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October 9, 2009
How You See It: Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” His selection has generated broad reaction around the world, much of it — but not all — positive.

In the Middle East, Israel’s President Shimon Peres said he was encouraged. But in Gaza, the prime minister of the militant group Hamas said the United States needs to do more.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa said the award “speaks to the promise of President Obama’s message of hope.”

Should the Nobel Peace Prize have been awarded to President Obama?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Please remember to be respectful and on-point in your comments. Malicious or offensive comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

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The prize really should have gone to Benjamin Netanyahu not Obama since he’s really for peace, right? Think about it folks, at least Obama is talking about peace and reconcilliation and starting the ball rolling. I think its great and as one person said previously, he would have won it during his lifetime anyway. Peace.


He has done absolutely nothing, he is about to increase the military in Afghanistan, he has put America into over $11 trillion worth of debt. He raised it by 2 trillion in less than a year, which is half of what bush did in 8 years. He has lied about many of his policies and he bashes bush to further himself. None of these actions deserve a Nobel Peace prize, and he’s not the first one to talk about nuclear disarmament.

Good question for you: If you think Obama deserves a peace prize tell me why Gandhi doesn’t.


Although Obama’s tone is better than Bush’s and has been generally well-received around the world, it still seems that a Hellfire-carrying Predator has shot down a dove.


Obama gives very good speeches, but hasn’t done anything to earn the Nobel Peace Award. Obama standing front of anti-Americans at the UN and apolozing what an evil country we have been must have pleased those Europeans. What a joke!!!!




If not Obama then who?
“Fiddling While Rome Burns” I would suggest this Nobel simply recognizes our collective listening to Obama’s “fiddle”, and while we are entranced by his lyrical communications, we nevertheless let Rome continue to burn. So the Peace Prize is less about Obama’s accomplishments and more about our collective lack there of.
accomplishments but our collective lack there of.


As an American, we go from having a “War President” to having one that wins a Nobel Peace Prize. We are already seeing transformative change in America; we are seeing an administration that is willing to work with other nation-states to stop poor political policies that aren’t working or ones that only hurt the common people (like Cuban relations for example). Obama leads an administration in which other political leaders are able to work with.

As for the issues in Pakistan, Musharaff’s loss of power is causing the outbreak in violence. There is a situation there that is appalling, that I can only imagine after an interview with a Pakistani…and it’s nothing to do with US policy!

As for Palestine, the US strongly backs a two-state solution, but there is so much disagreement between Fatah and Hammas in Palestine; so much in-fighting, that it is difficult to find a strong singular voice to negotiate with.

If you see Obama as not acting, it’s not because he isn’t trying. There are so many things to be done at home, like healthcare for the American poor which greatly needs to be addressed. Obama is a great man, but not a god…

We live in a democracy, and almost everything that happens in America needs Congressional approval, which means a lot of hard work, devotion, and red tape.

Only when we act together can we accomplish great things. Obama can’t do it all. He is, however, a great leader that can hopefully lead us with a united voice for change and peace.


I think it’s great that he received it!


I don’t see how Obama deserved this award. According to a correspondent on NPR more people have died in Pakistan due to air strikes than all of Bush’s term.

I helped fund, campaign and voted for Obama, but since then he’s lost my appeal.

Until I see progress on his arms ban in space, which Reuters said he’d come out with last month, I’ll continue to hold Obama at bay.

This is an essential bit of information when making an opinion about Obama:
(Google “obama blair democracy now” and click on the first video)

Henry Kissinger also won the Nobel Peace Prize.


I don’t see how Obama deserved this award. According to a correspondent on NPR more people have died in Pakistan due to air strikes than all of Bush’s term.

I helped fund, campaign and voted for Obama, but since then he’s lost my appeal.

Until I see progress on his arms ban in space, which Reuters said he’d come out with last month, I’ll continue to hold Obama at bay.

This is an essential bit of information when making an opinion about Obama:

Henry Kissinger also won the Nobel Peace Prize.


If you put enough paint on prostitutes
and congregate them you might have
a nice church.
If you play a flute and call it melodious
you might have a golden tongued composer…
but what else will you have…beyond a lone
cello playing deep cheap political tunes?


Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is just fine with me

Like Goooooober getting paid when Osama Bin Ladden tosses up his hands and surrenders in the name of Goooooober

Some things where just meant to be


“To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize.” Barack Obama

In his own words, even Barack Obama himself admits that he does not deserve a Nobel. He doesn’t deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures, because Obama hasn’t transformed anything. He’s promised things. But in Obama’s own words, he hasn’t transformed anything; and it is transformative figures who deserve that prize. In Obama’s own words my friends.


I sent my comment yesterday and it was not posted.
I noticed that there several of the same person.
Is not possible to give us the opportunity to express our ideas instead of posting many of the same persons?


This sends a positive message to the rest of the world. DIPLOMACY speaks volumes. Let’s work together rather than act as if we are only interested in policing the world.

We have homelessness and poverty in our own country. Yet, when we go out to help others in our world, it is not looked upon so favorably if we continue to act as if we must force them to accept our help.

We have needs inside our on walls. Who comes to our aide. More leaders are willing to help us today because of President Obama’s DIPLOMACY and his stance on the world being a united people with the same desire (PEACE).

This leadership gives our world a better view of who we really are and what we stand for.

Under this leadership each one of us has been asked to roll up our sleeves and bring this Nation back to where we really should be.

We should all start doing what we can to help make this the great nation it really is.

As in the words of another Great President….


This President believes in this GREAT Country from a different perspective.

Do you?

Let him do the job he was voted and now hired to do, LEAD . . . He has work to do. Stop the needless distractions. It’s Not About YOU,

It’s about U.S.

Help OUR PRESIDENT bring our country BACK to its GREATNESS!!!!!

This is another GIANT STEP for AMERICA. . .



THAT’S NANCY PELOSI’S AWARD! Everyone knows that Obama has no experience and knowledge base for the position of president. He has to do what Pelosi wants. She’s the one running the show and if anyone should get the award, it is she. Obama is just the whitehouse press secretary for Pelosi. He does give a descent speech, so if they give out a Nobel Peace Price for speeches, he would qualify. I can’t believe how many people don’t know who is really in charge. Quit blaming Obama for everything! He’s just the spokesman.


If they’re giving out awards for intentions and not deeds, then I guess I’m eligible because I want to invent a time machine. Probably never will, but I’d like to.


“Come now and let us reason together.”
It is what it is. You have not even began to experience the WONDERFUL CHANGE he is capable of making yet. Please be patient and allow him to do his job more effectively and efficiently for all. For those who disagree with him being a recipient of the prize, may the Lord bless your restless souls. Good service, comes with PERFECT LOVE.”
When the lord is finished receiving accolades
he may indeed bless our souls and accomplish
good service. This is what divinities do,
after all.
But, where–on Earth–has there ever been


Did Obama get the Nobel Peace prize because our Predator Drones kill young girls who herd goats in Pakistan? Or is it because even though he is a murderer, he murders less than Bush?


I felt so grateful to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee I was brought to tears. President Obama’s efforts to remain positive in response to the untrue and disrespectful attacks of Americans alone are worthy of reward, but of course, Obama’s message of hope and peaceful intention to the world deserves this Nobel blessing. Just looking at the scope of world problems relating to climate disruption makes it clear that we must ALL work together with hope for the survival and health of world ecosystems, including us. The forces that make money from war and thus plug violence in our media must give way. Our energies need to be applied to peace and the Nobel Committee has helped affirm hope for our future.


