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October 7, 2009
South Korea turns green with tidal power plant

South Korea’s president, Lee Myung-bak, has promised to make major alternative energy progress by 2015. The country’s ambitious plans include a tidal power plant that officials say will be the world’s largest.

The Korean green plan emerges as environmental delegations from around the globe hold meetings to discuss a new climate agreement to be ratified by the end of the year in Copenhagen — replacing the Kyoto Protocol due to expire in 2012.

Steve Chao of Al Jazeera English reports from South Korea.

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Well, Kudos on South Korea as me thinx it’s the spirit of South Koreans that may lead to many, many break-throughs in years to come as they are not deterred by “politicking” when it comes to innovation. Recently Korea admitted cell phones could be tapped when it was, well, “under the blanket” so to speak. Now, Korea is said to have come out with the first cell phone that can’t be tapped. Again, I like the Korean spirit that just keeps moving forward. Perhaps one day you’ll read that it was a Korean that cured the common cold.


‘garciayvega’, “isrial” is spelled Israel. It is not spealed Isreal, because it is not real. Palestine/Israel situation is lowering the living standard of all humans, due to strife in the human community. It has created a big problem between the Semitic religions and all people. It does not have an easy fix. We are not even able to see what is just and unjust in the Middle East. It looks like Christianity, Jewism and Islam has failed to explain what is true morality and what are true human values. The tide is coming in and it will do more than just generate electricity for the Koreans. It will carry a wave of disgrace for all humans who fail to speak up for the occupied and banished.


Won’t be long before they and other ‘asian tigers’ surpass the U.S. as economic superpower (if they haven’t already). Now, all they need is super veto power at U.N. so they can put an end to the u.s. vetoing everything against isrial.

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