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October 8, 2009
T.R. Reid on ‘The Healing Of America’

Author T.R. Reid — in his quest to fix his broken shoulder — goes around the world trying to find an affordable health care system for the United States. In his tenth book, the veteran foreign correspondent of The Washington Post meets doctors and visits hospitals across five industrialized democracies. He’s on a quest for a possible solution for the United States — a country where he says 22,000 people die annually of treatable diseases and 700,000 people go bankrupt from medical bills.

In this extended interview, he discusses culture, costs and making a commitment to health care.




I watched the film last night and one question begs LOUDLY. . . why didn’t Reid ask the government officials in those other countries if they extend their health care benefits to illegal aliens?

Would Germany, England, Taiwan, or Japan allow 30 million illegals in their countries to be part of the system?

They would not.

So, I believe without this information, the film is useless as a tool to evaluate our own medical system.


Many of the people who scream social medicine don’t even know the meaning of socialism and have never been outside the US. It requires rational, knowledgeable people to find a feasible solution to this serious problem. The US is the only industrialized country that lets its citizens die from treatable diseases.


To provide a unviversal healthcare plan is a terrible idea, after listening to this broadcast I’ve came to the realization that a Universal healthcare plan would shatter the U.S economy…. THIS IS PURE SOCIALISM!!! and the thing that other countries do not metion is the increase of taxes and other national fees that come to affect when a system of this caliber comes about. Also the waiting list for major surgeries in these so-called “Great HealthCare Countries” are months!and most people die before thier name is called This is why the more wealthy foreigners come to arrive to the U.S in search for medical treatment.. THE UNITED STATES IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY FOR HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL TREATMENT! I agree that the system we have right now is not perfect, and it may need reform but to switch to a Universal plan is egregious!!!!


Please have T.R. Reid contact me. for a my “Blog talk live” shoe on KZUM.


When a Trillion Dollar corporation wqants to continue selling a loaf of bread for FOUR dollars a pound, then some group of people must work very hard to supply grain, but go hungry.


Food, clothing, shelter, health care and education: what part of the basic necessities of human beings don’t we understand?

We need to be reminded that nothing worthy of the description, CIVILIZATION, has been established on planet Earth.

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