This award signifies that Mr. Obama’s efforts at strengthening not only his domestic borders and economy therein but those of other countries is APPRECIATED.


Generating hope for hundreds of millions of people globally is a tangible achievement. Sincerely, Robert A. Kehl


First of all, I wish to congratulate President Obama and our nation as the world recognizes the global re-engagement efforts and return to America’s values and principles under President Obama’s leadership. President Obama is a transformational world leader which this world so desperately needs at this very critical time in our history. French President Nicolas Sarkozy stated in his congratulatory note to the President,”Finally,it sets the seal on America’s return to the heart of all the world’s peoples.” The Nobel Committee stated,”Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captures the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” We are living in global society therefore we need to come together to address the vast problems of the 21st century. President Obama’s leadership creates the forum for all nations to come together to achieve peace and justice for all.


What is wrong with granting the Peace Prize to someone who is actually pursuing a policy of peace? The wars now being waged by this country were begun by his predecessor. What has Obama done? He has reversed the negative, aggressive approach to the rest of the world that characterized the 8 years previous to his administration. He has made it clear that, at least for his term of office, America will be willing to act as a responsible member of the family of nations rather than a bully. He has made it clear that we will cooperate with other nations in addressing such problems as climate change and nuclear disarmament. Instead of sabotaging the United Nations, he has made it clear that the US will support UN efforts to bring nations together. The US once more is using its considerable power to act as a partner in addressing the world’s problems instead of standing as an obstacle to solutions proposed by others.


I think he deserves it. The very thought that we can communicate, discuss and resolve with the so called enemies and perceiving them as part of the whole and the intention to make the earth a peaceful place for the next generations definitely deserves this honor. Once the intention is clear, actions will follow. We do not have to wait until the whole thing is accomplished and then reward. This is not an easy task to accomplish globally but definitely the intention to bring people together from multicultural background deserves this award.


“Come now and let us reason together.”
It is what it is. You have not even began to experience the WONDERFUL CHANGE he is capable of making yet. Please be patient and allow him to do his job more effectively and efficiently for all. For those who disagree with him being a recipient of the prize, may the Lord bless your restless souls. Good service, comes with PERFECT LOVE.




If it was given for his reconciliatory speech to the muslim world look at it this way, how can you pet the dog with one hand and strike it with the other hand. Such irony.


Repeating myself – every human accomplishment starts with the mind. The mind-set is the most critical in any action and often the hardest to chang. The fact that 50% plus Americans voted for Obama tells me that at least 50% of us are committed to coexist with the rest of humanity rather than to just flex our muscles and show them that we are the new empire, like “Bring ’em on.” That is more than just hope, it is anachievement for peace.


When garbage has an aroma
you have to have an odormeter
to detect how liberal the scent really is.


This Nobel Prize, if anyone deserved it, it was William Jefferson Clinton. Now this prize has become bogus. With deep regret, I withdraw my name from next year’s contestant list. I hope the Committee understands. Thank you.


Comment #1 is the most repeated question I hear. The President has very daunting tasks ahead of him. The world has become a very complex place to be a national leader. On many fronts I admire the President for his ability to reach out to people around the world. I certainly do not understand all of the complexity he faces on numerious crucial issues. However, I am afraid that I am only able to measure his leadership based on how he directly effects me. This administration has done more to tear down the moral fiber in the US in a very short period of time than any other administration to date. Unfortunately all of my state and federal representatives are Democratic! Not that the Republican party has always represented our Judaio/Christian heritage all that well. They are a bit cloer to representing my world view. In writing to each of my elected officials on proposed legislation all that we can agree on s that we disagree!! President Obama has certainly lead the charge in erroding our historic values. Most of my christian friends believe that the Muslim population gets more respect and attention than the average christian in the US. There is a strong sentiment that persecution of Christians in the US is not to far off in our future! Is this the type of leadership that I would give the Nobel Pease Prize to? Not based on who I am and how my government and the President represent my interests! Thank you for the opportunity to comment!


What a joke this makes of the Nobel Prize. This guy gives lip service to peace in Palestine, then approves $30 billion more for Israel when Israel thumbs its nose at us and builds more settlements. Now it’s claimed the prize is based on “promise”. Well, Obama has broken promise after campaign promise as his foreign policy comes to mirror Bush’s ever more closely. Jimmy Carter would have been a far better choice – he doesn’t just talk, he acts tirelessly for peace.


No, he does not deserve it yet. Talk is cheap, actions speak much louder. Many presidents have spoken of hope and peace, and have not gotten very far – that is why they were not awarded the Peace prize. I am ethnic and a Democrat, but also have been keeping track of what he has and has not done since I elected him, and he has not done enough to satisfy my criteria to stand with the others who have worked for their prize.


I’m delighted with the choice of Barak Obama as winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. His election campaign theme of ‘change’ and his attitude of “Yes we can” has been a winning attitude in the US election. It represented a fresh departure from the previous separatist, unilateral, agressive, pre-emptive strike approach of the previous administration. The fact that Obama succeeded in being elected president was an important milestone in US history and reflected a shift in peoples’ consciousness to one that is more accepting of the value of diversity and inclusiveness. In his inaugural address, his message was clear to the world – US policy is now open to communication with every nation. That was an inclusive message – and a powerful stand for a president’s beginning role. His intention is crucial – as well as the decision to talk – instead of fight – to ensure the future and safety of our planet. If the US kept a policy of fighting, it would destroy our planet and the people in it. Too much destruction has already taken place in our world. To turn that destructive energy around takes courage and integrity – which Obama has shown. Obama’s intention to reduce nuclear weapons, and address global warming is key to our survival. It implies that the value of human life is above that of the corporation. There is still much work to be done in cleaning up the corporate domination of US politics. Despite the fact that actions still need to be taken during his term, his messages are important at this stage. It is up to the citizens of the US to mobilize the needed changes within the country – to pressure congress – to clean up corruption, and to speak out in the same way that we did throughout the election campaign. Obama said when he was elected – that our participation and effort must continue – to make the needed changes. Obama can’t do it by himself. He can direct the energy, but we, the people of the US, still need to take charge and function as a true democracy. We’ve got a president who is willing to work with the people. The people must keep speaking out – and overcome the domination of greedy corporate interests. The politicians still need to be held accountable to the US voters. Obama’s hopes and words represent those of us who voted for him. Now we need to make the changes together as a democratic nation.


As a citizen of the world,I feel happy that the nobel peace prize has been awarded to President Obama,who is a person of high integrity and vision,and one who means well for america and the world. As the leader of the free world,one of his missions is to help accelerate the peace and harmony our world desperately needs,and he takes his mission very seriously. This humble and very capable president, deserves this award, regardless of the negative thinking of lesser minds,and we would do well by continuing to pray, and decree for his protection. I salute you my President, and wish you well,and may God bless you and yours.May God also bless America, this land of Light, which holds the cup of Light to the world.


