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October 5, 2009
Sudan wages war on Guinea worms

Guinea worm is a painful disease that still infects thousands of people in Africa.

There has been considerable progress toward eliminating this global health scourge. But the worms continue to spread through contaminated drinking water, and this is where Sudan is now fighting an eradication campaign.

Gary Strieker reports from southern Sudan, in association with the Global Health Frontline News Project.

Note: This story contains graphic images.





More information about the Carter Center’s program on eradicating guinea worms can be found here:


Thank God for Jimmy Carter and the good work he and others are doing.


I know what you mean. We can’t solve all the world’s problems but we must be willing to do one thing.


I also would like information on getting involved. These stories are sad but act as waking calls for us to act!


I would like any information you have on getting involved with this group. I want to volunteer and help. Thank You*

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