put the pro’s and is an open door for all those
Cubans whom can visit their own families….


Political change in Cuba will come about faster if we normalize relations. Normalize relations now!!


yes. why continue fighting that battle when the cold war is over and neither country has ill will toward the other?


yes….hopefully in the near future.


If Cuba isn’t working for our enemies and are comfortable with their government background, yes we can normalize relations with Cuba. Nothing wrong with that.

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