A great day has come!! The current United States of America President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!!! President Obama has exemplified the true meaning of a Peaceful Citizen Striving to Exceed His Own Expectations!! I have so much admiration and confidence in President Obama!! Please – Please – All those who Dream of a World of Peace in Our Life Time – Now – Here Is Our Best Advocate Arriving with New Hope – His Goal is in Achieving a Better Global Community!!! President Obama is a tireless champion for a better united world!! Thank You President Obama for your example of high individual commitment!!:)


Yes, but it is premature. What will thery do if he achieves a significant peace accord in the Middle East – or Iran – or North Korea??? I also worry that the Swedes may be putting some psychologicsl political pressure on him NOT to enlarge hr Afghan war. Ther award is TOO SOON.


No, I don’t think Obama deserved this award–nor did Kissinger or Carter.


It is a proud moment for the United States for the Peace Prize to be awarded, but it should be for accomplishment not just for vision. We all have visions but it does not make us worthy. It is bothersome that the appointed tsars and other members of his cabinet have disputable reputations. Doesn’t it bother you to pay your taxes and obey the laws of the land or have your sons, daughters, granddaughters/sons, any relative stand for your rights, only to have your governance be of questionable character. It bothers me, the same as this award is undeserved.


Sorry, this smacks of political buyout of the USA to European interests. As Obama discounts, apologizes for and gives our strengths away, of course they want to encourage more. How sad, misguided, selfish, and sick, that the real nominees real accomplishments were discarded for what Europe hopes is more humbling of the great USA spirit and achievement into oblivion.


Yes, President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize winning is fitting. He has accomplished more in the nine months he has been in the White House. We should be proud of the choice. He has been able to bring the world together and get the governments of the world talking again. Hopefully the time he leaves office, (after eight years)we would have achieved the peace we all seek. The $1.4 million that comes with prize will benefit many charities.


What’s he done? Shifted American foreign policy from military adventurism to diplomatic outreach and willingness to engage in meaningful negotiation. In order to accomplish that President Obama had to overcome a great deal of domestic opposition. That opposition, understandably doesn’t regard its own defeat as a laudable accomplishment. Equally understandably, the rest of the world, weary of being pulled into, and victimized by, previous military adventures, sees the shift in American foreign policy as a significant accomplishment. For the American left, however, there are two specific achievements missing from the list to qualify President Obama for a peace prize–failure to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. The Nobel Committee has chosen to award the prize where it will exert the greatest force for future, lasting, global peace. In greeting this award with cynicism, the American left defeats its own purpose.


As a Native American Indian of the Lakota Nation in South Dakota, I am proud of President Obama and the hope is gives Native Americans in the United States and the World. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.


Congratulations and very deserving…More power to Pres. Obama…keep up the good works and do not mind those critics…they are just kids that are hungry for attentions.


His name being submitted 12 days after being sworn in as the President says it all… This award is a joke and meaningless. He should have refused it!


I agree with Raoul Picard from comment #1 and Amy from comment #17. President Obama hasn’t done anything yet to merit such an award, except for talking about peace and inspiring hope! He hasn’t been in office long enough! He even admits that he feels that he doesn’t deserve it, so that should tell you something! I think that he should do the right thing and decline the honor, myself.


I believe that the Nobel committee may have made an error. I can see that they had the best intentions but they have called into question the validity of the Nobel Peace Prize because this decision was a political one, not one based upon the merits of the winner’s accomplishments. I can see how they nay have bestowed the award in order to encourage President Obama to continue his efforts, but now one wonders at it’s validity. I wish Preident Obama the best in fulfilling the expectations created by the award, though. Perhaps that success can restore some of the Prize’s legitimacy.


I can’t be prouder than ever to have our American President be given the most prestigious award “Nobel Peace Award”.

Pres. Obama speaks from his heart and is sincere to change America for the better. I believe that our Pres. Obama wants peace between the Muslims and the Western Nations as well as with the Jewish State.


PS – Wake up world!!! This guy is an empty suit!


I believe that Obama has worked diligently with world leaders to repair relationships that had been severely damamaged by the previous administration’s wild west diplomacy. Obama has changed what has been an American monologue into an International dialogue and offers hope for a more peaceful world. It is too bad that so many Americans posting here are too ignorant to understand that the Nobel Peace prize has nothing to do with domestic policy.
The prize itself may have been premature, but I’ve little doubt that President Obama will vindicate the committee’s decision to honor him in this way. He is a man whose dreams and vision are clearly motivated by the high virtues of justice, peace and charity. I congratulate him and wish him well. God Bless President Obama!


No other world leader this year has shown an ability to rise above the cynicism that war is inevitable and and the greedy corporate pressure that war is vital to the World economy.


Obama wins for what? Is it because he tripled our deficit? Leaving our troups in Afghanistan swinging in the breeze? Or perhaps because he’s negotiating with terrorist? No wait, maybe because he’ trying to destroy the best healthcare system in the world. What a joke! The Nobel peace price just became irrelevant.


As a citizen of the world, I feel proud that the Nobel Peace Prize has been given to President Obama. A man of vision and intelligence whose mission in excellence has started early in his presidency, thrown into the midst of a near economic depression and nonetheless has gracefully been able to halter the meltdown and extend his hand in peace negotiations throughout the Muslim nations, commitment to stop bullying the world by means of propaganda and fear against other nations and in doing so reducing the international hatred that exists towards the U.S. Only cynics would not rejoice in his success, the same people who validate their meaning in life by spreading fear instead of hope. The next time someone asks what he has does, why not look internally, at your own self and ask, What have I done except for demean a person worthy of my admiration, a person who has help lead the world towards a hopeful future, what does that say about who I am if the only thing i try to do is find the worst in people instead of allowing their brilliance to shine. I am proud to be living in the same time as a man who has brought hope to the world and changed history forever.


Do not get me wrong with what I’m about to post.

I respect our Constitution, and the intelligance of our forefathers who wrote it soo many years ago. I am a Patriot that belives in those words and the concept that they create.

I am dissapointed in this award being given to a President that is out to destroy our way of life. While the concept of “World peace” is grandious in its meaning, there can be no such thing when there is a differnce in lifestyles between individules of different living conditions.

If the great equilizer which is neccessory to make everyone on an equil basis means that he has to destroy the country of the U.S.A. so that there is no more need for other countries to respect us or envy our lifestyles, then he truly is working for “World Peace”. Destroy America and the world will love him. Perhaps that is the reason that he is given this award.

His actions are speaking more than the 580+ campain promises he uttered durring his bid for the White House.


I was not expecting the news but I personaly think that he deserve it. If he goes on the way he has gone so far until finishing the second term, he would be one president to remember by history for many hundred years to come.


Yes, I think that President Obama should have received the award for just the reasons given by the committee! What other leaders, local, national or world, seems to really feel that some short of understanding of and respect for each other is a good starting place for sharing this world. It is so sad that there are some who never see any thing positive about this man. But yes, I feel that he is very deserving.


It has been said that a second marriage is: “The triumph of hope over experience.” In the same vein, one might say that Obama’s Peace Prize is: “The triumph of rhetoric over accomplishment!”


This action puts into question the viability of the Nobel system. I think that the fact the award was given mere days after taking office was at best short sided and at worst suggestive of an organization of mere political hacks! Are we to give Valavictorian reconition to someone that speaks like someone that would make an excellent student, or title of MD to someone who can describe how to correctly place a bandaid? This award has placed a dark cloud over the Nobel award!!


I cannot believe any US citizen is not proud of our President winning such an honor. We should rejoice in the changing global climate, from anger to believing in “The Audacity of Hope”, thanks in part to Mr. Obama. One only has to travel out of the country to understand who we really are. Now we are not looked down upon as a weak nation, force fed by our public servants.
President Obama deserves our respect.


THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE COMMITTEE have spoken.Its doesn’t matter what the US thinks. Its is done. AMEM!!!!!!


Frankly the Nobel Committee has gutted the prestige of the Peace Prize with this choice.With all respect to President Obama, he was nominated for the award a mere few weeks after taking office and a period too short for anyone to have compiled any record of accomplishment.This is NOT an attack on the President for winning the award, surely any American feels some measure of pride when the leader of his country or frankly any citizen is singled out for any high honor.But there must be substance to his choice. President Obama’s cabinet had hardly been confirmed when was nominated by persons unknown.Historically the prize has been awarded for past accomplishment. Theodore Roosevelt, the first American President to win this award,received it for settling the Russo-Japanese War.The Dali Lama received it for decades of work towards attempting peaceful resolution of the Chinese-Tibetan dispute. Doctors Without Borders was cited for its record of humanitarian work in bringing medical care to those denied it by poverty or war. Lech Walensa for placing the human rights & freedom of the long oppressed Polish people above his personal safety & security.The common thread among those cited and other winners of this award was a record of accomplishment.While I deeply hope that Mr Obama will show us all a record of accomplishment, giving this award now seems premature, even the President has conceded that reality.It is almost like giving an Oscar to a promising young actor who has just signed for his first film.After reading many of the comments here, I feel I need to add a note to my fellow posters:to those who feel the award was undeserved, please remember that others gave the award & Mr Obama didn’t award it to himself.To Mr Obama’s fans: I feel you need to be reminded that it is not racist to say he hasn’t earned the award nor is it un-American to be a critic of the man & his policies,free speech is a right we all have and should be allowed to exercise.To all of you, vigorous statements of our views are to be encouraged,but done so with mutual respect & civility.One final note:I wonder if these 5 men in Oslo had some greater agenda in mind when they made this surprise decision.At this moment the United States is engaged in the Afgan War which the President has repeatedly said is important to our national security and the President is presently determining the future course of that war including the possibility of increasing troop levels. I wonder out loud, are these 5 men in Oslo attempting to influence the President’s decision? I feel perhaps they are & if that was their intention they are wrong to inject themselves in a debate on issues dealing with our domestic security for their own purposes.


Raoul Picard; to answer your question;
One more thing if Obama really wanted to put Americans back to work it would be as easy as the signing of his name as it was done by the US President in 1986, You do realize there are over 20 million illegal aliens in America and there is surveys done that more then Half of them Have full time jobs in Electricians, carpenters, Painters, spackler’s, Plumbers and Masonries, wherefore Obama with the strike of his pen can give over 10 Million jobs back to the American Workers; America! This is who and What Obama really is! Did Obama Punish the Banking community, NO, Did he stop all the Bonuses to executives, NO! did any one get charged for getting Loans with filing of fraudulent information, NO What did Obama do for America? Nothing to date, Does Obama deserve this Award? NO!


No, I don’t believe he should have received the award. What has he done so far? Open his mouth and give us alot of promise’s of what he is going to do, and nothing so far has been done. He is a politician, and you know when a politician stales or lies – when he moves his lip’s. People need to relize he is not our savior, The Lord Jesus Christ is.


I am proud to say that I am an American. To see our President receive such a distinguished honor makes me want to stand up and be counted. I see other Americans asks, does the President deserve this honor, instead of being proud that our Commander in Chief was choosen by an international committee. The people have spoken. I would like to take this time to let everyone know that his name is not Obama but President Obama. We as Americans need to show President Obama the same kind of respect that he is receiving abroad. Let’s stand behind our President with pride.


No. We need more debt. We need more undocumented entrants. We need more entitlements. We need bigger, more authoritarian government. We enjoy far too much freedom, speech, religion, expression, etc. He has much more work to do before receiving such a prestigious award.


Raoul Picard; to answer your question
You did absolutely nothing wrong, it is the others who questions your dignity I to agree with you as no one answered your question which shows their Bias and are the ones who have walls built in their heads of discrimination of their own, I believe, African or other dissent, now to answer your question Obama to date has done nothing for the American People since he has taken the Oath as President, he has given to the world secrets of our evidence collections, and has in my eyes have done a wonderful Job in embracing the White American, and information of our federal Law enforcement to all others which they never should have, Obama has made our Debt for this country 4 times what it was under the bush Administration and is continuing to allow and push the African community to put down the White Americans, this which I believed he would never do which was the reason I did vote for him, I believed he was more intelligent that McCane, and Believed he could stand up for all people and Protect all Americans, except in my eyes now I see it is only an illusion, just like a magician, for some reason I am starting to see even African Americans starting to talk in the streets about impeaching him because of his destructionist ways of condemning the ways of the United States! You know the ways that any terrorist would do with Propergander and actions of destructions; just as a terrorist, It is beyond me and Unfortunately, for many around the world, the Nobel prize for Peace will have forever lost its value, which is disappointing since it was one of the few remaining respected global institutions one could look upon so see authentic indisputable reality. This is now Lost!


“…The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”[1]

In reading the above statement, it is certain that President Obama has not earned the award he was given.

To give accolades or to vote for anyone due to color is as racial as being outwardly racist.

President Obama has NOT earned this award and for all of the people who have worked very hard to bring about peace such as Bill Clinton, The Dali Lama,Ted Kennedy, and Colin Powell, who have spent their life times working hard for peace, this is a disgrace.


Congratulations to Barack Obama.

I see the award as strategic, it strengths him to resist the domestic pressure to put more troops into Afghanistan at the behest of the hawks. I hope he completely ditches an LBJ/Vietnam approach to Afghanistan and turns focus fully to containment of Al Qaede.


Absolutely Not. If awards such as this once admired prize can be awarded to someone for so called aspiring speeches read from a telepromter then it no longer should carry any weight with anyone. Perhaps a few years from now when he has a substantial portfolio of accomplishments or failures to look at would have been a better time. This only makes anything he tries to do just that much more complicated. Maybe that was the intention — sway him to act as the rest of the World would like and to blazes with what Americans want or feel is necessary. Definitely a Political move by the committee.


The United States existed in a moral vacuum during the Bush Presidency. We were not respected by most other nations of the world. Now Barack Obama, a thoughtful, intelligent man leads our country. He has restored hope to our citizens and to all peoples of the world for a sane and peaceful future. He has restored communications with our friends and our enemies. I applaud the decision to award him the Nobel Peace Prize.


If he had any integrity, he wouldn’t accept it, but would graciously bow out until he can honestly look the world in the eye and say “I’ve earned it”. Just more proof of the absurd obsession the media has fostered around him. Of course he doesn’t deserve it, he has done nothing to merit such an honor. Merely giving it away in this manner devalues the Noble Prize to nothing more than a publicity stunt, pure PR. It’s sad to see more and more standards fall by the wayside in the name of celebrity. Truly a disappointment.


Obama’s approach is a breath of fresh air. It’s about respecting others, listening to others, and establishing communication and trust. The ideologues of the world should step back and emulate his approach. The Nobel committee made a good choice. This is a start. What has he done? He has people communicating and listening. Hopefully the accomplishments will follow.


If the Nobel committee is now going to give the Peace Prize based on aspirations, then probably the United Nations should get it every time.

