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October 6, 2009
Worldfocus celebrates its first anniversary

On Tuesday, Worldfocus celebrates its one-year anniversary. To help commemorate that milestone, anchor Daljit Dhaliwal joined the “Morning Media Menu” podcast to discuss the current state of international news.

“You often hear this complaint — or at least I have for the last 15 years that I have been working in international news — that, well, most Americans don’t care about international news,” she said. “But everybody who I’ve ever spoken to in my line of work has been very grateful that these kinds of news programs like ‘Worldfocus’ exist.”

Listen to the full program now:

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Can you tell me where Daljit will be going after the 2nd of April ? Is she hosting any other world news ? I never thought I would enjoy the news so much !


Worldfocus is such an excellent program to watch for what is happening in the world. What I really find so encouraging is the news of what is good happening in the world. There are so many good people out there working so hard to improve impossible situations, and Worldfocus shows their courage, determination and success. Excellent news.

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