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October 12, 2009
Violence in Pakistan draws attention from Afghanistan

Today in the Swat Valley within 100 miles of the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, at least 41 people were killed. The incident came as the Taliban claimed responsibility for a separate weekend attack on a Pakistani army facility that killed dozens more.

Ahmad Kamal, a Pakistani diplomat for 40 years and Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United Nations, joins Martin Savidge to discuss Pakistan’s war against Islamic militants and whether the U.S. is paying enough attention to Afghanistan’s neighbor.

Kamal Hyder of Al Jazeera English reports from Pakistan on the deteriorating security situation.

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Pakistan wants the money without the strings so that its establishment can continue its corrupt practices. The “I don’t agree with you, so OFF WITH YOUR HEAD” tailspin argument runs counter to the lame excuse in #2. What percentage of the population (bloody as it was in the western parts) migrated to Pakistan? Where are these people now and what are they doing? Blame game has neither the trajectory nor the accuracy to save the 21st century’s first failed state.


And now?


As usual Martin Salvage invites Ahamad Kamal for his take on this chaos in Pakistan. I believe Kamal gets his revelations from his own world saying that the government, the armed forces and the people are all together against these fighters,( a so called small minority ) the fact is that Pakistan is a Muslim nation, this was built as a home for Muslims of prepartioned India, and when the army starts killing its own people they have a right to strike back. Time and time again the survey has shown that the Pakistanis want US out of their country, and at this point no amount of money can calm their nerves.


There is a shortage of pain killer. We should import morphine from Afghanistan.We could raise the standard of living for the people and bring the troops home.

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