But, the prize should be based on outstanding achievement such as a major diplomatic or peace agreement or sustained support for refugees.

Obama has set a noble objective of diplomacy and peace which is fine. But, there is no visible accomplishment yet.

Even White House advisors were surprised by the Nobel committee’s announcement. And, some liberal members of the U.S. media say it was premature for Obama to receive the award.

As for those who say Americans should be happy that an American got the award, many liberals complained when Henry Kissinger got the Peace Prize (with North Vietnam’s Le Duc Tho who refused to accept it) for the Vietnam Peace agreement.

The Peace Prize and the response to it have become blatantly political, and that’s unfortunate.


Congratulations, Mr.President!

What the snipers don’t seem to realize is that Barack Obama HAS changed (= accomplished) the tone of the world peace and security debate to one of “we will succeed based on mutual respect.” The world is relieved, feels more secure, to have such an intelligence and civility in the White House focussed on peace.

Thank you. Mr. President.


He won the award for exactly what they said, for beginning to talk about nuclear disarmament, For starting meaningful world-wide dialogues among nations, and for bringing the US back to the world table. There hasn’t been a president with a visionary foreign policy focused on peace in well over 30 years. The last eight have been very scary, leaving us with the legacy of the Afghan war and the rearmament of radical Islamists. Let’s give Obama at least the benefit of the doubt the Nobel committee did. Although I am sure that those who jumped for joy when Chicago lost the bid for the Olympics are really besides themselves with righteous indignation now.


Hmmm, shouting notwithstanding, Lynnette has shown her true hatred, a hatred of Free Speech.


Alternative Adjustment(s)
To The Previous Post (#85):

Do awards matter?
They are trifles
dangling like little baubles
on a Christmas Tree
which, at the end of its use,
is taken out to be ground up
into little pieces…
like the days into minutes
which are crunched up into seconds
when the Numbers Of Dead sorrows
begin to come.


It is beyond reason that we acutally have posters here who think anyone would give an ounce of cred to their statements without actual proof!





What was done is what will be done
and there is nothing new under the sun.

Now we love him–
someday we may not

Do awards matter?
They are trifles
dangling like little baubles
on a Christmas Tree
which, at the end of its use,
is taken out to be ground up
into little pieces…
like the days into minutes
which drip into seconds
when the rains of sorrows come.

If the Man has any Balance
he will not care if he receives
a bauble today or tomorrow…

For what comes today may depart


My initial reaction this morning, was that of Surprise followed by Shock. Although I too, have been taken in by the President’s “Sweet Talk”, I’m already dissapointed with the first nine months.
This morning I was dismayed at the fact, that a Commander in Chief who’s in the midst of two Wars can be rewarded with a Nobel, while the Predators still roam the Skies of Afghanistan & Pakistan, and Guantanamo is Still Open for Business!!

Twelve hours later, I find myself a bit more sympatheic & encouraged by this (Still Surprising) Award.

Peace, Love & Respect.


“Some Say” that those who support Obama do so without a clue, and do so because of a “Svengali” effect his has on his “cult”.

I say that it is unfortunate, in this age of the Internet, that folks aren’t able to inform themselves, yet are able to post on a Political blog to have a say.

I have done my research on Sen. Obama, and so have many of the others who support him. Maybe that is why he is attracting the most educated progressives in this nation; maybe it is because they do their homework, and do not rely on name recognition to determine whom to vote for.

So to inform you, please note the following articles that sum up some of what Barack has “done” in his last 11 years in public office. Considering that Obama may be the Democratic Nominee, I believe that it is important for you, as a public voice, to be informed:

His bold legislative work on the Illinois Death Penalty, and how he made a difference between life and death:… /

His sponsorship of a bill that brought health insurance to 150,000, including 70,000 uninsured Children, again, during his time serving in the Illinois Statehouse:

His work on both the Immigration bill during his time in the US senate and his sponsorship of Ethics legislation (something he did both while in the State House, and in the Senate) that called for some of the most impactful reform regarding lobbyists since Watergate (as he likes to term it):

Here’s a chart of many of his accomplishments during his 8 years in the Illinois state house –


Obama did absolutely without a doubt deserve and has the Nobel Prize BECAUSE HE HAS IT AND IT WAS AWARDED TO HIM JUST LIKE THOSE WHO WIN ANY AWARD!





Barrack Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. In all honesty he hasn’t done anything but made numerous promises, none of which have yet to be seen through or fulfilled. People are so quick to approve and praise Obama for reasons that are either irrational or lost to reason. All in all, the award was given on a whim and not for accomplishment, which is really a shame. I personally believe the Nobel Peace Prize committee has lost all credibility.


Words have seduced the Committee – For a Man filled with only words, and completely lacking in deeds, it is absolutely stunning that this award can be given away, from only the promise unfulfilled. Absolutely amazingly stupid.


How very odd that people who are not part of the Nobel Committee should think their opinion matters.The prize and the money belong to the Nobel Committee to award as they see fit.


In the seventy-five years that I have lived in the United States, I have never been as hopeful and encouraged as I am now. President Barack Obama promises the possibility of a better and more peaceful world than has ever been dreamed of. I can think of no one who would be a better choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. I know that results trail ideas by some distance. However he possesses the integrity, honesty and ability to make things different. As he says, it is something we all need to work toward if it is to be successful. If we work together to help the President accomplish his goals, out nation and the world will be a better place for all of us.


Oh my, do I offend you with the truth that my post was sensored, I didn’t know that I had to gush Obama to have an opinion


Washington — President Barack Obama will donate the $1.4 million cash award that comes with the Nobel Peace Prize to charity. It’s likely that more than one charity will share the windfall, the White House said Friday –


As far as I am concerned no one here is party to the whys, hows, reasons, criteria for winning a noble prize!

It is a fact that anyone can be nominated and many have been over and over innumerable times that does not mean you are qualified to win. This award is purely unique and does not have a ridgid criteria for winning except that it be ultruistic in nature!


No, it is too soon. When he was nominated, he had been in office as President for only a month and he had been a U.S. Senator for only three years. He has not really done anything to warrant his receiving such an honor.


Yes, he should have received the prize because in so doing the Committee is lifting up the Son of Man Who will draw all men to Himself. President Obama is encouraging people everywhere to be peacemakers who are called Sons of God in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The President has thus planted the seed of pursuing peace in many minds because of his influence as president. Because he has used his great influence to lift up the Son of Man, Who is the Prince of Peace, he deserves to be honored. He who honors the Son honors the Father Who sent Him.


Mr. Barak Obama Deserves, may his wishes and promises be implemented soon.
God Bless Harambee


What a joke, Obama can’t even promote peace in his own country. His administration is creating a divide as wide as the Grand Canyon between the races. I am a middle aged white women (I feel the need to say that because black people must ALWAYS tell me they are black) who did not grow up using the N word, was not allowed to tell ethnic jokes and believed that All are created equal, that is all going away due to his need for reparations disguised as “stimulus”. So maybe BO should attempt a little peace at home and stop pretending to save the world.


Unlike prizes in chemistry or physics, the peace prize is typically a proactive award sending an endorsement the judges feel important. Our president may not have deserved the prize for his accomplishments, but the judges expectations are clear. I hope Obama can meet those expectations.


Raul I guess you don’t watch Glen Beck or listen to fatso Limbaugh or Wacko Sarah Palin do you? We have so many ill informed right wing nuts in this country that grab a lot of media because they are fringe lunatics!

