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October 2, 2009
Week in review: Iran and rethinking Afghanistan

Gideon Rose, managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine, and Rana Foroohar, senior editor of Newsweek’s international editions, join Martin Savidge to discuss the week’s top stories.

They discuss the debate over next steps in the war in Afghanistan, as U.S. President Barack Obama considers sending tens of thousands of additional troops, a move that some in his administration oppose. They also explore developments in regards to Iran’s nuclear program.

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Noam Chomsky feels the USA is the best country in the world because of freedom and equal respect for all its citizens, (see Wikipedia)

Che Guevara was feared for his brutality and ruthlessness.. When in power he delighted in firing squads of captives with summary fake trials.
He died in the jungles of Bolivia in the same way he had treated his prisoners in the past.



American jingoists are just as scary as jihadists–both are not only dying, but killing for something they have blind faith in, except our military’s power is un-Godly more sizable.


The United State’s CIA taught SAVAK Nazi torture techniques and hired some of the most heinous and wanted Nazi war criminals to work for them and then let them retire to a foreign country. If anyone’s to be called a “Nazi” the United States should undoubtedly win that prize.


I feel these are some things that WF should help it’s viewers have as common knowledge. Other than that WF is amazing though.

“The United States itself, is a leading terrorist state.”
-Noam Chomsky

“The Great Enemy to Humanity, the United States!”
-Che Guevera

Never are these legitimate arguments really addressed on any source of media.


This is not just my opinion, but everyone I speak to, concurs we do not need the introduction of news by some one who does not speak our English. Are there no talented Americans available to do this segment? What in the world is “O’round the Word”? Spare us. It’s great you got Martin back,thank you
Nrw York


I really enjoy watching WorldFocus….I think it provides a much more comprehensive approach than any other I have seen.
What seems not to be discussed in the Iranian situation is really what makes it so dangerous; even more than Hitlers’ Germany.
If you take one part religious (read: islamic) fanacism and add nuclear weapons, the recipe is extremely frightening ! Your viewers need to know how Ahmenadinijad seeks to find the “hidden messaiah” which will only come about when there is a global calamity ! Whilst the West sleeps and has no stomach for war, (see: beginning of WW1 and WW 2) these people prey on complacency and negotiations. Unfortunaly, there is a time for threatening war and this is one ! One cannot wait for the stalling attempts by their government or think somehow the people will “rise up”. These people, like the nazis will ultimatly bear responsibility for their inaction vis-a-vi their government !


I enjoy watching world news on World Focus at 10 PM in Chicago. Recently it has been frustrating to watch because there are frequent interruptions in the picture and sound due to some technical difficulties. Hope you are aware of this and can correct this.

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