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October 7, 2009
Uncertainty on eighth anniversary of war in Afghanistan

Wednesday marks the eighth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.

The aim was to defeat the Taliban and deny al Qaeda a home base after the September 11 attacks. But today, the Taliban are resurgent, the war has become increasingly deadly for America and its allies, and Osama bin Laden remains a free man. The Afghanistan conflict has gone on longer than anyone imagined it would.

For his part, President Obama says he will not substantially reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, nor change the mission. But it remains to be seen if he will expand the the American military presence beyond the 68,000 troops already committed as the war becomes increasingly unpopular.

After eight years of war in Afghanistan, are the United States and the world safer from terrorism?

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GarciaYVega: War is a dirty business. It always has been, it always will be. The fact that we have had a presence in their backyard and kept them looking over their shoulder and over their heads, indeed, has helped keep them off-balance enough to prevent them from scheming and implementing another spectacular attack in the U.S. Also, the situation would not be as bad as it is had we not diverted so many resources to Iraq. If we pull out now, not only will we lose credibility with the Pakistanis, but then Al-Quaida and Taliban sympathetic forces in the “nether” regions of the area will be able to divert its full attention to overthrowing the legitimate gov’t of Pakistan, wherein they would have full unfettered access to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. We have to think beyond the first or even second order of impact before we rush to judgement.


What a waste of 8 years; drone killings and starvation to a country with years of crushing poverty already under it’s belt.


If you are going to fight a war, then fighta war!
You will neveer win a war with politics..
“Beam me up Scotty, no inteligent life forms down here”!!


Before anyone decides whether or not it is worth continuing the war, I think everyone should take the time to read

There is a long term commitment that requires a lot of risk and a lot of soldiers.


We have to realize this is a war we cannot win, the soviets went bankrupt trying to do so. There are US Supported Warlords, The Taliban ( 10 different factions ), and Insurgents, and an occupying force , US & NATO.
We Should focuz on Nation Building here at home.


One must trust the commander of the region to know what is needed. If not, he shouldn’t have been put in command. We all know WWII was over in the summer of 1945. I know for a fact that there was still shooting in 1954. A German friend of mine was shot by a GI on the streets of Berlin at 5 p.m. one evening as she was trying to pick up her cleaning. She lost a leg. I also know that when the bomb went off in Hg US Army, in Heidelberg in 1974 a delicate old lady on the tram said in German, “If dear Hitler were still alive it wouldn’t have happened.” In the early 1980’s one of my son’s traveled. He went thru Brussels just before the bomb went off in Grand Place during the 1000th anniversary celebration and thru the train station in Milan just after a bomb killed 80 people there. Later he went to school at Univ of Maryland, Munich. The only night he didn’t go the Octoberfest a bomb went off there at the front gate. At that time, there were still 400,000 Americans in the European theater. It takes four generations to clear things up. Any body who is familiar with history should know that. Look what happened after WWI! And we had to go back and do it right. The draw down in the European theater began after Desert Storm ended in 1991…….too soon….as we all should know by now. Pres Obama and Gates should listen to their commanders and then keep their ideas and information to themselves. Anything said today is spread as fast as someone gets on line or on twitter!


Of coarse we love Daljit and are happy to see her on Worldfocus.
In 2002, there were a few hundred foreign Arab extremists in Afghanistan who wanted to attack America. Now, there are millions of Pastunes in Afganastan and Pakistan who have been fighting the American occupiers for eight years and would love to see the fighting move to America. We are not safer.


The US is safer from terriorist attack not because of military success in Afganistan but due to the scatter leadership of the terriorist organizations. The past 8 years is a testament to the Bush Admin. failure to be simplistic on it’s goals for that country. They did not see any of the difficulty in the details of nation building. the current admin. must create an economy to ever get a society capable of political stability. the people must come first and progress will only come from the bottom up not the top down.


This is not a mission for the US. The Taliban, Al Qaueda and the Afghan locals are inseperably linked as in any urban guerrilla war. Stop wasting US dollars and lives. If Bush was wrong in his day, Obama is certainly wrong in his day. Of course, the military leaders are going to want enough support to protect US lives….but we should get real and get out on this one or we will be there for the foreseable future……remember Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Ireland…..the locals are involved, it’s their lifestyle. On tonight’s interview with an Afghan local…he said it plain and simple….Bin Laden is just like us. He treats us well he is here.


It is time our new President, took the advice of our Military Leaders and mapped a win win strategy. Take the gloves off, and not put limits on winning.


Absolutelt not. If anything, we have made things more dangerous by our actions in these muslim countries. The killing must stop. We have done all we can in Afghanistan. Now we are looking to get involved in Pakistan. Common sense is not a strong suit in Washington,D.C.
As to the rude comment by #5 A. Zamindar about Ms. Daljit Dhaliwal nose and accent, let me just say that your no gentleman and you failed to answer the above question about terrorism.


There is no way to evauate whether we are safer or not. There is so little reliable intelligence. All the “experts” opinons are so contradictory that it is hard to tell what to believe.


the war in afginstan has no objective. terrorist can find safe heavn in different location in the world. even they have sleeping cell in us. it waste time and money for a nation choose militry conflict as a way of living. Even us troops stay for hunered of years ,we are not going to change their nature . for example,the last incident of native of afgnistan want to lunch militry attack.US build hospital,school.,and feed the hungry still they are not thankful.


The U.S. President is not stepping up to the plate to ensure victory and stability in Afghanistan. The U.S. needs to send more troops in order to win this war. Victory is possible once the U.S. removes the “red tape” politics by the current administration! The Olympics is not the priority!


Treat all countries with equanimity.

Hatred never ceases hatred but by non-hatred.


America needs to stop being world policeman and focus more at home. We have enough problems here that need attention. We never should have invaded Iraq or Afghanistan and it’s time to pull out now. Let special forces hunt for Bin Laden by stealth if it’s necessary. Any US president that starts unecessary wars in the future should be impeached.


The war is getting worse. The children are being told that this will bring them glory. How can we stop them when they do not believe in death? I am afraid for all the starving and tortured children. They turn out to be monsters worse than those that have hurt them. Mankind must find a way to stop fueling this fire of hatred before it consumes us all. I believe it will.


Our Russian comrade veterans said in 2001: “Don’t Go there!!!”

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