But all in all I am soo thankful for the breath of fresh air that is displayed by Obama and unlike the Bush family a family of privilege and wealth he actually worked and achieved many accomplishment on his own. He did a lot of community work for the poor and elderly in Chicago when he could have had a cushy corporate job when he was young! Now compare that to George Bush who was well connected and wealthy and ran every company he ran into the ground! The Bush family was well know for the huge failure of the S and L’s in the 80s and John McCain was involved in that corruption too!


The Nobel Prize should stand for accomplishment, not the hope of. This president talks the talk but to date has shown very little accomplishment. Just making you feel warm and fuzzy during a speech is an accomplishment of sorts. If he can work a way out of this middle east mess and save our economy. I would be the first to sing his praises.


Hopefully this award will give Obama the backbone to stand up to the generals in Afghanistan for peace.


Not everyone who supports Obama feels strongly about the feeling of hope. I support him because he displays an extraordinary ability in the realm of spiritual expression, patience, logic and reason (not distorted clouded emotional “gut feelings”) responsibility, desire for cooperation about competition, etc. etc. etd. All poisitive, creative powerful expressions that have prevented destructive world rhetoric and ended the macho cowboy mentality that has cost the world millions of lives. HE IS A REAL MAN NOT A PHONY MACHO MAN!


President Obama has reduced tension that could have exploded into a world war: with Russia by cancelling the missile sites in Eastern Europe; with Venezuela by meeting Hugo Chavez; with Libya and Iran by allowing their leaders to visit New York; and with the whole world by treating other country’s leaders with respect. He has, in 8&1/2 months, reduced animosity all over the planet. G.W. Bush treated other leaders like children. That abhorrent attitude is now gone. Obama has already accomplished enough to win the prize several times over.


Only when Obama can get the Soviet Union to totally dismantle its “Domesday” weapon system with ICBM’s aimed at USA, will I believe he deserves the award.


United States President Barack Obama has shifted international forums for dialogue amongst the negative political atmosphere and barriers to Peace created prior to his taking office and that is a great and noble accomplishment in our moral responsibility as a nation.

The attempts by United States citizens who attack the current father of our nation, President Barack Obama, with wars of words, and “bearing false witness” against his efforts and policies to keep him from advancing our nation to peace, and prosperity for all, are warmongers.

Peace shall not abide without freedom and freedom’s seat is in social justice and moral responsibility, not capricious acts of molesting those who set forth noble causes in the name of “the moral voice of America” because it goes against their own will to power. We have a moral responsibility to honor our mother and father, nation and President respectively. Let us honor our President.

Congratulations President of the United States of America, Barack Obama; the responsibility of the Nobel Peace Prize is yours to uphold for the People. Cheers!


I agree whole-heartedly with this selection because in a short 8+ months, President Obama has succeeded in changing the tone of geo-politics.
He has injected sensible and global cooperative element into U.S. foreign policy.
There is a concerted sense that the world is responding positively to his message of peace, nuclear disarmament and global cooperation.

The Nobel Committee — in it’s wisdom — has seized the moment to add momentum and to boost President Obama’s message.

It is indeed a timely stroke of genius on part of the Nobel Committee!
And — despite the countless numbers of nay-sayers, crtics and cynics, lined up, on the sidelines, to spew poison with their — all too typical-knee-jerk — negative and derisive comments, I believe the Nobel Committee and President Obama will ultimately be vindicated in the end as visionaries.
The future of mankind and all people yearning for global peace could be dependent on the success of these positive forces.

Therefore, I say to the principals in the arena working for world peace — damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!


Obama was awarded a prize for giving people a feeling of hope. Linda Lovelace and Traci Lords have always given me a great feeling of hope. How come they never win a Nobel Peace Prize?


Perhaps the Peace Prize should have gone to the Americans who elected Barack Obama.


This award demonstrates how badly the world desired a new direction from the United States. From day one, President Obama has demonstrated a willingness to engage in multilateral diplomacy as opposed to what came before him. It is obvious that vision has broad international support. The world wants America to lead—responsibly.


Dear Mr. President,

You absolutely DO deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, I as well as others in my community am very proud of you. Do not let others with secret agendas or prejudices cloud your accomplishments or good intentions for us as a nation.

After all the bad press and unfair satire this was a much needed slap in the face to those who would belittle all of your hard work. You went into office not welding the threatening sword of war and dominion, instead you selected the road of peace and common world goals for a better future for all of mankind. I and apparently others see behind the negative media and commentaries to you the man of positive change (for all people) before and after the presidency.

Accept the award with your head held high for your supporters in Detroit can’t seem to put ours down!

Best Wishes,


For all who continue to attack me for asking a question, I have another question for you. Is this the example of the hope that Obama has given you?


I am a naturalized American citizen since 1969, originating in Germany.
I have placed my faith in Barack Obama since I voted for him last November.
I would vote for him again and again.
That he was selected to win the World Peace Prize is wonderful. What has he achieved so far? He has, as is often said, given us hope. He has never failed to be thoughtful, considerate and courteous to to all, which is such a switch of what the world has gotten used to.
What has he achieved so far? Plenty. That his opposition had tried to undercut everything he is trying to do never ceases to amaze me. One would hope given to the disasterous state of affairs in the US, the suffering of people because of it,
would inspire the “other party” to start working with him for solutions, rather than trying to trip him up every step he takes. He has continued to express his willingness, and admits he does not have the answer for everything and wants help from both parties. I am not committed to either party, but know this is the time to set aside these sometimes silly oppositions for the sake of one’s party. It’s this country, this world, that needs saving and being led to peace. He may not be successful in everything, but, wow, surely the majority of the people didn’t vote for him because he was the lesser of two evils, they did because of the hope he inspired.
The comments “What has he done? He has done nothing…” is sad. He has done whatever he was able to do. This government consists of several branches, not just him.


I was not trying to offend anyone. I only asked a simple question because I am unfamiliar with Obamas accomplishments. So I wanted to know what exactly what accomplishments Obama was being given an accolade of peace for. Also, I was accused of being a distasteful American, of finding fault, and of being a Republican. However, these accusations are without ground, as I am Canadian, I did not find fault (I merely asked a question) and I am not a member of any political party. I was attacked for asking a question. Is this an example of the hope that Obama has given you?


The invitation to peace is an unprecedented call from a vision of godliness that asks all people and leaders to stand up to a broader worldview and seek peace. Norway got it right, President Obama has used his podium to inspire and give hope in world that has entirely too much violence. It is amazing that his command the spoken word has the ability to make each person who hears him feel the personal connection that makes a difference in the heart. Thank you, Oslo, for seeing what many of us feel and pray for because of this spiritual man’s striving for peace and prosperity worldwide. Peace be with us all.


Raoul you must believe in powerful wizards with magic wands? Do you think you or anyone just gets elected and then in one day or a year all the problems that were created in 8 years automatically vanish?
What color is the sky on your planet?


no ,he did not do anything extraordinary to win noble prize .If you compare jimmy carter achievement . jimmy carter involve in several humaterian project that ease the pain for people who are suffering . mr obama has not stop iran from producing bomb . the war in afganistan is getting worst.middle east on the verge of collapse. what his achivement to win noble prize/ the answer is nothing


I’m afraid it’s just another example of how the Nobel prize has been dunned down to make political statements.It’s obvious that President Obama,afte nine months, has not accomplished anything other than dividing the county between racial and cultural lines. In his defense, he bsically admitted that he didn’t deserve it. Too bad the Nobel committee could not find some other person or group,perhaps the Iranian students who have heroically battled and died in the streets of Teheran,striving for peace and freedom.


