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October 5, 2009
Attack on U.N. in Pakistan prompts strategy questions

In Pakistan, the World Food Program of the United Nations came under attack on Monday.

Authorities say a suicide bomber dressed as a security officer and carrying a large object made his way into the lobby of the World Food Program’s headquarters in Islamabad. They say he detonated 18 pounds of explosives, killing five people.

On Sunday, the leader of the Taliban in Pakistan warned of new attacks in retaliation for U.S. missile strikes along the border with Afghanistan.

Marvin Weinbaum, a scholar at the Middle East Institute and former State Department analyst on Afghanistan and Pakistan, joins Daljit Dhaliwal to discuss the debate about Afghanistan war strategy and the connection between the Taliban in Pakistan and in Afghanistan.

Should the United States demand that Pakistan do even more to contain Taliban extremists operating in Pakistan?

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It’s a pity that this site does’t accept entries from those knowlegable enough to use a non IE browser.


Yes we have a real problem in Afghanistan and Paskistan with Al Quaida and the Talliban. If we stay we’ll be forced to send in probably 100-150 thousand more troops and the casulities will rise, if we leave then those two terrorist organizations will be pushing the West out somewhere else. It is indeed that the US and the West in general have to rely on the Oil coming into our countries to keep our economies going as well as our military structures. The west need to unit behind two common goals (1) a complete military victory and make it a declared war in stead of pussy footin around (2) we need to use our resources and technology to develop and implement a substitute for oil on a war time footing like rubber was during the second worlds war. I too use to think that we should just pull out of those countries and say to hell with them, but it’s not that easy – those extremist want to control the world via religion using oil to bring us down. This is not an American problem but a world problem and the Western European Nations along with Russia, China and India better realize that we all face a common enemy and work together to solve the problem which will require extensive military power along developing alternative political structures which will mesh with the culture and religion in that part of the world. Yes, we are in one hell of a mess and the world must not sit back and say it is an American problem – sooner or later it will come knocking on their door – they time to act is now. JW @ USA


put the guns down and help with education


It is inappropriate for the U.S. to demand anything. We must work with others as a member of a team. That’s how things get done. PERIOD.


Drone war

Tall One your day comes, toss your hands in the air and surrender in the name of Goooooober


Gosh where to begin with this mess!! How does an individual come to terms with past wrongs and horrible mistakes towards others? NOT by pretending they never happen and pressing forward with the exact same mindset that created them in the first place! Publically and honorably with a sincere new day thinking, bow out, with opportunities announced to aid and assist where asked by those previously offended! The soldiers on the ground seem to take too much pleasure in the destruction of anything, regardless of whether it is another mistaken target! President Obama may indeed be trying to usher in a different view of America to the region, but the troops there are not of the Caliber of President Obama!


Pakistan was curved out of India based on religion. It has been double crossing US by taking our $ and help hide the very force, Talibans, we have been fighting against. The only way to tackle Pakistan, a failed state is to take over like we did in Iraq, which was a mistake. We should have gone into Pakistan and nipped the Jihadis before they did harm to the civilized world. These guys belong to the caves and that’s where we should put them. No more $. We need to spend it here at home.


I think the US. would be wise to draw down occupation and help organize a UN and Nato intervention.


Pakistan has used U.S.aid to build its weapons and support terrorists for action against its neighbour, India. They have taken token action against Taliban and Al Quaeda only when pressured by the U.S. before getting aid money. No more aid should be given unless NATO forces are allowed to go into Pakistan and Pakistani forces cooperate fully to destroy all terrorist safe havens there.

Maneck Bhujwala


I believe the US should pull out of the Middle East and regroup or rethink what is the purpose for our presence in these countries. What types of partnerships do we really want.


Yes.the US should demand Pakistan for more cooperation to destory Taliban. the vital question .how pakistan stop playing double standard ? Pakistan is playing game for getting money without signifacant result.They know where is Osama laden. pakistan knew that nuclear scientist smuggle nuclear techongly . the country has able to get missile techongly from North Korea.the country has long history of lie and it is continue . Obama administration has made serious mistake to increase the aid to that country which each oneof its citizen hates us. Obama adminstration demonstrate a poor judgment


Will we ever learn? Pakistan, Afghanistan,Iraq and Iran. We meddle, corrupt,undermine,and culture destroy these countries just because we do not understand them. Not everyone in this world is greedy, self important and emperor minded.We should not try to push our way of life on others or rebuild their society otherwise we just become another Great Britain and who wants that.


No we should not. We should work on our own problems here at home. We must stop foreign aid, stop meddling in the affairs of others, and stop thinking we have any right to commit acts of war against another sovereign nation.


I think this country needs God and a lot of prayer,I think the taliban is more than just physical beings, but I think this war is ultimately spiritual.I also think that God loves these people and it is sad that they are making a bad decision to kill people.So I keep Pakistan in my prayers and I encourage you to pray too.


I agree with Tom, but no strings should be put on the dollars being supplied by us. That should convey it’s on message.




Any Military Alliance should be built on mutual interest and respect. We,in the US Government or our Politicians, questioned by the journalist or would be journalist looking for sensational news or observations will be told: After all we already gave them military aid of three +++ billion dollars! Are we portrying their army as hired killers in our pay? To those who will say that we are an open society and public has the right to know, there are many things in our secret archives that are kept from the public in the name of “National Interest” Therefore our Diplomats and politicans shouldconbsider their uterances. If we ask the Pakistan, it should be privately and whitout grandstanding.


It is not about whether the U.S. should or shouldn’t demand anything. Rather the world should demand it, indeed the world should demand justice in Somalia, Pakistan, and other areas. It is not the U.S. vs. the rest.


Tom’s right, & right again. Solution is required, as there is no going back


The US has no right to “demand” anything from a sovereign country. However they CAN attach strings to the billions of dollars they supply to Pakistan.

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