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October 13, 2009
In China, Putin inks major deals on energy, high-speed rail

China Central Television is the English-language news service of Chinese state-run television. As part of our effort to show how news stories are reported in other parts of the world, Worldfocus has entered into a partnership with CCTV.   We will air their packages periodically on the broadcast and online.

Here, CCTV reports on Vladimir Putin’s first visit to China since he became prime minister in May 2008. Putin and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao signed $3.5 billion in natural gas and other trade agreements.

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By the way– I’ve always liked Putin for some reason…his cultural nuance likely doesn’t make much sense to people who have never lived overseas. There’s something I like about the guy and just believe– Yes, Russia in his mind must come first (as any patriotic would think)–but, I still think Canada ought to jump in to offer at the least technical whatever in the oil path there. Anyway– Putin, if you ever need a coffee buddy here in Canada just for fun I’m sure I could make you laugh once or twice. Dear Mr. Harper, why not invite Putin over for some light-hearted stuff rather than “around the table”- yawn talks and shallow figure-head appearances. Yippy- not. Putan’s a human and humanity will just always come above “agreeing-not-to-agree.”- politically. Me thinx Putin with Putin a friendly time in Canada (no politics) goes much, much further than politicking with him.


Well, it was certainly only a matter of time. I’ve been watching Putin and US relations with Russia as it evolves into something other. I have felt at times after Russia was pushed so long to drop communism and adopt a more “democratic” approach that it was abandoned by democratic countries to a certain degree. Sure, business men who went there to invest only to find that their money was absorbed by rogue entities became bitter. So, bitterness continues with investors (there’s a need for government to dominate rogue elements for investors to feel secure and not get screwed over)…yet, Putin/Russia are on political grounds now and should be noticed and relationships in Canada/the USA ought to be fortified with a friendlier approach or me thinx… it’ll all dement into — well, I’m not sure – but, I don’t think it’ll be as pretty as it could have.

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