I’m fully impacted in a positive way of the selection of Barack Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has influenced many Americans, world citizens and their leaders to be more progressive in their efforts to bridge world peace. His unbiased approach is a standard that we should all adopt in order to foster a more perfect relationship amoung all inhabitants of the world. I applaud our United States President, Mr. Obama in his efforts and the direction he has taken for world peace initives.


How good it feels to be a proud American again. We have always been a beacon of hope and possibilities to the world. President Obama symbolizes a renewal of that returned hope and possibilty, and has been awarded this Prize for that. His critics will always find a negative in his accomplishments no matter how amazing they are. How sad for them and for this wonderful Country of ours that we can’t all come together as Proud Americans on this one special day.


Obama has no right in receiving this award as every president has tried to bring countries together it was just the way Obama tackled each of his events, I personally have lost more respect for the Nobel Peace Prize committee, it shows there immaturity in choosing there are so many more that deserve it much more!
Obama was elected not for his race but for his ability to lead like every other president has been so when people believe Black took a big step this is totally wrong he was his elected based in his credentials, I know I Voted for him and I am white do you know just about half his votes were from White People who chose him for the same reason, it is Just that finally there was a Black man that has the mentality to fill this Position!


I support Obama but I feel this award was premature and giving it to someone based on hope or promises may tarnish the good reputation of the Nobel Prize.


I am 62 years old, native Detroiter and I am white! I am relieved and proud for the first time to be an American because of the the quality of character that Obama continues to express! I worked for Obama and he had one of the most organized and motivated group of people I have ever seen in my life! He is, of course intelligent but much more important he is spiritual and wise which if you have intellect and not wisdom and discernment can be very distructive. He exudes integrity and selflessness! I can’t say enough about him and I am so so thrilled that he has been given the prize for peace. I know there will be those who just don’t get it but oh well that is their loss!


President Obama is a beacon of hope and sanity in a turbulent world. He deserves the Peace Prize for what he has and will achieve.


President Obama had to accept the award, it would have been the ultimate in rudeness to the Swiss not to accept it. Apparently, the Swiss Nobel Prize Foundation has been impressed with him over the past year. Many people around the world, including President Obama, are shocked that he received the award–because many of his policies and dreams have not yet occured. If we think back to January and February 2009, around the time when Obama was nominated quietly for the award, the world was still very excited and hopeful about the “Yes We Can” campaign and the inauguration of our first African American president. Perhaps the award is more for the successful United States presidential campaign and the Nobel Foundation’s apparent agreement with his platform thus far, more than it could be for anything else at this point.


From the moment Barack Obama became the nominee of the Democratic party, Obama was a world leader. Obama visited other world leaders and gave hope to everyone in the world. Some negative people in the USA cannot understand how a real leader (as opposed to GW Bush) could raise the hope of the world. This Nobel Prize returns the USA to being the ‘Hope of the Underprivleged’ everywhere. Obama is positive and the hope of the future.


I believe President Obama has done so much to improve the international standing of the United States of America. I am very proud that he was selected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. President Obama is trying to do so much for the citizens of the United States of America. I hope that the citizens of the USA recognize the many qualities of our President and begin to support him in his many endeavors.


Obama deserves the award. He is a peaceful person. Obama wants the world to be in peace. The world will react to his flavor of peace.


Absolutely, yes. I am ashamed of my fellow Americans who do not have the intellectual capability or depth of mind to understand the importance of this honor for our country and the hope it creates for the world. The only other US president I have found as intelligent and inspiring is Franklin Roosevelt. If anyone has studied that man they will see that President Obama is walking in his footsteps and is transforming those of us who have the capacity to look beyond our own selfish needs to the needs of the world. We must start focusing on the greater good or our species will all perish in the end.


Obviously, the world was starved for a US president who is willing to work with them on common problems. The previous 8 years our country was lead by a person who thought he could lord the US over the rest of the world and do whatever he wanted, where ever he wanted without regard for humanitarian issues. The difference now, with the current president, is so distinct that it deserves recognition, if not an award.


Obama has been the most Divisive President in US History. American Citizens are taking to the streets to protest his tyranical form of Governing, and his indifference twors the US Constitution.

His Administration is combative towards other political Parties, as well as any US citizen with an opposing view.

Peace Prize? NO WAY.


Words cannot describe something as absurd as this award to President Obama.


Obama won the award for positive world diplomacy so far. It is a statement that this is a welcome change in tenor from the last president, whom he inherited both wars from — found a cool site; Balkingpoints ; incredible satellite view of earth


For all of the people who thinks he doesn’t deserve this award, just for a minute think of the impact his election has had on this country, a fete considered impossible by many. His contribution to the world at large has been his ability to bring most people, especially people who are not bound by racial hatred together. That says a lot about the man. He’s not going to save the world, but given support by those who believe in peace, I believe he will give his best. Maybe, he will change a few hearts, if that’s even possible(????).


I feel the Nobel Prize is forever diluted, he has not accomplished a thing and most people have HOPE and we’re not getting the prize.He really hasn’t done anything for the U.S. economy or anything else.He’s about to abandon the soldiers and forget 9/11 .The europeans love him as being more of a socialist.Lets face it, we all want peace in the world, but there are some that just want us DEAD. I don’t think Obama sees this. He’s trying to change the United States & forget our constitution to suit the rest of the world.


I think that Barack Obama is a marvelous choice for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has turned around the way the world views the United States. No more empire building, as we had previously. He has reached out to other countries, and particularly the Arab countries, with diplomacy. He has begun nuclear disarmament. He has cancelled the star wars program of Reagan. There is much much more that he has done in less than a year. I think he has brought the world a long way toward peace.


Your news tonight announced the “Swedish” Nobel Peace prize … and suggested that the announcement was first made in SWEDISH. I am shocked. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is NORWEGIAN. The prize is awarded in NORWAY. The announcement was made in NORWEGIAN by a Norwegian, not a Swede. Yes Alfred Nobel was Swedish and all other Nobel prizes are awarded by the king of Sweden. But NOT the peace prize–that is decided and awarded by a Norwegian committee! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mr. president was only in office for a total of 11 days when he was nominated for this award. He was sworn in on Jan 20, and the deadline for this nomination was Feb 1. Not a thing was accomplished in this short period of time. Sure, he has made alot of promises for hope and change. He made alot of promises to close “Gitmo”, end the wars, etc. But this award has not ever been given to anyone based on promises of what may happen in the future. I can not see any reason at all that this award was given to him. His accomplishments are non-existent.


I believe President Obama does deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize as the effect he has had even after such a short time in office has had such a positive effect. His policies continue to be sound in judgement and he has a way of communicating that gives the underprivileged citizens of the world a voice. I hope he can continue his work with more and more support from the people who doubt his motives. Thank you most sincerly Mr Obama.


Wow I was surprised by thrilled. His message has always been Hope. His taking away the missile defense system in Europe made Russia step back. His openness to discussions with Iran has made them step up to talk. He deserves it.


