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October 7, 2009
Young garbage pickers eke out meager living in Pakistan

An estimated 10,000 children in the Pakistani city of Quetta perform back-breaking work — garbage picking. They scavenge through trash heaps to find any items of value. As a result, they risk contracting serious medical problems.

International organizations have begun to call attention to the plight of these young workers, many of whom are the children of Afghan refugees who cannot legally work in Pakistan.

In conjunction with Concern Worldwide, Worldfocus’ Yuval Lion produced this signature video.

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this was never the case before the foreigh money and forces became un-invited guests in afghanistan and lovely country of pakistan.dictators and elected governments of pakistan hasebeen engaging themself and country’s resources to fight they did not have to fight resulting in total lack of development in economics socialogy and law and is sad our sons and daughters are walking around garbage dumps instead of sitting on school benches.lets hope they are not future talibans,we already have enough of them.


I’ve seen the same thing outside of a famous resort in Mexico… only about 10 minutes away from resorts that visitors are blowing 200-1000 a day kids in the junk-yard collecting cardboard- and not just kids old and young following behind a cat. So, I joined a team with a Vineyard church there who were giving buns, water, oranges. A dentist had even donated her time in a dental van to give free dentistry. So, me thinx that since Pakistan is – well, Muslim some Christians would be scared to go there and donate $$$$, sweat and time…”B not afraid”— Look at Mother Theresa in a Sikh/Hindu populace or Mark Buntain’s Mission of Mercy Hospital as he “roamed” the poverty stricken streets.


What would 10,000 pairs of gloves cost? What would it cost glove manufacturers to donate that many?

It’s not much… but it’d be one small difference in their lives. Just preventing cuts, injuries and infections to their hands could do so much.
As a Blogger and writer, I would absolutely invest my time, energy and voice in something like this.


This is one more story of the imbalance in our society. All these little children add up to one big problem for all of us. Time to google ‘prout’ one more time.


I agree with Paula on comment #2, & I don’t have much either. However, I could cut back on candy, on buying clothes, and give a little. Please recommend something that goes directly to those kids, or the children in Pakistan picking through garbage, won’t you? For example, what is the Irish organization helping there?


Yah, all the money of the NATO on bombs, but yeah, let the kids go through garbage all day.

Way to go politicians!

And please don’t start doing there what you are doing in Latin America: start lending money at high interest rates so you can hold them by the nuts, as you always do.

I feel for this kids.


It hurts my heart to see those kids. I want to know if there is a way to give that the monies gos directly to those kids. I don’t have much but I want to give


It’s a disgrace! I thought the u.s. was nation building there. There’s plenty of $$ for bombs but none for humanitarian issues??

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