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October 12, 2009
How You See It: Should the U.S. send more aid to Pakistan?

Today in the Swat Valley within 100 miles of the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, at least 41 people were killed. Today’s incident came as the Taliban claimed responsibility for a separate weekend attack on a Pakistani army facility that killed dozens more.

Should the United States send even more money to Pakistan to try to quell the violence there?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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I feel like we should finish what we went over there for and forget about past politics. thers a man over there who needs to be delt with, and I feel our Solders deserve the best posible oppertunity to clean thier clocks. Our Men Need the best weopons avalable, along with new vehicals with armer, artilory,tanks,three aircraft carriers 200.000 more highly trained Men along with the support of all of afganistan financing all they possibly can supporting a movement agaist the taliban and anyone eles who finds pleasure in vengens, and hatred


Hi Martin, Djhali, ALL

ST: Pakistan/Afghanistan is Important

Just because Cheney/Rum-Stud (Rumsfeld), Condi, and little boy president Bush focussed the USA wrongly after 09/11 doesn’t mean we should repeat their mistakes. Iraq was for NO good reason other than the 2004 Election and has been a total waste of USA resources (men, money, methods).

Don’t let the huge ERROR of Cheney/Bush distract us from the goal.

Money isn’t the only answer, yet a long term commitment is needed. About 20 years of active involvement.


We need Pakistan to be our friend and we really need to provide them the Military Aid in order to support our fight against the Taliban in their borders.

Sorry, I do not doubt that any cash supports to Pakistan are corrupted.
I only wish that all US Military Aid to Pakistan be in equipment and supplies only. This enable the USD Government to support our US economy aswell as keeping the precious dollars here in the US.

Install covertyly tracking devices on all things sent to Pakistan for us to monitor if its being used properly or not.


Where are the United Nation peacekeeper troops?


We should pull everything America has in the region out, Get out while the getting is good. Russia and China are secretly laughing at us, watching us waste our precious resources and people, they want too bring us down and this war will only hasten it. Did we not learn anything from the Chinese during the Vietnam war!


No; no more money to Pakistan. Pakistan has become a black hole.If they are so “clean” and they know they will use this money for its intended purposes then they shouldn’t worry about strings attached to money. Their protest against strings attached as “our interference in their domestic politics” is an obvious proof their intentions about this money or lack of control of how this money will be used. A country’s domestic politics looses its entitle as such when it becomes its international politics and affects millions of innocent people of other countries. Their former president has already accepted that they used our money to buy arms against India. Can we go back and say give our money back since you didn’t use it as intended? Why are they so worried about strings?


No! Money don’t buy you love.


The US needs to get there nose out of it. US just thinks they can rule the world. History shows it will never happen


no,Us should not send any money to pakistan. the government is currupt.and the people of pakistan are not thankful for any help for them. It is wasted.pakistan is plying double standard Us should know that for years, the violence in pakistan will never end


Not only no, but Hell, No…the Pakistani ISI supports the Taliban, and now they find that they have a tiger by the tail. Pakistan wants our money to do with as they see fit, with no oversight. Enough is enough.


no more. they are using all the money to fight terror. quietly they are building military to fight or attack (like kargil). USA should only supply equipment to be returned later, no more


Enough is enough. Throwing money at problems has not solved any problems in the USA and until they we get are stuff in the little brown paper bag we should not be telling everyone else what is right as we do not even have it right yet. Not to mention it is nothing but a welfare check and that has created alot more problems when it comes to accountability here.


We should get realistic and Pay them money as Bounty on all Terrorist, Taliban, or others on our of bad guys.


No more aid to Pakistan. We take care of those hurting in our country first. By our example, we will be respected in the world. Rhetoric be damned. A new dawn is upon us!


If you have to pay the packistanies to fight the talabian in thier own country, what happens after you stop paying them. They shouldnt have to be paid to make thier own country safe. It just promots coruption


Money? We’re broke, and worse than that. Where on earth would this money come from?


Two Equations:

1. Light + Black Hole = Absence of Return of Any Light.

2. Money + Pakistan = Absence of Any Return of Results That Will Be Lasting.


No more aids to Pakistan to fight Talaban militants in Afganistan/Pakistan Border. For when President Bush gave 10 billion dollars to the Pakistan’s President Musharaff for this purpose, he misused 50% of that money and the missiles on Kashmir border agaist Indian Army. It is no secret that Pakistan intellegence Agency (ISI) and the Army sympathise with Islamic Militants like Talabans waging terrorism agaist American Solders.Pakistan rulers wheather they are from army or civilians have only one goal in their mind and that is to wage terrorism agaist Indian army to capture Kashmir.


No more aid to Pakistan,India,Afghanistan,Iraq,Israel,Egypt,Jordan,Syria,Iran or Lebanon. Let us stop trying to remake these countries, respect their culture and religion and no nuclear weapons.


Yes: after all Pakistan has put vastly more of its young men in harm’s way to battle its insurgency, and lost vastly more, than the U.S. in its eight feeble years in Afghanistan.
But Martin: tonight you (together w/ BBC and w/PBS) reported on the 6 death sentences of Uighurs in Xinjiang for killings of more than 100 Han Chinese — BUT FAILED TO REPORT ON THE DEATH SENTENCE EARLIER THIS WEEKEND OF ONE OF THE HAN CHINESE WHOSE SENSELESS KILLING OF TWO UIGHURS IN SHAOGUAN CITY HAD PRECIPITATED THE XINGIANG POGRAM. Fair is fair, right?


Throwing money at a problem doesn’t help. They need to develop a more effective strategy that isn’t so technology focused. The militants aren’t using high tech to fight and this capital intensive counterattack doesn’t seem to be effective. How about getting a more broad range of experts try to figure out how to approach the problem.


Giving Pakistan more money that they clearly don’t want or don’t want any strings attached to is a total waste.Let Pakistan deal with its problems as a sovereign nation who doesn’t want any interference in its affairs.
However,they should also not expect that the U.S. will come to their rescue should their plans go awry,and expect that should the country fall into hostile hands the US will act according to US best interests in the region.


Its time to bring all our people home, let the people fight their fight……….no one seems to respect us………..We can train them from right here in this country ……… they can get ALL their people to fight the fight. Seems all these countries have lots of people, let them stand up and fight for their own country…….
and they can stop selling uniforms to citizens that kill people………..would they listen to us,they shouldn’t be selling uniforms to everyone………hello

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