BRAVO to the nobel prize committee.
President Obama returned the feeling of hope all over the world and in the united states.
I am please to see that the nobel prize voters have noticed that and awarded this wonderful new feeling of HOPE that spilled even to iran and all the muslim countries.


BRAVO to the nobel prize committee.
President Obama returned the feeling of hope all over the world and in the united states.
I am please to see that the nobel prize voters have noticed that and awarded this wonderful new feeling of HOPE that spilled even to iran and all the muslim countries.


The decision to award Barack Obama has effectively destroyed the integrity of the annual peace prize for many across the globe. Besides the obvious reasons of awarding for potential of peace rather than any tangible results, there are far more graver reasons President Obama should have rejected the award.

The BBC has reported of continued illegal detention and torture in Afghanistan. Detainees continue to be humiliated almost a year into Obama’s administration. This is the direct responsibility of President Obama, and is the primary reason why the Nobel peace prize has been degraded by awarding it to the commander-in-chief of the world’s largest military that continues to be responsible for total abuse of basic human rights.

Unfortunately, for many around the world, the Nobel prize for Peace will be forever diluted in value, which is disappointing since it was one of the few remaining respected global institutions.


I truly believe President Obama deserved the Noble Peace Prize because he is a man of Peace. He will bring Peace to all nation


At first, I thought the award ill-timed. After all, Pres. Obama has yet to make good on his pro-peace promises, like closing Guantanamo and ending the war in Iraq. But when I realized the award was couched in terms of expected actions–and that that’s the spirit in which Obama accepted it–I understood the award. Moreover, we can’t overestimate the relief that the rest of the world must be feeling at not having a pompous, smirking, racist, sexist, chimp-like, solipsistic, murderous thug in charge of the world’s most powerful nation–as was the case for the last 8 years.


As an African American male winning the presidential election in the US alone is enough to earn the award. He has proven himself intelligent, decisive, filled with good will towardsd all people with a degree of integrity rarely seen in world leaders – he has set himself as positive role model for men and women of the world. Let us hope we advance the state of the human race to his level of integrity and love by the time his tenure ends.


Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize – WHAT A JOKE! He was nominated for this just a scant two weeks into his Presidency in February. As Saturday Night Live recently lampooned, he’s accomplished JUST two things so far – Jack and Squat! The Nobel Committee’s mealy-mouth explanation for this frivolous award was “aspirational rather than achievement” – translation, he gives good rhetoric. Soon, The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to someone on the basis of giving good phone sex! Clearly, he was awarded the prize PURELY on his celebrity. The Nobel Committee has thus cheapened their highest award to the point that it means more to be the “next American Idol” because you actually have to accomplish something – like survive and win a number of grueling singing competitions! Sweden, the world is laughing at you!


He has been so adament that ..he would listen to others… he would work towards a peaceful solution to problems… he is willing to work on the problems instead of dictating the U.S. stand and “live with it or else”. I think he deserved the prize.


President Obama definitely does NOT deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Nobel award will lose its cachet when these awards are made based on potential and not substance and real accomplishments.
The nomination had to happen in February 2009. What did he do by that point? Some say he brings ‘hope’, fine give him a ‘Hope’ prize, not a Peace prize. He hasn’t even followed through on his promise to leave Iraq. He hasn’t done anything to get Russia out of Georgia. In fact his actions seemed give grudging acceptance to their occupation of that country. More was done when the Soviet Union encircled Berlin.
What has he done that has resulted in peace? There are others more worthy. My perspective isn’t anti-Obama but for giving this award to someone more deserving. How much does giving this award to President Obama denigrate the efforts of the other nominees?


Yes! I am so glad he is our president. The previous 8 years were a nightmare. He dares to dream and tackle serious problems…on issues that others have given up on. He is reaching out to the world. He has already changed the tone of discussion and inspired millions. A year ago, we were headed in the wrong direction, but he is turning things around. He has “The Audacity of Hope”….and I am so glad that he is being recognized for it.


I view this not so much as validation of Obama’s accomplishments but as further and deserved repudiation of his predecessor’s abysmal failures. When he won the election last November, Obama won in large part because people were fed up with the bankrupt and corrupt policies of the Republican (Bush) administration. Let’s home that during his time in office, President Obama will be able to bring about peace in many of the world’s trouble spots.


Great for possibilities of world peace


He may have wonderful ideas & plans but actions speak louder than words & without any kind of proven success – yet – it is too soon. We can only hope that this early high praise does not have a negative rather than positive effect. As is often the case with such high & fast praise, the person often never fully achieves more than they have at the time of such recognition no matter how bright their future appeared. We an only hope that President Obama is an exception.


This award further politicizes the Peace Prize. How can a prize be given for attitude rather than accomplishment? This is a testimony to European political preferences. Everyone, Barack Obama and all the rest of us, have much to accomplish to achieve a just and lasting peace.


It seems to me that this award implies two things:

1. It congratulates the American people for choosing a president whose platform, from the time of the election through the present day, is based on peace and hope, not war and fear.

2. It charges Barack Obama with the task of following through with his vision, and shows him that he is supported throughout the world. Though many in the US and the world want to see him fail, so many more want to see him succeed, and this prize tells him that loudly and clearly.


I am thrilled that the Nobel Committee and many people around the world are recognizing the value of hope and respect.


At first I too was surprised by the announcement that Barak Obama was the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Pprize, but the prize is awarded by Europeans, not by Americans, and forEuropeans, like people in many other part of the world, being talked to rather than being talked down to is already a big step forward on the road to peace, not only a promise . Why do even seemingly intelligent Americans fail to see that? I am relieved though by the appreciative comments in this blog.


I have never been so proud of a sitting president. According to my research, the peace prize is to be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” President Obama has done this. Yes, some might think it would be better to see if his efforts for peace bear fruit, but I wish to believe that the recognition will strengthen the resolve of his supporters and perhaps win over some of his opponents.


He gave America hope again with his election and now the world can have a little hope too. Good work, Mr. President.


Hope, Hope, Hope, that is what our President stands for. Congrats, Mr. President.


early or not he would have won this eventually in his life time. No doubt.




I say a resounding yes! Some of his accomplishments? He gives hope to the hopeless, he makes everyone, despite their religion, race or social status feels important and he is a man of peace…those are just a few of his accomplishments. And that qualifies him to be a recipient of the Nobel Peace prize. Congratulations your Excelency and may God Almighty continue to bless you, your family and America!!


Comment #1 (Raoul Ricard) You first! What have you done for the world.


It is wonderful for Obama and wonderful for the world. The world has a deep feeling of dread, because we are at a crossroads in human history and dark forces threaten us on every front. The fact that they gave him this prize indicates that we have hope and vision of a new and more civilized world. It is a good day!


I am bursting with pride both for our nation and President Obama. What hasn’t he done? He fills our minds with hope, he renews America’s promise to the world that we will lead again, peacefully. That is no small accomplishment. How sad that some can find fault with that, an indication that the Republicans will argue and criticize anything.


Gee, I don’t know where to begin. Peace Prize?


For starters, I have always been taught that you respond to any honor with gracious humility, not with doubt as to worthiness. Therefore I think your question itself is indicative of an obnoxious attitude that other nations find so distasteful about Americans. This recognition should be a source of pride for America. Obama’s efforts are just the sort of thing that Americans are usually boastful and proud of. Can we please suspend the cynisism for a moment?


What has he done? Please list his accomplishments.

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